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    Welcome back, Redmenance!

    Sounds like you've been through a lot, so well done for getting through it all, and I hope you stay cancer free.
    Congrats on getting accepted into UW (whatever that is ).



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      Thanks so much, Traveller!

      I really appreciate the encouragement! (Also, UW is the University of Washington, a rather competative research University here in Seattle)
      Prions are natures way of telling us that cannibalism is for losers.

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        So, for motivation (and great justice!) it's time to up the ante.

        As I mentioned before, I've pretty much been maintaining weight for about a year now. The year before I did most of my weight loosing in the first 6-8 months, and then started putting on muscle.

        Here I present to you my progress in picture form. This difference represents about 30lbs of general weight (Yes I did cut off all my, you know, count that as 5lbs or whatever). Though I think you can tell muscle's been put on. (If you can't, I assure you, my shoulders are pretty damn mighty lookin' for a fat chick!)

        For another point of reference, I am wearing the exact same clothing in all the pictures.

        Here's me a couple days after making my very first MDA posts:

        and here's me this morning:
        08-13 mashup.jpg

        Sorry about the quality of this one. Camera phone selfies are not nearly as awesome as real camera + lovely assistant when it comes to pictures.

        So there I am. There's a ways to go, of course. Ain't getting no wolf whistles any time soon. (Though, if I do say so mahself, I do appreciate that wagon I'm draggin') But with my acceptance to university, I now have access to the most advanced and expensively outfitted gym in Western Washington. I start going next Wednesday, and with a combo of heavy lifting and HiiT, I'm hoping you'll get more results pictures in much less time than two years from now.
        Prions are natures way of telling us that cannibalism is for losers.

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          I let myself out of ketosis for, what turned out to be, a glorious fruit binge a few days ago. Even after living in the Pacific Northwest for 5 years, I can't get over how incredible the produce is. Strawberries and peaches and nectarines! (Oh Myyyy </George Takei >)
          I went back in late last night and this morning I am convinced of a side effect. My first few days in ketosis, I burn HOT. I am a cold pansy, and today is cloudy and cool, and I am working outside, but the thin sweater and hoodie have been tossed aside and I'm still sweating. Just sitting here I'm sweating.

          This makes for easy IF, though. When I'm hot, I don't like to eat. I forced myself to have one egg scrambled with just a touch of salmon, onion, and spinach this morning. I'm also having a hard time getting through my coffee, which is just plain weird.

          Not complaining though. I'm ready for this bout of ketosis to take me under the 30 lbs to go mark.

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          Prions are natures way of telling us that cannibalism is for losers.

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            Lifting Heavy Things.

            Today I did my first session of heavy lifts in about a year or so. It felt good to get back with the barbell, but intimidating to be at such a large gym populated with,, really. People a decade younger than me. At least my form was better than most of theirs.

            I can't really describe to you all accurately the combination of energized and exhausted I feel since the work out. It's awesome and intense and strange.

            It's nice to do something that makes me feel strong, as I have, since the cancer diagnosis, felt so incredibly weak and helpless. So much so, I've been going through an epic existential crisis. Seriously, I'd make Sartre jealous.

            If I am honest with myself, and you, my return to these message boards, and the PB/Paleo community in general has a lot to do with regaining a sense of control over my body. (It's amazing how your body doesn't feel like your own when your own cells are actively killing you.) Being at the whim and beck and call of doctors for a few months, and having unsolicited health advice from non-medical professionals crammed down my throat at every turn made me really need the echo chamber of people who do research, appreciate simplicity in food, and believe that food and movement can really allow you to effect change on yourself. I'm not looking to cure my cancer here, but more to have something to focus on beyond that. Or perhaps before that. Something smaller, and simpler than that. Change always begins with the self, right?
            Prions are natures way of telling us that cannibalism is for losers.

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