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Primal Bluprint Journal (Wendy)

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  • Primal Bluprint Journal (Wendy)

    I went primal once before, a couple of months ago. I was able to stick to it for just over a month and then gave in to the all familiar oreo craving. I felt great on it, and awful not on it but that still didn't motivate me to stand strong against my cravings. I love sweets. I want to be fit and muscular though so I will have to try this again.
    Today is Day 1.
    B: scrambled eggs, sausage, strawberries, iced tea
    S: almonds
    L: shrimp, roasted veggies in olive oil, caprese salad, diet coke (trying to give up the artificial sugar in the next few days)
    May or may not have dinner considering lunch was at 3:30 pm.
    Definitely need to drink more water.
    I havent worked out yet today but did do 1 hour of body pump weight lifting yesterday.
    My stats: 39 years old. 165 lbs. 40% body fat
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