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    Hello all!

    I've been a vegetarian for almost 12 years, since I was 14. I never really enjoyed meat, I was too in love with animals of all kinds. I think my parents were worried that I might end up working for Greenpeace. But luckily, I grew up more reasonable than that! I remained vegetarian although I never thought that it was the healthiest option. I was just more comfortable with it. And I figured, left up to my own devices, the only meats I would be willing to prepare were the processed kinds. So eating vegetarian proteins seemed healthier to me.

    I've never been skinny. Cursed/blessed with the family hips. I maintained a decent weight, always having a flat belly and loving my hard-to-shop-for curves. But at about the 10 year without meat mark, I moved to Korea and have been gaining weight ever since.

    Last year, I was tired all the time. I was 24 years old and I could barely muster up the energy to cook for myself. I'd be going to bed around 6 or 7pm every night. I resorted to eating the quickest food available, which meant as a vegetarian in Korea, ramen. I ate it almost every day. That's all I had energy. In about 6 months, I gained 25 lbs. Bringing me to about 190lbs at 5'5. Luckily, I didn't look that big cause of the curves (thank god!).

    I finally visited my family doctor on holidays home. I thought I was hypoglycemic. She suspected a B12 deficiency right away and asked about my egg and milk consumption. I eat two eggs a day without fail and drink plenty of milk. For most people this would be enough. I now have to take a supplement every day and since then, I feel 80% normal (and big increase!). I started exercising a few times a week and making delicious food again. But I wasn't losing any weight!

    I just spent 3 weeks with my brother and his wife. They've been primal for almost a year. I hadn't seen them for 6 months and man they looked amazing! My sister in law lost so much weight and she doesn't exercise more than an occasional walk. They bombarded me with information, articles, websites, documentaries and books while I was there. I had planned on doing an alternative primal diet without meat and plus legumes. I don't want to eat meat!

    To do this, I needed to order quinoa, whey protein, tempeh, black beans and other things from the internet just to get my daily protein. This stuff isn't available locally in Korea. What an effort that would be. Especially for someone who doesn't have a credit card.

    Last night I took a plunge. I ATE MEAT! It was strangely delicious. I went to a restaurant with some friends, a Chinese place that specializes in spicy lamb skewers cooked over charcoal. I had no problem eating it (although the fattier chewier pieces were less pleasant). And I didn't even get sick!

    Yesterday I purged my cupboards of carbs and gave them away. Then I bought chicken breasts (the gateway meat), nuts and vegetables. I'm gonna continue taking B12 supplements just in case, as well as omega 3 fish oil. We'll see how it goes.

    My goals are:
    1 - to have energy!
    2 - to lose weight, realist goal of under 150, ideal goal of under 130
    3 - to be healthy

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    Hi and welcome! I was a vego for 8 years, and I have nicely, and over time, fully adapted into primal. Now I love it and feel so much better.


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      Welcome Annie, from another ex-vegetarian. This place is full of us.
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        Day 1

        Day 1

        L: 3 egg omelet with zucchini, mushroom and yellow peppers
        S: 70g of chocolate 73% and black tea with milk
        D: Chinese style chicken breast stir fry with yellow pepper, zucchini, bok choy, carrots, onions, plenty of ginger and garlic topped with sesame seeds
        S: hazelnuts and almonds

        weight at end of day: 88kg

        A little grossed out preparing and eating chicken. But I have done it before to make homemade dog food. Over cooked the chicken out of paranoia.


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          Day Two:

          Breakfast: 3 egg veggie omelet that I was too full to eat (dogs had a good morning!) and 2 cups of coffee with milk

          L: forgot it at home!

          S: trail mix with nuts/seeds/raisins and a bowl of frozen blueberries with milk

          D: coconut chicken curry with plenty of veg on cauliflower "rice"

          It was weird that I couldn't finish my breakfast, that almost never happens. And then forgetting my lunch and only eating trail mix was oddly not that difficult. I was hungry by the end of the day, but it wasn't so bad. When I came home I wasn't ready to cook, so that's when I had the blueberries. Two hours later, I just had dinner. Now I'm ridiculously full. Am I eating too much? I'm afraid I'm not getting enough protein in. I still shy away from meats, and after skipping lunch, I thought I should just cram in as much protein I could. And now I feel bloated. Eek.

          Weight at the end of the day (on a full stomach): 88.5kg
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            Don't worry too much right away. You'll dial it in

            You don't need to stuff yourself to the point of being bloated. Eat what you need to feel satisfied. If that turns out to not be enough an hour or so later, then have a little extra protein and fat.
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              Day Three:

              B: 2 egg omelet w/ veg and coffee w/ milk

              L: leftover chicken stirfry

              S: trail mix

              D: small tenderloin, steamed pumpkin, carrots and broccoli and 2 glasses of red wine (i wanted to avoid alcohol for at least a month.... but when your best friend, whom you haven't seen in a month and just moved to another city 3 hours away shows up with a bottle, you drink!)

              I think I'm starting to sleep better already. I'm a very light sleeper. So this is nice. Also feeling less hungry consistently. And no energy crashes despite the fact that I have absolutely no work to do at work and just have to sit at a desk for eight hours.

              I went grocery shopping with only 20$ in my pocket. As a vegetarian that would usually get me a huge bag of food (mostly vegetables). I spent 14$ on meat! I'm paying off debt and am poor by the end of the month so that was a big deal. I'm starting to resent meat. I don't want to eat it, I do, and it tastes good, but I don't want to eat it. Any past vegetarians experience anything similar?

              On the bright side, to surprise my best friend, I cooked him a steak! He didn't know I've started to eat meat. That was fun! I brought him to MDA and we started talking nutrition. Another friend (a way more health-conscious one) came over. It was interesting challenging their CW. I kept bringing up studies that proved them wrong. I think the second friend will join me, the first will eventually I'm sure.

              It's almost 11pm. I used to NEVER stay up this late. And I'm only 26. I'm not too worried about having energy in the morning though! I'm sure 7-8 hours sleep is enough, if it's quality

              Weight at the end of the day: 88kg on a full stomach


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                Day Four:

                B: blueberries and milk with milk coffee

                S: two boiled eggs with ketchup

                L: left over coconut chicken stirfry

                S: nuts and orange dark chocolate (100g!)

                D: steamed zucchini and carrot

                S: herbal tea (is that a snack?)

                I think today I experienced carb flu or withdrawal or something. I had a long day at work and nothing to do. Seven hours at a desk with no actual work. By the time I left, I was feeling pretty apathetic. A little bit hungry. Low energy. Maybe it was the wine last night, less sleep or the transition. But I couldn't even consider preparing the pork in the fridge. I used to hate pork, refused to eat it and would rather get sent to my room hungry as a kid. I figured I'd be adult about it and try it again when I bought it. But feeling down meant I wasn't willing to try. Maybe starting meat and cutting out carbs on the same day was a bit much. But I'm an all or nothing kind of gal. Anyways, once I got home and lay down, cuddled the dogs, put on Pretty Woman and ate some chocolate, I felt better in less than 30 minutes! I had energy again! I even did the dishes! I probably shouldn't have eaten the whole chocolate bar, but it meant I didn't go out and buy some ramen which is good. If I hadn't given all my naughty foods away, today I would have eaten some.

                Weight: 88kg (I need to buy a scale with an electronic reader to get a more exact reading)
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                  Day 5:

                  Weight: 88kg

                  B: blueberries and milk and tea with milk

                  L: 3 boiled eggs with ketchup, fried eggplant

                  S: nuts and seeds

                  D: baked chicken wings and steamed cabbage and carrots

                  Feeling pretty good today. Was payday and went to the grocery to stock up and tons of veg and meats. It was weird only going through half the aisles! I bought a new scale with a digital reader. I'm hoping I start seeing a change in my weight soon. I've read so many 'success stories' and journal entries and it seems to be common to lose some within the first week. Makes me sad to be honest. I stepped on the new scale and it said 79.0kg. I don't think it's calibrated yet! I'm not sure how to do that as the instructions are in Korean @_@ Feel good energy wise though, which is still a huge change in my life.
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