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  • I think I am finally off the illness roller coaster and other than holding onto this cough I am hoping to get back to work tomorrow.
    I have just 8 weeks left in Ireland before the big move to Canada and SO much to do between now and then.
    The biggest thing for me is to keep on track with Primal..I decided to indulge in chocolate over the weekend and I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't have the effect I was hoping was TOO sweet and caused me to have a very disruptive sleep last night.
    I have decided I am going to experiment over the next weeks with lots more veggies and a lot less meat..I think I am usually too protein heavy and I think if I increase the veg I should see some good movement as far as weight is concerned and also hoping the benefits of the veg will protect me against further illnesses.
    This has been a very scary time for me.I was incredibly emotional and fragile from the pneumonia.I am quite frightened of getting sick like that again.I have made a very sound pact to never smoke anything again..I never want to go through that again.
    I also know,as soon as the cough is gone,I need to get some exercise happening as I know my body needs to be stronger in order to fight illnesses.I will never take my health for granted again.Life is so precious


    • Back to work today and while I am still really tired from the pneumonia it was great to get back to a daily routine.
      Breakfast was organic thai mince and spinach..I had a salad at lunch and then some leftover curry with lots of veg and some roasted shoulder of lamb.
      I got in some walking (about 30 mins altogether) and a little bit of that was in the sun.
      Less than 8 weeks to go before the move and less than 7 weeks of work.
      Planning to be very strict over the next weeks and have decided I won't be having a normal leaving party as I am wanting to avoid never ends up well when alcohol is involved.