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Of Rice and Men: Savannah's Primal Journal

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  • Of Rice and Men: Savannah's Primal Journal

    Well, the title is a bit misleading. I don't eat rice and I'm not a man. Why, you ask, did I pick it?
    Because it was the wittiest thing I could think of offhand. Obviously.

    This is going to be more a "collection of random thoughts on my progress" rather than a list of what I ate (I have fitday for that, and much as I love entering all my foods...I don't love it enough to repeat it daily.) But a recipe might sneak in here & there.

    Okay, first things first:

    Why did I ever looks at the Primal Blueprint Nutrition forum?! Here I thought I was doing fine, but now I've got leangains and carb-loads bouncing around in my brain. I'm trying to tell myself to just calm down (following the wisdom of the very amazing "advice for newbies" thread) & stick with regular ol' PB for the first month....but I had a decent 2-hr thread-mining freak-out.

    So how am I doing on PB:OriginalStyle? Pretty well I think. Technically I'm 3 1/2 weeks in, but it's really 2 1/2 because the first week was 80/20...80% fruit, 20% avocado. In my defense, I quickly realized this was severely ridiculous and got on board with PB Hardcore. I cut all dairy except butter, and I've just nixed nightshades as well after experiencing stomach pains eating green peppers and tomatoes. (Nightshades had never bothered me before, but that's probably because the grumbles were buried under mountains of rice-cakes and seas of hummus.)

    For the last 2 weeks I've been feeling great...except... the past 2 days I've been hit with intense fatigue. Like "7h sleep + a daily 3h nap" type of tired I looked over my past fitday reports, and I think it might be a lack of magnesium/ potassium or perhaps the fact I have trouble keeping my carbs up. I do fine with protein and fat, but my carbs are averaging 20-30g as opposed to 50-100--maybe the reason for the delayed carb flu? I'm careful with fruit because of my tendency to overeat it and shocker: salad green are not actually that high in carbs. So I'm going to start taking supplements for the Potassium & Magnesium, eat more broccoli, and add in the occasional sweet potato to bump up my Carb Count to at least 50.

    And I'll chronicle the effect of all that right here in my Shiny!New!Journal!

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    Welcome! Great journal title.

    Drink 1-2 cups of Bouillon/day (Like Herb Ox) for the fatigue.
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      Thanks Pebbles! Glad someone else thought it was clever

      Of course the day after I posted about being totally beat... my energy jumped :P

      I made the classic research mistake of changing 3 variables at once: Last night I upped my calories by about 300 AND got my carbs above 40 AND added in a magnesium supplement. Today I felt awesome- even with a spontaneous IF b/c my friend had already had lunch when we met up to do some downtown exploring (and while I was hungry for dinner at 5:30, I was far from starved). Since that leaves me at a pretty good calorie deficit for the day as opposed to my usual (yet with 43carbs) , I think I'll try the mag supplement again tonight-- if I feel crappy tomorrow, I know I'm just going too low cal. If I feel good tomorrow, I'll try keeping the carbs above 40, calories consistent to normal levels and skipping the supplement, and if I feel good on Monday I'll know I'm just not a super-low-carb girl.

      Maybe I should have named this journal "Confessions of a Human Guinea Pig"


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        Fantastic journal title...
        Our own life is the instrument with which we experiment with the truth.


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          Thanks diploid, I'm glad both your chromosomes enjoy it

          Update: Science COMPLETE!

          Okay, after painstaking trials, I have discovered: I am either low-carb friendly, or low cal friendly, but definitely NOT both at once. Also I possibly have an issue with nuts (there goes my social life [bonus Clueless reference!]). If my calories are below 1300, my carbs need to be 50ish; if my calories are above 1300, I can get away with practically 0 carb & I'm fine. So basically the opposite of carb-loading.

          I think this comes down to energy. When I try to really restrict my calories, right now I can't eat enough fat to be satisfied yet stay at my cal-goal, so I need the easily available carb energy. Don't worry, I'm not taking CRAZY carb energy-- I'm no-fruit at the moment and of course no grain, so lots of green veggies... and the occasional sweet potato.

          I discovered this because after cutting out fruit and trying to keep calories under 1300 and carbs under 40g...I broke the second day and attacked a jar of almond butter like I was Inigo Montoya and almonds had just killed my father. I decimated the remainder of that sucker in about 5 minutes.

          And then the next day my skin blew up like WHOA. I now have a lovely abscess right on my chin, so I look like a super sexy female Jigsaw (from Saw. Sans the homicidal tendencies and the spiral blush). I doubt anyone is noticing my svelte new waistline while they try to figure out why I have a marble stuck in my mandible :/

          So my new plan is a mix of calorie cycling and low-carb: allowing myself 3 "high carb" days of less than 80g, 4 v. low days of less than 25g...and doing the same with calories: 3 days around 1500, 2 days around 1200, 1 day with a IF that will probably end up around 1000.

          I worry that I'm being too regemented. I mean, PB should be a way of life, not a "healthier-than-thou" contest. On the other hand, I know that personally I feel better with strict guidelines, so I'll try this super-organized approach AND forgiving my inevitable slip-ups. We'll see how it goes.

          Things I've cut out:
          Nuts (and please god let my face clear up soon!)
          Nightshades (except dried red pepper, because I bought chorizo & need to finish it-- but after that I'm cutting cayenne too)
          Sugar (Honey & MS included)

          Things I'm keeping while accepting they are crutch-like and may give up later after I've adjusted more:
          Sweet Potatoes


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            So I'm not off the's more like I'm dangling from the side, one foot caught in the rail (if wagons have rails, I don't know) while the rest of me careens around getting smacked in the face by the spokes.

            My father came in town, and I thought "hey, I've been doing this for a month, I'll have a small semi-cheat weekend!" I'll just eat as primally as possible, but indulge a touch."
            He came in town Saturday, left Monday, and today is Tuesday. In between has been flourless chocolate cake, caramelized-banana sundaes, cartons of raspberries, cheese, Orgain chocolate shakes, spoonfuls of peanut butter, tomatoes and 85% chocolate. So no grains but HO MY GOD sugar. So much sugar. I feel sick and awful but for DAYS I have been shoveling sweets in my face like I'm in a Scarface/Willy Wonka cross-over. It being that time of the month (you know, the time I bleed profusely from my uterus) has made the cravings even more ferocious.

            Sugar is F*ing heroin! Okay, I admit, I've never done heroin, but I've watched a lot of Intervention and half a season of Celebrity Rehab so I feel like I know what I'm talking about. Tomorrow I'm quitting cold turkey--NO sweeteners, NO fruit, NO cheats. I'm going to try to make it to Monday, and we'll go from there. No calorie caps on my meals either, because I think getting out of the binge state is more important than weight loss at this point.

            Bacon and smoked salmon eggs tomorrow for breakfast. Going to sleep now. I feel so gross right now--- me of the future reading this, remember that THIS IS HOW YOU FEEL AFTER SUGAR BINGEING: sticky, ill, bloated, depressed and basically like the gum found on the floor of the subway trains. Horrible and oddly linty.