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    I've been primal for about a week other than a couple of indulgences (organic heavy cream, red wine, and 75+% chocolate). I'm planning on weaning myself mostly off of those indulgences for a while, but will probably continue having a serving or so a week. Anyway, I know myself well enough that if I don't indulge I'll end up an uptight, cranky lady.

    I'm starting this at about 22% body fat. I haven't been measured in a while, but I look about the same as I did this time last year when I had a caliper test. I'd like to get my BF down to the mid-teens, and am not really concerned at all about losing poundage. (I hover at about 145 or so.) Anyway, I've just started and gotten my husband and kids on board. I've been GF for a while anyway, so the only thing that's really kicking my butt is no legumes right now. As a former vegan, the idea of no legumes is rough. But I'm dealing, mostly with our awesome pastured chicken/eggs/beef/pork/lamb from our CSA.

    So this is what I did today, 1 week in to PB:

    breakfast: eggs + coffee w/heavy cream + cauliflower "rice" (leftover from last night's stirfry)

    workout: lifting heavy things
    squats- 1x5 @45; 1x5 @95; 5x5 @ 115 (deload/maintenance post-muscle strain)
    overhead press- 1x5@45; 5x5 @70 (fail on 3rd set)
    deadlift- 1x5@135; 1x5 @175

    post-workout snack: mini-Larabar

    lunch: canned tuna w/ olive oil, olives, lemon juice + salad greens + some leftover ground beef

    snack: glass of red wine + some oven-dried tomatoes on their way to being preserved (QC!)

    dinner: leftover Thai food- tom yum soup w/ seafood + red curry w/ shrimp and veggies (no rice)

    This is the first time in years my energy has been stable throughout the day. So excited! Will try to post some progress photos later.
    My blog (primal after 8/5/11).