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    I'm a 42yr old female, originally from New Zealand but currently living in England, married with one gorgeous 11yr old son, have chronic migraine since 2007 (almost daily at times for months on end) and fibromyalgia (following flu like virus which put me in cardiac ward for 2 weeks 2009), chemotherapy nurse who manages to still work 1 day per week despite health (very pround of this as I could so easily give in if I wasn't so detemined and didn't love my job so much); I love animals and we have a chocolate labrador, 2 Ragdoll cats (1 very naughty 4 mth old!), a English moggy, 2 rabbits and a hamster called Bruce.

    My weight was always stable and 'within normal range' before I became ill. I am very tall (189cm, 6'2) and my 'fighting weight' is about 80kg. With the anti convulsants etc I've tried for chronic migraine my weight went up to 96kg.

    I started eating Primal on 8 August 2011 and weighed 89.5kg. I started as I was living on cereal bars, not eating enough to get adequate nutrition and wanted to see if a healthier diet could impact on fibromyalgia (my main symptoms are toothache like pain in all joints/ muscles requiring morphine daily and extreme lack of energy at times)

    Today 29 August 2011 I have been eating Primally (including homemade greek yogurt; carbs usually below 100, sometimes below 50 but not really hung up on counting tho have found Sparkpeople invaluable) for 3 wks; I have been 100% every day and this morning weigh 85.4kg so thats 3.6kg (8lb) in 3 wks

    I have not noticed any change in fibromyalgia - I seem to be in a bad flare but this used to happen anyhow.

    I am surprised that I've not had one slip up at all even when I had bad sugar cravings the other night due to PMT. I do have honey sometimes with yogurt but no more than 1tsp day and the odd Lindt 90% chocolate square but its starting to make me feel ill looking at it for some reason.

    Supplement wise I've started taking a daily multi vitamin, 10,000iu Vit D (have spent most of last 5 yrs in bed due to health), Omega 3 (not much as really makes me feel nauseous for hours later), co-enzyme Q10 150mg (there is some research saying that this dose daily could impact migraine.

    Mentally I feel better in that I'm taking a positive step to help myself and my health and that of family, I'm definately cooking more and better food

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    Welcome! Is PMT the same as PMS?

    I've had the same response to chocolate recently. Part of me wants to eat some, the other part of me feels queasy!
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      yes, PMT = pre menstrual tension. funny thing is, as I'm doing so well, I thought I'd have a square of Dairy Milk chocolate which I usually adore and ... well.. it didn't taste chocolately after the 90% I've been eating and it was just not very nice. I would have had your right arm off for a bar of Dairy Milk 3 wks ago too. I never thought it would ever happen to my sweet tooth!


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        now end of week 6. finding eating primally easy to stick to - if I have cravings I can guarantee its due to PMS so have learnt to just try and ignore them and eat some more 85% chocolate.

        week 1: I spent 2 days in bed with carb flu feeling absolutely awful. After searching internet I found posts saying that sodium levels can fall quickly after giving up carbs so I started drinking salty broth (stock powder and hot water) and it really really helped.

        first 3 weeks: fibromyalgia pain was really really bad. every day. Then one morning in week 4 I realised that I hadn't had any pain that day ... and its continued like that - no toothache in muscles and joints at all. I still take regular pain killers but have not taken extra ones at all.

        my migraines are still bad and don't seem to have been helped by the primal diet yet but its still really early days considering how long I've had them

        I've lost 11.4kg and have only another 4.6kg to lose. I need to do more exercise but its difficult as I spend so much time in bed with migraines.

        psychologically, I feel much better as feel I am doing something positive towards my health for once instead of being a passive victim (not my style!)


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          well, I'm back. I carried on eating primally for 4 mths and then got really sick with migraine, daily horrendous ones for over 3 wks and slipped out of the primal habit.
          However my fibro pain has been really bad last couple of wks so I've decided I've got to man up and do something about it. I don't like taking morphine for something I know I can influence with diet.

          This time, I'm easing into it gently as I'll be eating like this for a long time - I don't want carb flu and fibro flares like last time. Also I was super strict 100% all the time last time and I think this made it easier for me to fall off the wagon

          So this week I've cut out gluten only. Its already made a huge difference to amount of muscle/ joint pain I experience. I think gluten is my main dietry issue sensitivity wise.
          I'm slowly cutting down on amount of refined sugar and honey and seeking other ways to sweeten food such as banana.
          I will continue eating dairy at present as have gone a few wks without them last time and had no problems on re introduction. Us Kiwi's like our dairy products! So I have been scarfing pots of Greek yogurt, reducing the amt of honey to zero today.

          I'll continued eating potatoes and white rice (only eat them once/ twice a week at most anyhow) when I feel the need. I adore sweet potatoes so will eat them too if I feel like them, but only if I really feel the need.
          I'm also continuing to eat fruit at the moment. Its cherry season and seems rude not to take advantage of that. I'm also convinced that the benefits of eating fruit, skin and all, in moderate amounts outweigh the fructose downside.

          I love soup. So I'm going to make some gammon soup. I'm undecided whether to lacto ferment some lentils to add to my soups - is the gorgeous transitory taste worth the downside?
          good news is that I went on exercise bike yesterday for 3 min and had NO pain today at all. Pre- gluten free eating I would not be able to walk today due to pain/ stiffness.

          so this is me. doing my best to keep healthy.