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    Hello people!

    I am starting a whole30 today (actually just 25 days because I'm going on vacation, but whatever). I haven't done primal or paleo before but I've been researching a LOT lately and I think this is something I can do (and stick with).

    I will be honest, I really DO need to lose weight. I'm 29 and previously I have done crazy diets and lost weight but always it would come back eventually. Also I have been eating terribly lately and I just feel like poop most of the time. So, I'm doing this to feel better and lose some weight. I am already active, I enjoy working out and bike commuting.

    Right now it all seems a little overwhelming, I feel like I can't eat ANYTHING (which I know is not true). I've been lurking in the journals getting some food ideas and stuff.

    So, here we go!

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    Okay, so apparently I needed a little more time to get things planned. This weekend went okay, but not great. I'm back on it 100% today.

    I went grocery shopping and picked up a lot of meat: whole chicken legs, ground beef, steak. Also I got a lot of veggies. I'm planning on cooking the chicken legs in my dutch oven this afternoon with carrots, onion, etc and having some good, hearty lunches this week.

    Also, I am going to take measurements and 'before' pictures today too. Yikes!