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  • Nutrition and lifestyle goals for the new year
    - No worrying about the meals from restaurants being gross/faux foods. Supposedly part of my 20% anyway.
    - Eating less chocolate and dairy.
    - Eating 2-3 times a day only.
    - Get at least 8 hours of sleep a day on average.
    - Get exposed to sunlight every day for at least 15 minutes. No cheating by Vitamin D only.
    - Consume only local and/or organic foods. Especially the coffee.

    Fitness goals
    - Deadlift: 305lbs
    - Squat: 215lbs
    - Bench: 155lbs
    - Overhead press: 115lbs
    - Barbell rows: 165lbs
    - Snatch: 105lbs
    - 3-minute erg: 800m

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    • Yesterday I went to the gym late at night and did squats, overhead presses, and barbell rows. Squats were 45x1x5, 95x1x5, 135x1x5, 175x2x3, 165x1x5. Overhead presses (standing) were 45x1x5, 65x3x5. Barbell rows were 45x1x5, 95x2x5, 45x1x5. Followed by a mini-wod of 1000m row as fast as possible.
      My chocolatey Primal journey

      Unusual food recipes (plus chocolate) blog


      • Ugh, had a terrible lifting week. None of my weights increased, although I did achieve a 1rm on squats at 185 and on deadlifts at 225. My erg also slowed down as well. I think it might have to do with the fact that I'm not eating any sugar. On the other hand, at least I am finally burning my fat. I didn't eat all day until 7pm after the gym, and I felt no hunger
        My chocolatey Primal journey

        Unusual food recipes (plus chocolate) blog


        • Just made ghee today with a paper towel since I don't have a good strainer/cheesecloth. I got impatient at the end and tried to clump all the oil through, but a lot of the whey went in with it. So annoying trying to get it back out.

          But ghee is absolutely delicious <3
          My chocolatey Primal journey

          Unusual food recipes (plus chocolate) blog


          • Wow, I've had NO chocolate cravings for the past week, except maybe the first day. The extra magnesium probably helps. Also, I've drastically increased my fat intake from about 50g per day to probably a little over 100g every day, since I eat a lot of shredded coconut and having spoonfuls of ghee or coconut cream. So either my body was craving magnesium or more fat from the cocoa.

            Even though I was slightly full yesterday, I weighed myself and lost a kg. Yay!

            I bought some 'uala, or okinawan sweet potatoes, or purple potatoes, yesterday at a Korean supermarket because they were on sale. I'm going to eat them to treat myself to an especially low energy day or when I exceed my expectations lifting weights. Yay! Because they taste so good and are so much better than regular sweet potatoes since I can skip out on the berries for a bit.
            My chocolatey Primal journey

            Unusual food recipes (plus chocolate) blog


            • I just broke down and went to Whole Foods to buy some raw organic macadamia nuts after dinner. Holy crap, were they expensive, at .4lb for $7. I did walk 3-4 miles to the library after dinner before consuming them, and got The Paleo Solution and Mark's PB, which should make for fun reading.

              And wow, I can't believe I voluntarily stopped eating the macadamias on my own...probably ate a third pound, but not terrible...

              The cool thing was that at Whole Foods, I saw the guy ahead of me in the check out line spending $136 on organic butter, maple ham, and uncured bacon. I SO wanted to say something, but couldn't because I'm too damn shy in public. That was really cool though - I don't typically see any Paleo/Primal people going about their lives, so it's refreshing to see people living the same lifestyle as me, somewhat (all my coworkers now think I'm nuts, especially since I didn't lose weight the first time because of chocolate)
              My chocolatey Primal journey

              Unusual food recipes (plus chocolate) blog


              • Originally posted by sakura_girl View Post
                You can do it! I've already passed the 10 day mark of no chocolate and have no cravings whatsoever! Once you get rid of it for a while, you sort of forget about it. Plus magnesium supplements help.

                And you can tell through my journal that I've had a lot of issues trying to give up chocolate in the past. So if I can do it, so can you!
                Thanks for this!

                Yeah, I've done it before, but man, I just have a severe addiction to chocolate chips.... why I keep buying the COSTCO SIZED BAG is
                beyond me...

                Ho hum.

                I can do it. I can!

                I usually justify it away telling myself that "I've walked ten miles today, go ahead". Yeah, then 100g and 500 cals later, on TOP
                of dinner.. not so good.

                Anyway, thanks for the good vibes, I'm going to have my husband hide them tonight. Maybe bury them in the backyard. HAR!

                I see you're in silicon valley, me too! Been here 43 years... which is odd, because I'm only 21........ well...... not.



                • Originally posted by InSearchOfAbs View Post
                  Yeah, I've done it before, but man, I just have a severe addiction to chocolate chips.... why I keep buying the COSTCO SIZED BAG is beyond me...
                  LOL I know exactly what you mean by chocolate chip addiction. You figure they are small, so you eat them one by one but then half an hour flies by and HALF THE BAG IS GONE. xD Is it by chance that 60% Ghirardelli bag?

                  Also it helps to kind of visualize that they're poisonous. I mean, most cacao is SO high in phytates, it's actually kind of scary. That way you won't think of them as a treat to wish for, but more like something you want to avoid. Unfortunately, for me, this has just driven me to seek out more expensive raw cacao bars. Good thing they're so expensive.

                  Originally posted by InSearchOfAbs View Post
                  I see you're in silicon valley, me too!
                  That's great! I just moved here, so I'm still trying to figure out all the places that are the cheapest for a certain kind of product. I'm in love with all the small produce stores, like Milk Pail and Foothill Produce, since they have great prices on local products. Do you go to the Mountain View farmers market at all?
                  My chocolatey Primal journey

                  Unusual food recipes (plus chocolate) blog


                  • I feel like I'm getting a lot of dairy withdrawals since I've started using ghee. It tastes faintly of really fatty cheese, so I keep spooning it out and eating it O_O I think I'm going to have to go cold turkey after this jar is gone lol.
                    My chocolatey Primal journey

                    Unusual food recipes (plus chocolate) blog


                    • Ahhhhh, so you're up that way.

                      I'm in San Jose, so I never get to the Mountain View farmer's market, but I used to WORK
                      in mountain view..... ten lonng years ago, before these retched children made their way
                      into ME BELLEH and ruined my life!

                      Totally kidding.

                      So the only thing I know about around there is shoreline, costco, and random lunch places... ha!

                      BUT, if you ever need to find anything in San Jose, you be sure to send me a PM or something, cuz
                      I know where evvvvverything is around here.

                      Good idea about pretending the chips are poisonous.... they kinda are.. as they make my nose
                      stuff up a little.

                      I get the 72oz bag from costco, Nestle Toll House, however, they DID just get in the ghiradeli ones,
                      but since I still had a pile of the NTH ones at home, I didn't get them. Though I was tempted.....


                      •'s a lot nicer and easier living Primal being on the west side than in San Jose XD How many kids do you have? How do you find the time to go for those long walks?

                        Haha! Good thing you didn't buy those Ghirardelli bags. You probably would have justified it by saying they're slightly healthier than Nestle and ate them on the spot =P

                        By the way, have you ever been to the Asian roast duck places in San Jose? I especially love the one in South San Jose next to a Lion City, but the traffic is so horrendous at all times there
                        My chocolatey Primal journey

                        Unusual food recipes (plus chocolate) blog


                        • Ughhhhhhhhh I know exactly what it feels like to be glycogen-depleted. Today I tried just doing bench press and squats and I could only do a paltry 70lbs on bench and 135lbs on squat. Another week of this and then I'm going to start carb ups with some black sticky rice.
                          My chocolatey Primal journey

                          Unusual food recipes (plus chocolate) blog


                          • Yeah, it definitely depends on where you live in San Jose to make it "easier" or, basically shitty... har.

                            I live in a neighborhood that's considered pretty ritzy (not like Saratoga ritzy, but it's a VERY desired location).

                            Not a lot of traffic and everything is pretty close by that I need.

                            Oh GOD, that Lion center - no, never been there for duck, but I USED to go all the way there (that's about
                            10miles from my house) for Pho noodle soup. Now one just opened up a mile from my house, so not only
                            can I walk there, but I don't have to pack any heat! God! That Lion Center area is HORRIBLE.... and skeery.

                            I get to do all that walking because I'm FINALLY LIVING THE SWEET KEPT WOMAN LIFE, as my children are
                            in 1st and 4th grade, and I have SIX GLORIOUS HOURS, monday thru friday, to do whatever the &(*! I want.

                            It's so nice I could just weep.

                            I never put them in preschool, or nursery school or any other kind of activity or daycare when they were younger,
                            so Mother has EARNED her free time. Trust me...

                            I forsee a job in my near future, but I'm trying not to think about it and mainly concentrate on..... um... not thinking about it.

                            Sorry to hear about your glycogen depletion. Totally know how you feel. Was there myself on Wednesday and I still have
                            DOMS from my training, today.

                            But I don't care. I'm going to rally through it and go to the gym today after I'm done working in my son's 1st grade classroom
                            and show them thar muscles who's boss!

                            Then I can be crippled all weekend and have my husband wait on me hand and foot.

                            Yeah right. As if.

                            What kind of bench press are you doing? Incline? Decline? Flat?

                            Do you ever do dumbbell presses instead?


                            • Actually, that's really great that you chose to spend that time with your kids instead of taking the easy way out. I think your kids will thank you later.

                              You must have a lot of fun experimenting with cooking with that much time. Unless you're not a cooker. But a lot of hours do help if you're going to do some oven sort of deal with your food. Very jealous By the way - do you have any tips on making Primal lunchbox meals that don't require reheating? I have a colleague who has two kids and she's bought into my "avoid BPA! avoid grains!" part of Primal. But her school only serves pizza, hot dogs, and cheeseburgers (yes, they rotate through all of that EVERY WEEK), so she's forced to bring something from home for her kids. No canned stuff or bread makes her life pretty difficult.

                              What kind of industry or position are you looking to get into? When your kids get older, at least.

                              And nice, what kind of workout are you doing? DOMS sucks, but sometimes it's nice to know that you've gone to the next level with your body if you're feeling it I rarely feel that unless I do a series of sprints like Tabatas or something after not doing them for months.

                              Why Barbells are Better Than Dumbbells |
                              I loosely follow this protocol, and I find that doing barbells are a lot easier than dumbells because once you get to the heavier weights (I'm usually at >100lbs) it's very difficult to get each of the dumbbells into position before actually busting out the reps. Also because I look like a smart-ass if I use the barbell and doing more than the guys at the gym I only do regular bench presses, since I also do overhead presses, and I figure that takes care of my shoulder area.
                              My chocolatey Primal journey

                              Unusual food recipes (plus chocolate) blog


                              • Yeah, we had good times, the kids and me.

                                But now it's time for the Real World and off to school they go! BYE-BYE.

                                Nah, not really a big cooker... but I do like making gobs of soup. Mainly chicken these days... just
                                cooked up a vat of chicken, kale and carrot soup yesterday. Good times and tasty good for dinner,
                                as it fills you up, but doesn't have you wanting to vomit at 3AM.

                                Meh, work, I guess I'd just fall back into the position I know: Professional Ass Wiper = executive admin... but since
                                it's been so dang long, I'd probably have to start off as a receptionist like I did when I was 18.

                                However, being one was the funnest job ever, and would totally do it again in a heartbeat, but it certainly doesn't
                                pay no crazy 65K a year, that's for sure.

                                Ah well, it's neither here nor there, since we're still squeeking by on one paycheck, but it looms. IT LOOMS.

                                I'm doing a full body workout at the moment:

                                1.) weighted reverse lunges
                                2.) deadlift off the floor
                                3.) negative chins
                                4.) push press
                                5.) low incline dumbbell press
                                6.) bent over dumbbell row

                                Yeah, I hear you on the barbells, for sure.

                                But the dumbbells are good for your stabilizer muscles and recruit more fibers that will
                                up your barbell bench press if you start to incorporate them.

                                And yes, the dumbbells are hard to "get up" past a certain point. Before x-mas I was doing
                                two 35's FINALLY, after being stuck with the 30's for like a year.

                                If there is a COMPETENT TRAINER (do they exist?) at the gym, they can "hand you" the dumbbells
                                when you're in position, and that works great. But good luck finding one that knows ANYTHING..... so,
                                I usually up my weight when my husband can go to the gym with me, which is rare, like, when he plays
                                hooky from work once every millenium.

                                Have you tried push presses? OHP's are good, but that little extra oomph of the push press could send your
                                OHP weight higher in no time.

                                I can OHP 65lbs, but I can push press 80.

                                Just have to watch out that you control the bar and not knock your teeth out.

                                Another great move for shoulders (that I actually did today) is the corner press with the oly bar.

                                Yeah, doms got me because I took a month and a half off from the gym when we only had one
                                car, then my MIL came to town for 14 days and I'm not the type to take advantage and ditch her
                                with my kids. Even for an hour. Ain't her kids, theyse mah kids, so, well, so I didn't go.

                                Walked and hiked a lot, but that's not the same as weights, bummer.

                                Nope, unfortunately I don't have any suggestions for primal lunches. No one else in my family is primal,
                                just me.

                                I don't exactly feed my kids crap, but they're getting what *I* got when I was a kid (basic lunch stuff, sammiches,
                                tortilla chips, fruit) because it's easy, I know they won't die, and I also know that when they're 18 they can make
                                the decision themselves to eat soooper doooper healthy if they want to.

                                They see what I eat, they know I've been obsessed with nutrition since 500 past lives ago, but they're still their own
                                person and I'm not going to fight over stupid shit that just makes my blood boil anyway.

                                They eat primal dinners and snacks, but those damn lunches are still the normal CW fare. Sigh.

                                Oy, I'm ranting in your journal. Sorry for that. I'm also procrastinating cleaning my house as well. Surprise. Don't.Wanna.

                                Guess I better... don't want my husband to fire me.