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  • Sakura girl and Julia, I reckon we could together throw one big party with my chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes and your stroopwafels and Costco cookies. Aaargh... I've eaten five cupcakes already on top of dinner which is BAD considering I haven't left the couch except to go to bed or to the bathroom or to the orthopaedic surgeon for the last 4 weeks.

    We are approaching the middle of winter here in Australia, so enjoy some sun for me!!!


    • I love how the common theme here is chocolate (the stroopwafels I have are Belgium-choc-covered) It would be pretty cool to throw a party.. you should come to visit us in the US!

      I'm sorry about your lack of ability to move around. It must be really frustrating, especially with the cold outside.

      I've found that I burn more calories if I am cold...maybe that's a good thing for you?
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      • HAHA! Our party would rock. Chocolate is amazeballs at putting a smile on my dial.

        Thanks for your sympathies, it's been a very yuck three weeks relegated to the couch at the mercy of my family's horrible NON-PALEO cooking!! I have at least two more weeks to go of pure rest. I can't wait to walk again, even if it is just to the coffee shop across the road and back in the initial stages. Plus I would kill for a long black!!!

        What are you doing for exercise these days? Are you swimming lots given the hot weather?


        • Thank you for your sweet words! Every little bit helps and even from people I don't even really "know". So thank you, it meant a lot.

          Thankfully the cookies are gone, but the craving for them is not. Good thing Costco is far away and wouldn't be worth the Mad House it is right now to get more.

          That said, there ARE Klondike Bars... Though, I limit myself to one, and they don't make me feel too guilty since they are only 250 cals and NO grains. One is enough to cap the evening off with.

          ORANGE - No one is asking and I can't find anywhere that says what you did to your feet, so I am asking because I am old and nosy like that. WHAT DID YOU DO TO BREAK BOTH FEET, DAMMIT?

          Tell all, or Sakura Girl and I will fly to Australia and sit on you.

          Scared? Good. My work is done here.



          • Jules, as always you make me laugh... and I was desperate for a giggle too! Thanks!!!
            Ok, so I fell backwards down the concrete fire stairs in my apartment complex... landed smack bang on my two heels.
            If only I could relive that moment when I decided to take the stairs instead of the lift to chuck my garbage in the basement skip....


            • HOLY CRAP!! That is horrible!!

              But man am I glad that it was only your feet that broke.. which is very bad in itself, but gurrrrrl, Jesus, it could have
              been SO MUCH WORSE. We could have lost our Orange forever!

              Welp, that's a story for the grandkids for sure.

              Thanks for the 411.. and again, SO GLAD IT WASN'T MUCH WORSE.

              In the mean time, I say, if you can: MILK IT FOR ALL IT'S WORTH from family and friends, EVEN if it means putting
              on a couple pounds. JUST A COUPLE., NOT A COUPLE HUNDRED. Hear me? Listen to your elders.. .

              All righty, sending many healing thoughts and that you have a lot of good TV to watch and movies to stream.



              • Yes boss, two pounds and NO MORE!!!! (Ok, maybe the reality is around FOUR pounds right now but the buck STOPS there!!), But Jules, do you know how hard it is to not think of food and ultimately succumb to stuffing your face when you are basically sitting on the couch all day and having family and relatives constantly telling you to "mangia, mangia, mangia" some dish or other they have brought over...?


                Sometimes I just want to grab the bowl of pasta and fling it in their faces!!! Gosh that makes me sound horrible!!! I'll blame that grumpy sentence on the pain. I looked at my thighs yesterday and I swear they are twice the size they were before the injury. SOB! I guess I can wave goodbye to that pair of skinny leg jeans I have been trying to fit into these last 6 months.

                But I like the positive spin you have put on my situation and I'm going to keep reading your post to help me stay smiley and upbeat. Maybe you are right in that I should milk this for all it worth... and hey, I reckon I could even start a fashion trend with these two CAM boots I have to wear. :-)

                How are you doing? Is life with the mother in law still treating you fine and dandy? Kids ok?

                Thanks for making me smile and for the healing vibes, your kids are lucky to have such a cool mum!
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                • Sorry about the MIA, been busy lately.

                  There are definitely positives to every side! You guys are keeping a really good attitude, it is really admirable. You are both some very cool gals, glad I know the both of you on MDA

                  So...back to the chocolate party. What else should we put on the menu? I volunteer my low fat black bean least you can eat twice as much for the same amount of calories and they taste pretty good.
                  My chocolatey Primal journey

                  Unusual food recipes (plus chocolate) blog


                  • What a lovely thing to write. I'm so glad to know you too on this forum!! I'm not having a very positive day today as the feet are extra sore, but your post made me smile nonetheless.

                    How are you going battling the summer weight gain? All under control now? I bet everything's in hand! :-)

                    Funny you brought up the black bean brownies. I have been commenting in Livlytique's journal on 'paleo-fied' desserts. We have been chatting about these two desserts especially:

           (but without the honey)

                    I can't believe I didn't think to ask you this, you being the queen of chocolate and all - have you experimented with a paleo chocolate mousse or rice pudding before?

                    Your black-bean brownies are definitely making an appearance at our chocolate party!! Care to share the recipe?

                    To answer your question, I've been fantasising about chocolate iced jam donuts lately, so I may as well bring a few of those to the party. I've even said to myself, in my lowest of low moments, that I will buy myself a donut once I am fully recovered from this heath mess I've gotten myself into. Super duper naughty to admit on this forum I know, but hey, it perks me up.
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                    • Orange, thank you for posting! Hope all has been well with you.

                      Summer weight gain is still happening, but definitely not as bad as before. I have some allergies so I think that generally is making my body weak and exacerbating weight gain, but my weight has not been increasing steadily as last year; it has been more all over the place. In addition, I've been eating more in the evenings which has contributed somewhat to the overall problem.

                      I've not done a chocolate mousse before, but have done puddings since it's a lot simpler to make: But the recipes look somewhat similar! I have not made rice pudding from scratch; if rice is involved, I usually take to mochi! Have you tried that before?

                      Here's a link to my recipe!:

                      And wow, I have not eaten a chocolate iced jam donut before, but that sounds really good! Where do you typically get those? I'm thinking those will be hard to make at home, lol, so at least that is good about limiting your portions of them!
                      My chocolatey Primal journey

                      Unusual food recipes (plus chocolate) blog


                      • Just a note here that I'm going to step off the calorie counting crutch. Cronometer has been taking off a lot of foods lately and it has been difficult finding certain foods, and recalibrating my whole list of foods. This is God's way of telling me to more usefully spend my time (I'm estimating about 10 min/day of my life manually adding all the stuff in). I will continue to track my weight, but no longer the foods. Woopie!
                        My chocolatey Primal journey

                        Unusual food recipes (plus chocolate) blog


                        • Hiya SakuraGirl!! Good to read your updates. Still battling the fractures and unable to walk unfortunately. Progress has been slow and non-existent even in one heel, so I'm considering getting a second opinion from another orthopaedic surgeon.
                          Your plan to stop counting calories sounds wise, I hope it works for you. I used to use Cronometre up until the accident, after that I got too scared to log as I was chowing down on food to help me cope with the pain and complete loss of movement/independence.
                          How are the allergies?
                          And THANKS for those scrumptious recipes... not that I should be eating sweets right now given I only walk 10 steps a day!!! But knowing me, I'll be experimenting in no time with them!