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  • gingernut's 'serious six'!

    So, I have been doing some form of grain free/low carb/primal on and off for 2-3 years now and came to Primal and MDA by way of WAP! I had my second baby in January and although I had hoped to have a grain free pregnancy I couldn't really stomach meat or veggies for the first 3/4 months and only wanted bland carbs! Luckily, though, apart from that I managed to eat pretty healthily (haven't really eaten junk/ready meals for years and don't drink fizzy drinks or anything), didn't gain a lot of weight and was back to my pre-preg weight within a couple of weeks of birth. That weight, however, was still a lot more than I would like to weigh and since starting back with Primal at the start of June I have lost 19lbs and several inches.

    I have not really been super strict over the last few months because we do a lot of socialising which revolves around food and there are certain things that I am not willing to give up forever (homemade pizza and good beer/fish and chips/proper naan bread to name a few) and because grains don't actually make me feel unwell (although I do feel better without them) I am happy to eat them occasionally, but it is very occasional and I do tend to stick to Primal options on a general basis. However, I have decided that I would like to tighten things up for a bit to see how I do and also set myself a few targets/challenges and this journal will be my record of the six week period I have decided to allocate to it.

    I am generally pretty happy with my diet...mostly meat/fish, fats and veggies, with some berries when I fancy while they are in season and the odd apple or banana (maybe one a week max). I don't really eat nuts or seeds but I do eat some dairy, which I am now planning to cut back even more. I only eat when hungry, be that two or three times a day and don't tend to snack...often I just have coffee with cream first thing then eat lunch and dinner.
    I already know that there will be a couple of occasions over the next six weeks where I may not stick to my rules (which I will detail below) but I am ok with this because they will be planned, isolated events and I will get right back on it immediately after!

    Having a three year old and an eight month old I am kept pretty active (especially since the baby will mostly only sleep while being bounced/walked in the sling!) and I do a fair bit of walking to get to places most days (we try not to use the car at all). I am also currently training, twice a week, for a 2k open water swim at the end of next month and I do zumba once a week. I have been wanting to add in some strength training for a while but just haven't been able to find the time so that is one of my aims for the next six weeks.

    I do not bad on this really as breastfeed and co-sleep so am not actually 'up' in the night but my sleep can be quite disturbed and doesn't always feel that restful (especially if my three year old is in with me too and I cant really get comfortable). I could also do with spending less time on the computer before bed and getting to sleep a bit earlier but since it is really the only time I get to myself I tend to let it go on too long and too late! I plan to change this during the 'serious six' too though!

    Right, so that is the background and I will now list my aims/goals/rules for the six weeks and my starting statistics and then plan to update briefly every day to keep myself on track and record progress.

    The plan is:

    - NO grains
    - NO sugar
    - Minimal dairy (double cream in morning coffee and a little butter only)
    - Minimal alcohol (don't drink that much anyway but am going to restrict it to only out of the house and only wine on a couple of occasions that I already have planned-one with old friends I haven't seen for a while and one with new friends who have invited us to theirs for the first time-I know I could obviously not drink at all and it would be fine but I *want* to and am ok with it on this basis.)
    -Plank everyday (probably just hold one for as long as possible, but may change to sets).
    -100 push up challenge (did my initial test today and struggled with full ones so going to do knee ones for the challenge).
    -Supplement with Natural Calm morning and night.
    -Turn off computer after 30 mins and read for 30-60 mins before sleep...light off by 9.30pm (am normally in bed with the baby by 8pm anyway, so should be doable!)

    My weight and measurements as of this morning are:

    187 lbs
    Bust- 46"
    Waist- 43"
    Hips- 42.5"
    UK size 16-18

    I'm not going to weigh or measure again until the six weeks are up.
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    Finally uncovering the real me!

    My 'Serious Six' journal.

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    Week 1, Day 1

    Off to a good start! Coffee with double cream first thing and three 'sets' of planks...30-20-10 seconds.

    Forty minutes walking to toddler group and back with baby in sling on my back and three year old in pushchair for half the time.

    Lunch was watercress and cherry tomatoes with olive oil, home cooked ham with mustard and mayo and a handful of cubed potato cooked in dripping. Then a square of Lindt 90%.

    I did have another coffee with cream this afternoon and then dinner was two eggs in a spicy tomato and pepper stew, a small piece of melon and a small bowl of blueberries from the garden with mascarpone and drizzle of maple syrup (not quite sticking to the limited dairy/no sugar but no biggie...and was very yum!).

    100 push up challenge week 1, day one completed...2-3-2-2-8.

    Natural Calm taken morning (in a rush and nearly didn't bother but because I knew I had to record it here it made me do it!) and night.

    Already in bed and about to switch off computer and read.
    Finally uncovering the real me!

    My 'Serious Six' journal.


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      I can't believe you are doing an open water swim in Scotland in almost are brave!It's only 13 degrees here in Belfast and I am FREEZING!!!
      Good luck for the week to come with your primal plan!


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        Originally posted by anjelevil View Post
        I can't believe you are doing an open water swim in Scotland in almost are brave!
        I think MAD is the word you are looking for!! ;-P

        I am actually looking forward to it but haven't managed nearly as much training as I had hoped to so slightly concerned that it will take me ages...but ah well, as long as I make it to the other side I will be happy!
        Finally uncovering the real me!

        My 'Serious Six' journal.


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          Week 1, day 2

          Had a bit of a crappy day (just feeling tired and spread very thin, with a grouchy, snotty, clingy baby who refuses to sleep and a 3 year old who wants me to play with him more!) mood wise and was very hungry all morning (probably due to the all night nursing!) and ended up eating some crisps and (homemade) onion dip and a banana with peanut butter and had a second coffee with cream. But considering I avoided the biscuits and Domino's 2-for-1 deal and wasn't even tempted by a glass of wine I will still call it a good day! ;-)

          Did my planks this morning, although discovered that my form wasn't as good as I'd thought and when I adjusted it only managed 12-13-10 seconds.
          Swam 1k in 29 minutes this evening.
          Took both lots of Natural Calm.
          Am now in bed and will be switching off in a few minutes...and hoping tomorrow is a better day!!
          Finally uncovering the real me!

          My 'Serious Six' journal.


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            Week 1, Day 3

            MUCH better day today!! Coffee with cream first thing then went for a haircut, so a blissful hour all to myself! Lovely start to the day.

            When I got back mid morning I was hungry so ate some leftover mash, cabbage and pork and apple stew from last night. Yum! Then out with boys to walk to local garden centre (40 mins each way and 90 mins wandering there). Had a bowl of spicy pumpkin and coconut soup and 4/5 strawberries when I got back and then dinner was lamb meatballs over raw cabbage, carrot and red onion with pan juices and melted butter poured over and roasted onion squash on the side.

            Did my planks 19-14-12 and my push ups 3-4-2-3-9 and am now enjoying a cup of Rooibos with a splash of cream in bed!

            Didn't take my Natural Calm this morning as was feeling a bit 'loose' but have taken it this evening.

            Feeling great today!
            Finally uncovering the real me!

            My 'Serious Six' journal.


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              Week 1, Day 4

              Another great day! Coffee with cream, as usual, to start then some leftover pork shoulder with mustard. I did have a chocolate muffin (homemade with ground almonds but also sugar in it!) when a friend came over for coffee mid morning, but it was a small one and I thoroughly enjoyed it and the company so am not worried about it.
              Had bacon, scrambled eggs and mushrooms for lunch and dinner was spinach, watercress & rocket salad with tomatoes, avocado, olives, a grassfed burger patty and some coleslaw.

              Planks today were 28-18-15 seconds. It's crazy but I think my posture/way I carry myself are better already!

              Was going to swim tonight but didn't feel like it for some reason but really fancied zumba instead so did that, which was great...and afterwards I got the urge to sprint back to the I did! I think I might actually really be turning properly Primal! ;-)

              Am in bed but have just realised I didn't take my Natural Calm...ah well, tomorrow!
              Finally uncovering the real me!

              My 'Serious Six' journal.


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                Week 1, Day 5

                Have had a lovely day today! DH was off so we spent the morning together with our boys then I went for lunch with some friends. Have been looking forward to it for ages and it was really nice. I had a couple of glasses of wine (which I had planned) and a lamb burger (without the bun) but it was a pretty small portion and I had only had some berries and cream before going so was very hungry by early evening and succumbed to fish and chips!!! Oops! I am not going to feel guilty about it though because I thoroughly enjoyed them and normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

                I know I haven't stuck to my plan but these 6 weeks are really mostly about trying to just be a bit more aware of what I'm eating and doing the strength challenges...which are going really well. I am feeling great and determined to keep on top of this and tomorrow there will be bacon and eggs before going to the farmers market then a big steak and plenty of veggies for dinner and I will be right back on track! I love the saying "don't let perfect be the enemy of good" and it is so appropriate for me because I do tend to try and do things too perfectly, which just isn't always possible, then give up or feel really bad when I don't manage it.

                I did do my push ups (4-5-4-4-7) and planks (33-17-19 seconds) today and am feeling good and very happy. Have a lovely weekend planned and am going to enjoy it and get back to making good Primal choices.
                Finally uncovering the real me!

                My 'Serious Six' journal.


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                  Week 1, Day 6

                  Very pleased to be back on the wagon today with no bother at all.

                  The usual coffee with cream, along with four strips of bacon for breakfast. A lovely trip to the farmers market where I got some gorgeous veggies and a HUGE rump steak for dinner, amongst other things. Then instead of dropping my very heavy bags off before going to a couple of shops I carted them along with me for a bit of impromptu strength training!

                  Went for coffee, played and climbed rocks on the beach with my three year old, took both boys swimming, then home for a delicious dinner of steak with mushroom & peppercorn sauce, new potatoes fried in tallow, onion rings (made with tapioca starch and fried in tallow) and spinach and ruby chard cooked in garlic and butter. Such a satisfying meal.

                  Planks today were 47-20-20 seconds and I've had my natural calm and am in bed and hoping for a good sleep as we are going to be up early to go and watch DH run his first 10k. We are going to be meeting up with some friends and their wee girl there so should be a fun day!
                  Finally uncovering the real me!

                  My 'Serious Six' journal.


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                    Week 1, Day 7

                    Well, it's the end of the first week and although I haven't stuck to all my goals 100% I am very pleased with how it has gone really. I feel great and am really enjoying and feeling the benefit from the planks and push ups. I feel very in control of my eating, even if I have sometimes strayed from what I had planned.

                    Had a great day today with good Primal meals and lots of fun.

                    Planks tonight were 46-21-16 (am feeling quite tired so didn't push too hard). Looking forward to starting week 2 of push up challenge tomorrow and keeping my eating on track at least until Friday evening when we are going to friends for food so may stray a bit then.
                    Finally uncovering the real me!

                    My 'Serious Six' journal.


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                      Week 2, Day 1

                      Feeling quite tired today after a busy weekend but been quite busy and active all day and managed 30-30-30 on planks and 4-6-4-4-10 on push ups.

                      Eating has been pretty good. Too tired to write anymore tonight...natural calm and bed for me very soon.
                      Finally uncovering the real me!

                      My 'Serious Six' journal.


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                        Congrats to you Ginger! I started going primal around the same time (2 weeks ago now, although I just started chronicling on here today...gotta have someone keep me accountable if I can't do it myself!) And feel like I've been having a similar experience to you. Appreciate your ability to accept set backs or deviations from perfection and work towards it the next day.
                        Do you have a push up goal or plank goal? Two things I need to work on as well. It is frustrating to find out how weak I am after chronic cardio for 8 years...
                        and what is natural calm?


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                          Thanks Abigail! Yeah, I think accepting that I am not going to be perfect but that doesn't mean there is no point in doing it at all has been a big part of the learning curve for me but I really feel like I've got it now and that this is me for life! Life is short and I want to enjoy it to the max, which for me means both being as fit and healthy as I can but also not stressing too much over food (which I am very prone to and it has taken over my life in the past) and if one meal/day is less than ideal for whatever reason don't let it adversely affect subsequent meals. I suppose I'm lucky in that grains etc don't actually make me ill (or even feel particularly bad in small quantities) so I can accept a sandwich/piece of cake etc. if someone happens to kindly make me one, eat it, enjoy the company and appreciate their hospitality and then move on. I don't always accept these things but on some occasions I feel happier eating them than not. I know some people have a different view on this but it works for me and I'm happy with it...and still losing weight and feeling great! I know I may need to rein it in a bit once I get closer to my 'goal body' but I will cross that bridge when I come to it! ;-)

                          My push up goal is the 100 push ups in six weeks challenge but my only aim for planks was to do them everyday for the six weeks. And I am loving doing them both...hardly takes any time but I do feel stronger already!

                          Natural Calm is a magnesium supplement, which helps with better sleep.

                          Thanks for reading my journal and good luck with your own journey and goals...I will look forward to following your progress!
                          Finally uncovering the real me!

                          My 'Serious Six' journal.


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                            Week 2, Day 2

                            Was incredibly tired last night so didn't even have the energy to write. Not a great day food wise because I ended up eating a sandwich at a friend's house but she was having a bad time and needed the company and I decided that was more important than food in that moment! The good news is that it didn't lead to a downward spiral as it might have done in the past...I came home and ate some beef stew and later a banana with almond butter and I feel fine today.

                            Planks were 38-21-18 (not great but considering how tired I was I was happy just to have done them!).
                            Finally uncovering the real me!

                            My 'Serious Six' journal.


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                              Week 2, Day 3

                              Great Primal day today! Only had coffee and cream this morning before going for a 2k swim at midday (last ate around 6pm yesterday) and wasn't sure how I would feel but I felt good and swam my fastest yet so it was great. In the end I didn't eat until 2.30pm...I was ready for something by then but wasn't ravenous (and actually had it made and sitting beside me for a while before I could actually eat it because the baby needed fed but didn't have a problem with it at all, which I would have done in the past!).

                              So lunch was chicken, apple and red onion in mayo with some potatoes fried in tallow and dinner was three eggs cooked in a spicy tomato, onion and peppere sauce made with bone broth. It was yum and I feel totally satisfied. Could probably have done with some more greens today but the leaves I was going to have with lunch didn't look very nice and I couldn't be bothered preparing anything to do with dinner! :-s

                              Planks today were roughly 40-30-28 (I can't actually remember but have it written down so will check and edit tomorrow) and push ups were 5-6-4-4-8...1 less in total than Monday but after my swim I don't think that's too bad.

                              Had my Calm and am in bed and will be switching off soon.
                              Finally uncovering the real me!

                              My 'Serious Six' journal.