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  • huntingohio's primal quest

    First off I'm not looking at primal as a diet, its a lifestyle. It goes beyond eating to living a more natural working with your hands and body life.
    I've always been interested in primitive ways, i hunt with a muzzle loader [going to a longbow soon], fish with a hand reel, and try and do a lot by hand.
    I plan on dieting 100 percent primal, except for one meal a week. The idea behind that is if you dont indulge once in a while you'll end up dropping the plan. eta: i plan on eating more caught fish and game than normal, dosnt get more grass fed than that.

    My exercise plan mainly consists of playing and chasing my kids outside, even during the winter. I hunt and fish so I get out quite a bit. Yes you can fish during the winter, you drill a hole in the ice and fish through it [brutal work if you use any manual method to get through the ice]. 2-3 days a week i will do push-ups, jump squats, and all of your average calisthenics. Soon i plan of getting resistance bands and starting a plan with them. Lifting heavy things well i got 70lbs of kids and going up to lift 20 -40 times a day. I plan to start washing my clothing by hand, and mopping the floor with towels and a scrub brush.

    My mental exercise plan consists of finishing the pile of projects that i have let pile up. So far on the list i have a Mauser 8mm [if you don't know what that is google it, basically a hefty weapon made during ww2] hog/deer/bear rifle build, completing bushcraftusa's bushclass basic, rebuilding my go bags and car kits, brewing homemade wine, learning more wild edibles, and learning to read topographical maps.I plan on building some rabbit cages to grow rabbits and supplement my food [my lease for my apt say its ok as long as i clean the poo, let see how the manager likes it [shes my mom too hahahahahah].

    I have to major vices i like captain black in my pipe and i like my booze, mainly homemade wine. the pipe i plan to kick, the wine well i plan on brewing more semisweet [less sugar] and using only honey as my fermenting sugar. This should lower the alcohol as well as eliminate having some left over refined sugars [corn sugar vs honey].

    Personal stats
    327lbs [today, completely nude, doctors scale]
    22% body fat

    blood pressure is average, so not much to fix there
    cholesterol was fine too

    goal weight below 250 lbs
    body fat just above 10 %
    before pics coming soon
    start date coming on the 4th of the month, thats the day i have off for grocery shopping.
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    So i got an early start thanks to some road kill, i hit a goat, yes i said a goat. im guessing 50 lbs of grass feed [had to have been wild not enough fat to not be grass feed], super lean goat meat.
    morning- goat steak, eggs
    lunch- dandelion greens sauted in goat steak fat, goat steak
    diner-goat stir fry

    exercise- played with kids for 2 hours hard [running and chasing outside], hand washed 2 loads of shirts and gym shorts, and all bedding.
    If you dont think hand washing is a work out try it
    ground about 4 tbs fels naptha soap in the bathtub, 2 tbsp bleach
    pile in clothing [i can fit about 3 loads at a time, or all of our bedding
    fill with water [i use hot] above clothing
    agitate for 10 mins with mop handle
    left soak 10 mins
    agitate 10 mins
    let soak 10 mins
    agitate 5 mins
    pile up and drain water then step on clothes to ring out water.
    fill up above clothes again an continuously agitate
    drain repeat
    stomp on them again to get water out let set a minute an stomp again
    hang to dry

    im whipped
    so far ive only smoked once today as opposed to 2-3 times.
    for mental exercise well im having a glass of wine [cyser of local cider and buckwheat honey, for those in the know] and planning to play some online computer challenge games when i get the twins to bed.
    hoping tomorrow brings the awesome feeling that i have today!!!
    day one out!!


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      Score on the goat! (I think )

      If you're going to do laundry without power maybe you need to look out for an old wringer washer with a mangle. Doing bedding in the tub like that just sounds masochistic!
      Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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        It was a big score actually [not tasty but free], and not even a ding on my car just some fur.

        i do need a wringer and one of the hand crank washing machine, but its a real work out, my arms feel tired but good.

        how ever my room looks like a laundry mat with my hill billy clothes lines and oscillating ceramic heater