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  • Tracie goes Primal

    This is actually day 7 for me, and I've been maintaining a journal on, where I've been working on my health and body for 2 years... For a while I'm going to crosspost to both I think, since a couple of people there don't think I'm crazy and actually want to see what I'm doing. So... more to come!

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    This was day 7

    I had fantastic sleep. Weird dreams, but I attribute that to the podcast I was listening to beforehand. I think the sleep is probably half diet and half "damnit, I am going to stop looking at a screen an hour before bed even though it feels like the world is ending when I do that." I woke up feeling.... medium great. By that I mean, I was a little cranky and draggy, but not too bad. I think I was hungry, but I've gotten used to NOT being hungry first thing, so I put off breakfast which may have been a mistake.

    When I finally made and ate breakfast, the tired hit. I said "Why not?" and gave in for a little nap. Then when I woke up it was time to hit the grocery store.

    I have a little bit of sticker shock... going to try to just keep an open mind and see how far what I bought actually goes. Plus there were a few treats there. I bought meat, and a small roasting chicken and bacon, whipping cream to try in my coffee, and ricotta cheese for the second stab at the crustless quiche. I bought salsa, because it just seemed like a good idea. I love salsa. Sometimes I could eat it with a spoon. I looked at oils and vinegars and such... there's a lot to choose from and I'm going to have to do a little digging to see what gives me the most bang for my buck. Also looked at coconut oil. Expensive! And almond butter, after a lot of thinking... really isn't worth it. I'll just eat almonds. I bought almonds.

    My treats were... a bar of 85% dark chocolate, a carton of blackberries, and a big coffee mug. The last one may sound strange, but I've been drinking my coffee out of a little teacup and it's been getting on my nerves.

    So now I'm sitting here with a square of chocolate, a few blackberries and almonds, and coffee. I think this is a snack, though it's hard to tell. I just felt like eating it. So... umm... coffee with heavy whipping cream is delicious, and doesn't want sweetening!

    Here's an interesting tidbit. Two things that have been helping my "something isn't right and I'm lethargic" feeling (carb-flu) have been eating, and physical movement. Also, getting away from the computer screen. Maybe it's not so much carb flu as eyestrain, a little eating adjustment, and the fact that it's my girl-time right now so I'm just generally a little more worn and achey.

    Did a lot of cooking today. I roasted a chicken, and cooked a sweet potato and caremized some onions at the same time. I made a new batch of crustless quiche (bacon and spinach with ricotta cheese this time) and am currently simmering a pot of broth.

    B - 2 crustless mini-quiche, 1 hard boiled egg, 5 cherries.
    S - 2 squares 85% dark chocolate, 10 raw almonds, 4 blackberries, coffee with heavy whipping cream.
    L - Sweet potato with butter and cinnamon, roasted chicken (a leg, a bit of breast, and some skin)
    D - Salad of doom, mini-quiche (new kind!} wine and chocolate

    For physical activity I took it pretty easy today. A walk about a mile all told (to and from the grocery store) and 15 minutes of Very Light yoga.


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      Welcome. I hope Primal goes well for you.
      Ancestral Health Info

      I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

      Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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        Day 8,

        Entering week 2 of the primal experiment. I'm going to stop outlining my day quite as much, and make some observations instead.

        I did not wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed with chirping birds on my shoulders, but I did wake up early for me, without much trouble, and got right into actually doing things instead of slowly gearing up toward everything.

        I don't need sweetener in my coffee if I use heavy whipping cream. It's yummy.

        I set off for a 4 mile walk and a couple hours of errands with a handful of almonds and cherries, and it was Fine, but I really should eat when I start getting the signal to instead of trying to tough it out.

        I think I may have to give up my dove promises. I've been performing a little chocolate experiment on myself for the past couple of days. I bought a bar of lindt 85% cocoa, and have part of a bag of dove dark promises left over from before. Now, I remember when I used to like the dove milk promises because they were sweeter, and the dark ones seemed bitter by comparison. Now the dark ones seem ridiculously sweet (after only a week of cutting way back on sugar) and the bitter cocoa taste is something I actually Want. The dove darks now just make me feel a little weird and a little hungry.

        I get nervous about "What if I get hungry while I'm out?" About half an hour before leaving for rehearsal I actually find myself wondering whether I should eat or pack something even though I'm feeling satisfied right now, just in case hunger Attacks me in the next 4 hours. I didn't do an extra snack before rehearsal, and though when 10pm rolled around I got very tired, it was "it's late and I'm tired" not "Where is my fooooood?!" I did make dinner as soon as I got home, but it wasn't anywhere close to an emergency.

        B - almonds, cherries, coffee with heavy cream
        L - Big salad with chicken and boiled egg
        S - Blackberries and dark chocolate, almonds
        D - Mini quiche, tea, nibbled a bit on berries, dark chocolate, almonds, an egg, and a pickle


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          So, something I ate last night didn't make me happy. Oddly, one of the "benefits" of eating this way is that I'm Far more aware of the small stomach discomforts, because there's not this constant background of feeling hungry and stuffed at the same time. The culprit is likely either the hard boiled egg, or the cream cheese. I'm betting on the cream cheese, and testing it by having the other egg with lunch today. I noticed it last night while going to sleep, but slept really well for me anyway, and even still noticed it this morning. Still, I slept well, got up, and got going.

          Today was a bit of a mess. It being Friday, and family pizza night I told myself I would go with it, and not worry about the one meal and snack. I don't like the feeling I came away with but I do like that I can do that and not have my family be all weirded out by this diet. I think as I get further along my progress will help me gain leverage for turning things down without hurting their feelings. I'm worried about finding the balance there.
          Today's observations.

          *My bone soup is fantastic! (I'm eating it now)
          *I love adding tiny amounts of nibbles on a plate to a meal.
          *I am exhausted. I don't know how much of it is feeling weird and unhappy because of the sugar and grains I just ate, hoe much of it is just that I'm up too late, and how much of it is head-stuff, but I'm not feeling great right now. Going to go to bed so I can start fresh in the morning. I'm trying to keep things loose and not worry about my eating for the two meals or so I'm at my parents' house, but I'm not sure how great that is as a plan after doing it that way today.

          B - Mini quiche, coffee with whipping cream
          L - Bone soup with chicken, hard boiled egg, a few almonds, olives, and berries.
          S- Tuna salad on half an english muffin, cookie.
          D- Pizza, ice cream


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            Day 10

            Morning is full of fog. I had acid reflux last night, and this morning I woke up with bad breath, shakey tiredness, and with bloated fingers. Definitely not a feeling I'm into continuing, so back to primal I go! My exercise is being weird, as the result of a weekend of nearly spontaneous filming.

            I did get a chance to do some LHT type work today, in the form of a fitness test for my Silver Comets team on Sparkpeople, which was good. I was in the mood for some exertion.

            Interestingly, I only ate two meals today. I was worried about food, about being hungry, but I ate breakfast at 1pm (a few hours into the day) and dinner after 9pm. I didn't feel deprived, or even think about food while I was out. In fact, I forgot about the snack I'd packed until I was writing this.

            I experimented at dinner with a couple of different tastes.

            *cold shrimp with salsa - Win.
            *salad with just balsamic vinegar drizzle - mixed feelings. Some of the spring greens I was eating were pretty bitter, and the vinegar wasn't enough to mellow them out. I spent quite a while staring at salad dressing options today and didn't find any without either canola oil or hcfs in them, so I'm going to keep experimenting with home-based options.

            I think I understand why calorie tracking isn't recommended while doing this. I felt satisfied a couple of days ago, and tracked my calories at 1750ish. Today I tracked them at 900. My first reaction on seeing this is to try and find a few hundred more calories to eat, but... I'm not hungry. I'm Full, and satisfied, and eating more doesn't make a lot of sense. I'm going to wait a bit to stop tracking though... maybe week 3 or 4, when I'm a little more used to what I'm eating. A low calorie day here or there won't kill me.

            B- Coffee w cream, crustless quiche, bacon, almonds and berries. (Big breakfast, but good and filling. I'm not sure when the next meal is happening so I opted for Very Satisfied)
            D- Shrimp dipped in salsa, big salad with cheese, dark chocolate, tea, a few blackberries


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              This one gets a bit long, describing a new workout. You've been warned.

              Interesting experience last night.

              I mentioned that I didn't eat much yesterday. As I was settling in to sleep, I noticed I was starting to get the stomach growlies, but I wasn't Hungry, just growly. It took me a while to fall asleep (again, not unusual for me) and for once the voice on the podcast I was listening to didn't lull me to dozing, so once it was over I closed the computer, and settled in for some high quality zzz's. I got up early to do a sprint workout (I thought I was filming today but it turns out I'm not!) so the quantity of sleep left a bit to be desired, but as far as I can tell the quality was great.

              This was my first sprint workout, so I'm going to describe it a bit for any Sparkpeople folks who aren't familiar with PB fitness. The idea is to basically go all out, balls to the wall fast and hard at any cardio (I chose running, but you can do it on a bike or elliptical or something else too) as hard as you can, for about 20 seconds, recover for a minute or so, and do it again for a total of 6 to 8 times. Like I said, I chose running, and at 7:45 this morning I was out on the sidewalk with my running shoes on and oddly enough, the first week's podcast to Cto5k in my ears. It gave me exactly what I needed.

              I started with a 5 to 6 minute warm-up, walking, with a couple of slow jogging bits just to get my body moving and warm. When the first running interval chimed up I took off, and boy do I mean that. I tried to imagine that something big with teeth was chasing me, and I felt like I was flying down the sidewalk. One of my earbuds fell out, and my keys (which were tucked in their usual place in my bra) fell out! Guess I was umm, bouncing more vigorously than usual. I had to guess on the 20 seconds thing, but I'm pretty sure I hit it or very close. I then used the rest of the 1 minute running interval on the podcast, and the 90 second walking interval to recover, a slow walk to catch my breath followed by moderate walking to keep myself warm and limber.

              After the first one, I though "Well ok, I can do this but is it really going to be a workout?"

              After the third one I took a minute to look out over the water at my 1-mile point, which turned out to be my turn-around point for the day. I still need to get a picture of the place, because it's the nicest 1-mile sign I've ever seen! I noticed my arms were a bit glisteny.

              After the fifth one, which Really felt like flying.... I noticed two things. First, that while I was running in these short bursts, breathing was no problem at all. I was just momentum and push and wind. It was a neat feeling. I no longer needed the imaginary tiger to spark me off running. The second was that when I slowed down, I was sucking wind, and it took close to a minute for me to get back to totally normal breathing.

              I was sweaty when I got home, but not ridiculously so. I was hot, but not exhausted. The whole workout (and I did a longer one than the PB fitness outlines because of my longer walking recovery covered 2 miles in 27 minutes, which is pretty damn good considering I only ran about 2 minutes of it, and jogged maybe 2 more. I have no idea how fast I was sprinting, but it felt awesome. I'd been dreading this workout since I started the PB fitness idea, but now I think I'm going to be looking forward to my next one.

              *I still wasn't Hungry when I woke up. I was looking forward to eating, but that's about as intense as I'll call it.
              *I ran "hollow". Just a big swig of water a few minutes before I headed out the door. I downed a decent amount of water when I came back, but running hollow was neat. I didn't feel at all sluggish, and had plenty of energy for outrunning tigers.
              *Today is another "family dinner" day, including a birthday party which involves a cake which I actually Bought. I may have a tiny piece. This is the last of the family birthdays for quite a while. It went really well. I took small tasting portions of all of the grain things, had seconds on the chicken, and came home to a primal friendly pantry. I think I'm getting a handle on this.

              B- Crustless quiche, coffee w whipping cream, bacon.
              S- A few almonds (10ish), shrimp, cheese
              L- Chicken with tomato sauce and cheese, a few rotini, small piece of b-day cake
              D- chicken cooked in the bacon grease from this morning, shrimp in salsa, a few berries and olives, tea

              I did eat more than yesterday, but not a ridiculous amount, and yesterday was Very lean. I like the fact that eating this way, my hunger gets to be my guide. I'm thinking about tomorrow's schedule, and might just do two meals, but if I wake up early and very hungry, I can always be flexible. I love that flexibility.


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                Day... 12?

                That was a lot of sleeping. Last night I felt the urge to go to sleep at around 10:30, and I did, and though I woke up a few times I actually slept until 8:30. Guess I needed that. I may try for early sleep again tonight.

                I made today a 2 meal day, which works a lot better with my day's schedule. I ate brunch at 12:30ish, and dinner happened at 9 after a lot of biking, walking, and lifting things.

                LHT workout
                Round 1
                Push-ups on knees: I did all 30 in a row!
                Pull-ups (130lb assist)
                Squats: 50 regular squats
                Jack-knives on bench: 14 and 6
                Plank, elbow toe: 55 seconds
                Side Plank, elbow toe: 45 seconds each side

                Round 2
                Push-ups on knees: 15, 10, 5, ouch...
                Pull-ups: *130lb assist)
                Squats: 50
                Jack-knives on bench: 10, 7, 3 (I can feel a muscle in my right arm saying "what was that?")
                Plank, elbows-toes: 55 seconds
                Side Plank, elbow toe:

                Fun notes - I have apparently mellowed, according to a couple of people I worked out with today. I can feel it somewhat in myself too. My anxiety is a lot better, and more important, my regrouping time after anxiety causing events is shorter. Also, I'm feeling friendlier, in the "I can approach and talk with total strangers" way.

                I made a lovely salad dressing tonight from balsamic vinegar, olive oil, cinnamon, onion powder, and celery salt. Next time I might add a bit of honey, but it worked really well.

                B- Bacon, eggs, a few almonds, a few blackberries, coffee w whipping cream, baked apple w/cinnamon (breakfast was big, but tasty)
                D- pork loin, giant salad, a glass of wine, tea, dark chocolate (I tried the 90% today. Yum!


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                  I forgot that yesterday was weigh-in day. 191.4, down 3 pounds from last week, and 5.8 total.

                  Sleep is good for you, one of my long-standing favorite quotes. I had a hard time going to sleep again last night, though I kind of expected it. Bedtime sneaked up on me and I wasn't able to ease into it. Still, I got a decent amount of sleep and woke up when I was ready.

                  Exercise today involves biking to and from rehearsal, a bit of walking to place, and zumba, which I decided pretty much right away is part of my "Play" since I'm doing it with a friend and don't worry about getting it right or burning a lot of calories.

                  A new recipe experiment for today... lasagna without noodles, basically meat, sauce, and cheese. I'm looking forward to trying it.

                  B- Bacon, eggs, coffee w/cream and cinnamon
                  S- Almonds and berries, a little cheddar. This was sort of like lunch but tiny.
                  D- Lasagna w/o noodles, giant salad, tea.

                  Exercise was a little biking, a little jogging (to the point of fun and not beyond) and a lot of walking. I was wrong about it being zumba day. That's tomorrow. Making this short so I can shut the computer down and wind my way towards sleep.


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                    Up early today to go to Clearwater. After the thing I'm doing today, I no longer have to limit my sun exposure, which will make me a happy girl.

                    I am very quickly getting over my "OMG What happens if I don't get to eat for several hours?!?!" worries. Yesterday I had brunch at 12:30, a few nibbles, and dinner at about 10. I was hungry for brunch when it happened, but not off the rails, and dinner just seemed like a good idea. That's very freeing. This morning involved getting out of the house early, and I didn't have a lot of my normal breakfast food. The fact that I can eat a smaller breakfast and not worry about being ok until I get home again, and not be

                    So, observations...
                    *I get "mouth hungry". I think I'm used to eating a lot more often, so once in a while I really just feel like eating something despite not being actually hungry. I'll eat 3 or 4 almonds, a couple of berries, or a piece of super dark chocolate, and feel fine stopping. This used to lead to a ridiculous amount of crackers, cereal, pretzels being eaten.
                    *I'm not actually craving grains. I walk down the cracker aisle or through the bakery and it's fine. I even went cake shopping for my mom last weekend and was pretty unphased by it.
                    *Meals take me a long time to eat.
                    *My solution for the friday pizza with the parents issue for the week... visit and have dinner on Wednesday. Worked like a charm.

                    B- 1 egg, 1 piece bacon. (Boy do I need to go shopping), chugged a lot of water to avoid needing to carry my bottle with me. DD coffee with cream (and the cinnamon I sneaked in)
                    L- I'm actually eating lunch! Shrimp & salsa, big salad, blueberries, almonds
                    D- (at parents) Pork, cheddar cheese, cherries.

                    Today's exercise is a minimal amount of biking (about 3 miles), and zumba for fun with V, a little lifting heavy things with weights, as opposed to bodyweight.


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                      Even if nothing else came of this whole primal change... my ability to shift my schedule to something that involves waking up decently early, and going to sleep at an hour that supports it is pretty huge. I'm still a little lethargic in the morning, but more in a motivational way than in a "what... am I supposed to get up now?" way.

                      *I really hope my 32 year old skin is still pretty damn elastic, because last night I noticed my breasts are less full, and I can wrinkle the heck out of the skin. It looked weird and upsetting, but I couldn't resist looking. I don't mind losing a bit of breast size, was a DD a few weeks ago, but I would rather avoid being flabby.
                      *My body sends some pretty strong signals sometimes. I bought broccoli yesterday because thinking about it made my mouth water. I cooked it with brunch today for the same reason. I'm guessing I needed something.
                      *Yeah, I'm very in love with the freedom of not eating 3 or 4 meals every day.
                      *Hey, my balance is a little better!

                      B- Bacon, eggs, broccoli, blueberries, almonds
                      D- Giant salad, lasagna w/o noodles, red wine, square of 90 dark chocolate

                      Exercise was light today, a little biking and pilates.


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                        I was planning to sleep in this morning. There was nowhere I had to be, so it was pretty much the perfect day for it. I was up before 9, having slept myself out. I think I got a bit over 8 hours, and felt good, though at about 3:30 my craving for a nap showed up and I decided to give in.

                        *I bought an inexpensive little summer top today to help me get sun on my back, shoulders and chest without tan lines. It has tiny little straps that can be switched around some. I wore it home on a 4 mile walk and just soaked in the sunshine. It's a little small, but I expect that to change shortly.
                        *Chin-ups are so so so so much easier than pull-ups. I read somewhere that they were a good step toward training yourself to do pull-ups. I decided to mix them in.
                        *I'm considering fish oil next week. Didn't have the money for it this week. Coconut oil is also on my list.
                        *I ate a lot today, including one of the two yogurts I had left over from before. I didn't want to waste the food, and it's perishable so... donating wasn't an option. That was my thinking before I ate the one I ate today. If no one will take the other one though I think it's just going to go. The one I had was pretty tasteless to me. I don't mind that I ate a lot. In fact, by my standards of a couple of weeks ago I really didn't. Still, it was a lot more carbs than I'm used to lately, and a lot more bulk. Might have been something I needed after a good many days of very light eating.
                        *Sweet potatoes are ridiculously delicious

                        B- Bacon, tuna salad, blueberries, coffee w whipping cream
                        S- Pickle, almonds, red wine, chocolate, yogurt (not all at once)
                        D- Tilapia, sweet potato, big salad

                        Exercise today was a nice long walk in the sunshine.


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                          A little sunburned today in exactly the places I wanted to be sunburned. It should fade pretty quickly. I woke up nice and early (7:30) and looked at the slanty light coming in and opened my sunroom door to be hit by a wave of heat. All of the hopes I had for this being a "doors and windows open" sort of day were dashed. My usual practice lately has been to have my coffee w/cream when I first get up, but to save eating until about noon. Today, since my schedule isn't really in my hands I figured it would be smart to just eat so that I don't have to think about it until I get home tonight. As a consequence, eating breakfast took forever....

                          I went shopping, where I was planning on not buying many things. I bought a TON of things, including about 15 meals worth of various chicken pieces. I also bought coconut oil and fish oil, which I was going to hold off on until Wednesday. I begin to see how eating primal doesn't have to be too expensive, if I just buy a lot of what's on sale. It's a very different way of buying from my usual very small frequent purchases, but I think it could work.

                          Had a random "going out to lunch" experience today. I was out with 4 other people, 2 friends and 2 near strangers, and we went to a diner. I managed to make a pretty decent lunch out of it, and felt good, and no weird questions.

                          B- 2 eggs, bacon, coffee w/cream, blueberries
                          L- Unexpected, .5lb beef, mushrooms, swiss cheese, unsweetened tea
                          D- Nibbled on fruit and nuts. Not very hungry.
                          Also took 2.4g of fish oil over the course of the day.

                          Exercise for the day LHT and some play type exercising while acting, though not very strenuous.
                          ***Round 1
                          Push-ups on knees: 25 and 5, Chin-ups 130lb assist: 15, squats: 50, jack knives: 20, elbow-knee plank: 108 sec, elbow knee side plank: L-45 sec, R-45 sec
                          Push-ups on knees: 20, 10, Overhand pull-ups (130lb assist):10, 5, Squats: 50, Jack-knives: 20, elbow-knee plank: 45 sec, elbow-knee side plank: L- 45 sec, R- 45 sec

                          My mom's planned family dinner tomorrow isn't primal, but for once doesn't have grain in it! I'm pretty excited.

                          Oddly, while I want to write more I don't feel like sitting at the computer anymore. I think it's closing in on time for sleep.


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                            Whenever I used to go camping, rainy mornings meant sleep, mostly because the lack of sunlight kept the tent from turning into an easy-bake oven half an hour after sunrise. It always felt luxurious, that extra hour of waking and dozing. This morning had that feel to it too. At 9am and the sun was still working on burning through the clouds. As a result, I slept in a little and it felt pretty great.

                            I cleaned the non-primal foods out of my freezer yesterday. I was going to wait a bit, until I was sure I didn't want to go back to eating them, but... at this point I'm sure enough, and I needed to make room for all of the chicken. So the waffles, one veggie burger, lean cuisine, and breaded fish fillets went away. That other yogurt is going to Mom today, which just leaves me with a couple of odds and ends in the pantry. For the sake of my mind, I have to take the food purging slowly even if I'm not eating the stuff.

                            I've been so indecisive about exercise today. I really would like to do something, but don't really feel like sprinting in the heat. I spent a while debating between swimming and yoga, and very vaguely considering both but that would pretty much have eaten up the rest of my evening. So I put on my suit and headed for the pool, deciding that I could swim for as long as I felt like, whether it was 10 minutes or 60, and do yoga tomorrow morning after sprinting. That covers both days nicely, and means I have a lot of my day tomorrow open.

                            B- 2 eggs w/salsa, blueberries, almonds, coffee w cream and cinnamon
                            L- Meatloaf (meat, spices, egg, milk) potatoes, cheese, corn. Not the most primal of meals, but the questionables were in the "occasional" category instead of the "really don't" category. Very tasty.
                            D- Pickle, fruit, nuts, olives, tea, chocolate (very nibbly)
                            Also, 2.4g of fish oil

                            Eating wasn't perfect, but it's the best I've done at a family dinner yet. I like progress.
                            Exercise 30 minutes of swimming at sunset, beautiful.


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                              You're doing great and your journal is a nice read
                              Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

                              Jan. 1, 2011: 186.6 lbs PBSW Mar. 1, 2011: 175.8 lbs
                              CW: 146.8 lbs
                              GW 140 lbs
                              A proud member of PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals