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  • Primal Journal ( Sorelegs)

    Hi All,

    Yesterday i started the 30day Challenge. I have been reading MDA for a year or so and after hearing about it from other triathletes. I have learned alot over the last year or two and thought that since my off season has officially started i would take the down time to adjust my body to burn more fast as fuel. Since racing triathlons all summer most of my nutrition has been based on carbohydrates in the form of oatmeal, wheatfree bread, quinoa and sweetpotatos. When i am training hard i get a nasty habit of eating sugar granola type cereal at nights(1-3cups).

    My Goal of the 30 days other than to give the carbs a break is to work on my metabolic efficiency so when i start training hard again in january i will be able to burn more fat as fuel during these sessions and save prescious glycogen.

    Please feel free to add any comments regarding my nutrition as i have not yet read the book but will be ordering a copy soon. I have read similar reads like Paleo diet for athletes and other related posts on this website. I am 5'7 and 140-143 depending on the time of the season. i have been alot lighter but this is the weight i feel i can still maintain a strong swim/bike leg in the triathlon.

    The reason i am embarking on this challenge is to improve my health and to avoid gaining any weight during my time off and to kick my chocolate granola addiction. This Journal will also keep me honest as i must track what i eat. I have a challenge with myself that i can fuel my body from fat/protein during this transition phase and early months of base training. As things ramp up i will be adding in some carbhoydrates before and after sessions to work on recovery but right now its all about surviving the holidays. Oh and i am Canadian living in the USA if that matters for this form. I have read other Canadians on the forum and i thought i would mention it.

    I am hoping that i survive i would like to get leaner but for the most part i would like to not gain weight. I have talked about these primal ways with other athletes i race against and i am happy to be starting the challenge so i can prove you can periodize your eating during the season to get leaner and improve the ratio of the macronutrients you use as fuel. I really enjoy criticism so feel free to help me out over the next month.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Old Style of Eating before the Primal Challenge.

    Pre swim- some sort of bar or gel or cereal

    post workout- big bowl of oatmeal 3/4-1cupdry with some whey powder and coconut oil and berries or some almond butter.

    AM- usually i would be starving mid morning and have an apple or fruit or some almond butter on an apple.

    Lunch- Some times left overs, or 2-3pieces of wheatfree bread with almond butter and some fruit

    snacks- usually i bike or run after my day job so i would have a power bar or some sort of nutrition before the workout.

    Post workout- a recovery shake or dinner.

    Dinners- usually consisted of lean protein with veggies steamed with oil, or quinoa and a sweetpotato or sometimes, eggs and gf pancakes. As i was getting closer to race days i would load up on gf qunioa pasta or rices, bread, stirfries for dinner.

    Post dinner- While i went to bed early i would always need some sort of snack of cereal dry. I like granola types with chocolate or nuts. However i seemed to crave it everynight. I really felt this was the down fall in my diet when i was training hard.

    On weekends i would consume alot of carbs and calories during my long workouts, so eating well over 300g of carbs was pretty easy.

    This is why i am excited about the primal challenge, to kick some bad habits i could sometimes get away with large volumes of training

    Yesterdays Day 1 coming soon!


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      Day #1

      I am probably writing too much at first but its a journal so i am going to have fun with it. So yesterday i ran a half marathon and that was my last race of the season so monday is the first official day of Primal30.

      After the race i ate all kinds of bad food knowing i would be getting strict and knowing that i would be starting a 2 week period of very little training and lot of xmas parties.

      So first day i kicked off with an IF. I had my last binge of cereal at 8pm and didnt eat till 2:00pm on Monday so here is what my food looked like for the first day. Any feedback would be awesome.

      Weight 143- a little heavy but Sunday was a bad day of eating after the race, and i had eaten lots of carbs leading into it.

      Am- Coconut milk and coffee

      L- left over chicken breast and some bacon yum

      S/- 1 ounce of almonds

      D- Big Steak that was sirloin pretty lean, and i ate over half of it and saved the rest for left overs. I also had a tbsp of coconut oil with it. No veggies today.

      I managed to hold off on the chocolate granola that i have had a ritual too and went to bed without eating anything. My girl asked me what i had for breakfast and lunch and when i told her that i skipped breakfast and had chicken and bacon for lunch she kind of just said "ya right" and went on with her business. I did miss cereal last night, but it was day one with out grains so i held off.

      Fit Day- told me the following.

      1,243 Cals

      79.8g Fat (58%)

      6.0g Carbs (2%)

      118g of protein (40%)

      NO exercise today as i have started a bit of down time. I am trying to lean up as well as maintain or loose weight so i am not sure how my daily numbers look for some one that is 143lbs?


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        Am- IF till Lunch- coconut milk with coffee in am

        Lunch- Left over steak, with tbsp of coconut oil and bacon

        Snack- 1ounce of almonds

        Dinner- Made boneless beef ribs with 2cups of broccoli and coconut oil, with tbsp of bbq sause.

        No Cereal for me right to bed, second day of no grains, starting to kick the habit but had a hard time sleeping!

        Fitday- 1,428cals

        fat- 102.4 (66%)

        Carbs-25 (7%)

        Protein-94.6 (27%)

        Workouts- did a recovery swim at the pool this am for 40mintues with some drill work. Very easy light training so i was able to do it on an empty stomach.


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          IF-19hours with Coffee w coconut milk

          L-2eggs,bacon, coconut oil

          S- Serving of Almonds

          D- 1/2 rack of ribs with broccoli, handful of tortilla chips(bad).

          Totals- 1,300

          98g fat(69%)

          41g carbs(13%)

          61g protien (18%)

          Good day pretty much grains free for 3 days minus the handful of chips i had.

          Still have cravings at night for cereal. Taking out grains has seemed pretty easy while not training however the cereal craving is still there. Not sure if i am in Ketosis yet after 3days.


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            No not writing too much, this is your page for you. And I get to read if I want. And I do

            I use to do triathalons and loved the swimming (use to be a collegiate swimmer) and running (ran x-country in High School). Oh but the bike kicks my but. Triathletes always say swimmers make the worst triathelets becase they can't run. Nope not me. I can't bike (about 12mph). I feel for you on those long rides and what you will need to eat to stay energized. I play a lot of golf now adays and I find I'll go through a similar "crash" in my energy. I hope there will be others joining this discussion about food as I would be interested in what hard core endurance athletes need to eat when training hard like you do. Of what I know you'll need carbs for the training, but I would assume you should eat root veggies for those. What I'm interested in hearing (cause I don't know about this) would be what type of quick energy you would use when out on a long ride. Instead of the sugar goo energy gell packets, what would you replace it with (honey to keep it primal?)? And more interestingly, would you even need it if your metabolizing your fat more efficiently? Interesting! I'm glad you posted and I'll keep track of the discussions.


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              Been Traveling here is the last little while.






              Busy Day getting ready to go to Canada the next day, cracked and had 2 cups of cereal at night bringing my carb count way up, i guess this will be my 20%, off to Canada tomorrow.

              Day 5





              Better day today, IF'd my flight,

              L- Chicken with Salad and Italiian Dressing

              D- Shrimp, salmon, coconut oil and veggies.

              snack- coconut bar.

              Day 6

              Total 1,097 47.4 53.9 120.5

              am- coffee with cream

              L- Canadian bacon, left over shrimp and salmon

              D- Medium size roast with veggies including carrots, coconut oil.

              Better day but visiting family could be tough with all of he food, i am trying to do some IFing since i am not training very much right now.


              IF 22hours longest yet

              D- a few pieces of celery before eating

              Cream in coffee earlier

              Coconut oil, chicken, and ribs with broccoi and tomatos.

              1,016 64.4 40.8 72

              So first week went well, alot easier since i am taking down time from traing i was able to keep my calories low and spend some time skipping some meals. Next week i will be adding in some light training again but still down time with a few sessions to stay loose. I was able to cut out grains except for the bad wedneday night i cracked and had cereal.

              Today Monday- my weight was 142, new scale though so i dont know how it compares to my other scale. i will be able to tell come next week when i travel back south.


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                Living on Left overs but still no grains, carb count a bit high but i have been eating alot of left overs.

                am- fresh fruit with coffee and cream.- wasnt going to eat it but getting pressure to eat the fruit trey at home before it went bad.

                L- left over ribs and chicken. good but too much marinade on them but excellent organic meat.

                D- salmon with brussel sprouts and cooked carrots with some EVOO.

                Still shy of cereal hoping to get through holidays here.


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                  Still fighting the cold weather as i am visiting home in Canada. I woke up and threw on some compression tights and a longsleeve and went for a little 5mile trot across a park on snowy trails. This week is my last week of being on vacation and i have a couple little workouts this week as well as some walks to stay loose getting back into training. I thought after not running for a week that it would be ugly but it wasnt too bad. Roughly 630per mile pace on snow so i cant complain. When i got back i was so cold realizing it was 4degrees F.

                  am- a little coconut bar atkins- not ideal but i had them in case of an emergency. I wasn't really hungry all day but at lunch i had some left over salmon and a few brussel sprouts.

                  D- Was pretty chills with Canadian backon and a few eggs. After dinner i was still hungry and was tempted to have a few bowls of cereal but i killed a couple of cups of fresh fruit that my parents had on hand.

                  Feeling good going into the holidays and starting to look forward to training again next week. Tomorrow i will venture to the pool for a swim. I am also having lunch with an old mate of mine so i am hoping i can stay on board. Putting grains on the back burner has really helped maintaining weight. I probably should be adding a bit more fat in my diet which i will be working on as the volume picks up.


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                    Day 10

                    1,324 64.2 106.9 94.4

                    Fresh fruit, coffee, cream, pre swim

                    l/ sashimi with a bud, salad and edamame.

                    s/almonds, carrots, hummus.

                    Dinner- 2 lean sausages, brussel sprouts, oil, cooked carrots.

                    Fruit for dessert. Not a bad day a little high on the carbs, the next two days i will be trying to survive the holiday goodies but it will be super tough.

                    Day 11- Christmas eve with Family (not good, but could have been worse)





                    Am- coffee with cream, protein shake.

                    s- atkins bar mid day before appetizers to hopefully reduce the damage.

                    Snack- Coconut Shrimp(4big ones cooked not fried, with Carrots and hummus before dinner.

                    Dinner- Prime rib roast(good size surving with broccoli and other vegtables, mostly ate meat with a bit of gravey.

                    Dessert- Cracked and had a couple of cups of my favorite chocolate granola. thats my 20% and it probably could have been way worse based on what i had to choose from.

                    Well that day happened so i will live with it.

                    Day 12- Christmas- oboy that happened!





                    Am- Coffee and Cream

                    Brunch 3 eggs, 5 pieces of bacon, ketchup, some grapes. did pretty well

                    Long walk and carrots and some hummus before christmas dinner as a snack.

                    D- Turkey, asparagus, squash, a bit of gravey and butter. Stayed away from the potatoes and other great goodies.

                    At night cracked and had some left over chocolate granola that i got for xmas. I had a good amount and wasnt happy after but, i avoided lots of other stuff.

                    Back on track tomorrow, as i need to get off the grians.