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    Here goes. I have been lurking around for a while, maybe about five months, then finally joined, and now I have been Primal for almost two weeks; except for one night I had homemade fried chicken. That was yesterday and today has been good. My addiction to sugar has almost wiped me out. I was living on junk and ice cream. I am an accomplished baker and hate giving that up.

    I have had five lung infections from GERD and my GI doc and liver specialist put me on Sugar busters. They both said my problem was the starches. If I had another lung infection then we had to do surgery to help the problem. I did HCG and lost 20 lbs. Started eating normal again after the "stabilization" stage and gained the weight back.

    SB diet is good but I was hungry and so I decided to look into Dukan Diet because I liked the idea of the pure protein days every other day. But it is low fat and no butter at all, so here I am, hoping become a true Grokette.

    I am feeling better after getting the sugar and grains out of my system for 10 days. I want to lose weight but need to adjust a little more before I start counting the calories on fitday. I have dropped some lbs in just this short amount of time.

    I hate exercise, but I meet with a trainer 2x a week for weight work. Way too hot in Houston to be taking long walks right now. I just returned from Colorado for a month and I had some great hikes there. I am an all or nothing person and the 80/20 part scares me. Not sure how to do that. But maybe the fried chicken was a start.
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    Today has been a good day. I started with a primal Fuel meal replacement for breakfast. A late breakfast about 10:30. Then I had a bun less burger and salad with cheese bacon and avocado for lunch. I fell into the fries that DH got and ate about half of them. He had a milkshake and I had diet coke. Not the best choice but not a milk shake. Headed to a party tonight and I really want to stay "good" if I can. This is not as easy as it looks. I am trying to not fall off the wagon, so to speak with each mistake. That is my pattern. I drop one egg and then throw the whole dozen on the floor saying, "who cares," I care.

    Not sure that the Primal Fuel meal replacement is that good. It does not seem to stick to my ribs. I think mark is all wet on this suggestion. I am trying to get geared up to do the 30 day challenge. I want to learn as much as I can about what works for me.


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      You don't have to do 80/20. Aim for 100% but don't beat yourself up or throw the eggs on the floor if you slip.

      It's not about getting back on the wagon. It's about getting back in the driver's seat.

      Diet Coke is not ideal but it isn't terrible.

      You don't have to jump into training. The most important thing is to stay active. Don't sit for over an hour without getting up and moving around. Do you have access to a pool?

      I'm sure Primal Fuel is fine. You'll have to see how it works for you.
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        Thank you for that post. I needed it. I got home from the party and I have just been beating myself up because I had two cookies and a small brownie. Tomorrow I am back on. I have steaks and eggs planned for breakfast. I will get in the drivers seat.


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          Another Monday to start over. How many Monday's will I start over. I know what the "Bad Food" does to me and do it anyway. I am judt like the alcoholic or addict. I say I will never do it again and then I do. I detox and feel better then succumb to temptation and I am off and running. just STOP IT already. Like the TV show with Bob Newhart as the therapist--he would yell to his patients, "Stop- It!!!" That is what I must put in my brain. I have the thought and then I act on it. Today I got up feeling tired and foggy and sluggish. I have eaten well today. I worked out for about 45 min with weights. I felt much better after workout.


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            I am doing so well. I am so proud of myself. My last sugar was noon the Friday after Tday. No wheat either. Wow. I don't want to count the days. I am feeling so good. I just want to keep this up. I went to a party last night. Managed to bypass the biscuits with roast beef and had the vegetables and the chicken on a skewer. I had not ONE bite of the sweets. Yah!! Me. When I came home, I was a little hungry and sorta had sweets on my mind. I got up and poured a small wine glass of grass fed heavy whipping cream. I sipped it deliciously and savored each drop. About two tablespoons. It curbed the craving and I felt full. I think what I ate at the party was just to low in fat. Please God help me keep this up one more day.


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              Another great day. so far. I am so happy that I am suddenly avoiding the sweets and the flour. I must set my mind up to expect the fall of and to handle it. 80/20 right.


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                yay it always gets so much easier when the mind does the switch
                yeah you are

                Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.