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    Decided to start a journal to help me with accountability and get feedback from the PB forum. I started Paleo in April and found MDA in September. Have not been consistent though. I get aggravated and say to hell with it all and eat grains and sugar then feel like crap and start it again. I went to a holistic health center for nutrition muscle testing this week. Mainly due to digestive problems and can't poop problems. Was told I have a nervous system block due to grains and scored 0/10 on colon, thyroid and kidneys. Colon responded to sugar. So no sugar or grains for the next 90 days. Hell if I can go 90 days I should be able to lick it. It isn't cheap so motivated to follow it. Have orthstatic hypotension and no energy reserve right now. Smallest amount of stress that causes that fight or flight wears me out. I don't like feeling like this. USed to having a lot of energy and being able to run jump lift whenever. Part of me wonders why I need this dr to tell me what I already knew - I don't do well with grains, dairy or sugar - but it confirms things for me and it made me realize it is not just my gut affected by the frickin grains but my whole system. for my record I'm at 124#, 15%bodyfat according to their scale. Started training for a marathon - on my bucket list - want to do this once and starting a masters program so need my energy back!

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    Well Day 4 with no sugar (grains or chocolate)! Have a slight headache off and on. Late breakfast was eggs, asparagus, tomatoe and onion, and a persimmon. About 2p I had a half of an apple and small amount of cheese. Dinner was tilapia, crabcake, with parmesam sauce and broccoli and a salad. Blacberries for dessert.