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    My first post, tracking a 20-pound weight loss goal to be achieved by end-of-year.

    I'm female, 32, 5'3", 147 lbs.

    Food Staples

    Cold cuts (pastrami, roast chicken, roast turkey)
    Fermented cream (Wallaby European)
    Strauss heavy cream
    French-pressed coffee
    Provolone cheese
    Baked chicken, bone-in, skin-on
    Eggs, local
    Mild pork Italian sausage
    Grassfed beef
    Water with lemons and/or stevia

    Food Today

    Morning: water with lemon

    10am: pastrami rolled up with fermented cream (Wallaby), cucumber matchsticks, and pepperoncini; pepperoni slices; provolone cubes; pickle

    4pm: pepperoni slices; provolone slice

    7pm: crocked chicken breasts and salsa; runny yolk eggs (over easy); fermented cream; tomatoes


    Hiked half-way up Tumamoc Hill (40 mins)


    Lately my hunger has been hard to satisfy and I've been reexamining my diet (am i getting to much protein? not enough fat? etc.)

    I honestly tend to over analyze things anyway, so I am trying not to rock the boat, as it were.

    But I've been plateaued for 3 or 4 weeks now and I am concerned. This past week my body felt more dense, it felt as if I had gained extra weight, although the scale stayed steady.

    I'm wondering if my body is busy moving fat to be burned by my metabolism -- would this explain the increased hunger?

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    Hmmm. Don't quite know what to say about your diet. Don't you eat any unfermented fruit or veg?
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