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Primal Journal-Cyanne (I'm fat and it's not my kids' fault!)

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  • Primal Journal-Cyanne (I'm fat and it's not my kids' fault!)

    I've decided that I need to track what I'm eating/doing to hold myself accountable. I have let my weight creep up 40 lbs. over the last 13 years and I am tired of being fat. I also want to go on record and say that my weight gain is not my childrens' fault. I was 155 lbs. after my son was born 14 years ago. Too many people have said to me that it's okay that I've gained weight because I'm a mom. Um-no, it's NOT okay. I was thin after my children were born. It is NOT being a mom that made me fat.

    What has made me fat? Eating crap and not getting regular exercise. Now that I have acknowledged that fact I have committed to changing my bad habits. I cut out grains at the end of June and as of August 1st have been following PB. I lost 5 lbs. the first two weeks of PB.

    Today I went to the doctor for a physical (last one was seven years ago or more). Here is what has changed since I was at the doctor in May:

    Blood pressure in May: 138/91 Today: 127/74
    Weight in May: 196 Today: 181

    It will be a couple of days before I know my cholesterol and blood sugar results but so far so good!

    I was given a breathing test for my asthma and the doctor said that my asthma had improved and I don't need a daily steroid medication. Just my albuterol as needed!

    He also looked at my record and saw that I have suffered in the past with acne. He looked up and said your skin looks fine. No more acne!

    I'm going to continue to avoid grains, sugars and all processed crap!!!

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    Welcome to the bandwagon! Are you thinking of incorporating your kids with this too?
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      My son is not ready to give up sugar and treats-he's 14. My daughter has a similar attitude but I think she may change her mind. She's 18 and has been drinking these horrible slim fast type drinks. I told her to eat real food. She told me that she doesn't have time in the morning because she starts work at 6:30 and drinks the "shake" in her car. Yuck! She did call me the other day and ask "what can you put on a baked potato on your diet?" I didn't tell her that I'm not really eating potatoes because I would rather have her eat that than some of the other things she's been eating.

      She has watched my husband and I lose weight and look better. I think that eventually they'll both come around. I haven't cleaned out my pantry of all the bad food but I'm not replacing it as my kids eat it. If they want to eat grains and sugar they will have to find it somewhere else eventually.

      My kids are both on the thin side so they don't have the weight gain from a SAD to motivate them.


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        I've been a little frustrated the past couple of days because I gained 4 pounds over the weekend. I have now lost 3 of those pounds and I'm trying to get rid of that last pound and then some.

        My doctor called me last night to tell me the test results from my physical. I am deficient in vitamin D (21.8) and he is putting me on a supplement to bring it up.

        My cholesterol was as follows:
        He was happy with my HDL and Triglycerides but was concerned about my LDL level. He said that I should try to lower it and recheck it in November. If it's still high he will recommend medication. He can recommend all he wants but I won't be taking it!

        I walked for two miles today. I wanted to do three miles but I took my dog with me and she is old and out of shape and wasn't up to the task. My younger dog has a heart mummer and can only make it up the driveway before she lays down to rest. I really need to get my ipod loaded with some good tunes because walking alone is kinda boring. I also have to think of a new way to get some exercise this fall. I am a teacher and I will be going back to work in a couple of weeks. I will have to fit in my exercise after I get home and walking will become a problem when the days get shorter. It's too dark to walk out in the countryside without any lights and once winter comes it's too cold too. Maybe it will be time to join a gym?


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          An over the counter VitD supplement will suffice, seems like a lot of us take it (or should) since we plain do not spend enough time outside. I'm taking 4000IU every morning and it seems to help with sunburn/sunburn recovery a LOT. I'm pretty pale though (Russian heritage, got that ballerina complexion). Time will tell how much it helps my general health/mood.

          Can you walk to work? Or bike, when the weather permits?
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            Unfortunately walking or biking to work is not an option. I live more than 20 miles from work and I have to pick up my son at school after his soccer practice. Not to mention walking and biking during winter (dark, cold-can be -20 or more below zero, and feet of snow) are prohibitive! The snow drifts can get so deep that last winter my all wheel drive car was stuck and had to be towed out!

            I can relate to the pale complexion. My ancestors all came from northern Europe (Sweden, Ireland and England). My kids are even lighter. One of my son's friends described him as so white he's clear!

            I picked up the Vitamin D today and was surprised that it is 50,000 IU! I'm supposed to take it once a week for eight weeks and switch to an over the counter vitamin D tablet.


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              I did 10,000IU once a week for 8 weeks a couple years ago at my doctor's request. You must be very deficient!
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                I'm very happy today! I lost another pound. Not only have I lost the weight I gained last week but I am now lighter by one pound. I was surprised by this because I splurged and ate half of a medium popcorn at the movies yesterday. I seem to have a Pavlovian response to movies and buttered popcorn. I love this theater's popcorn because they actually use real butter! Yea! I did have a severe stomach ache several hours later and it may have been the popcorn. Oh well-live and learn, right?

                Today I tried some sprints. I only did three but I will try and increase the number next week. I didn't use my inhaler before I ran and I didn't need it at the end. I tried to get my dogs to run with me but the lazy things just sat and the bottom of the hill and watched. So much for (wo)man's best friend. I'm hoping I can talk my husband into a walk with me tonight. He is following PB too but has been stuck at 206 for over a week and he is NOT a patient person.

                I'm not very hungry in the mornings until around 10:30 or so. I need to figure out how to either stretch it until 11:30-12:00 or eat early anyway since I go back to work next week and I won't be able to eat when I want. If anyone has any ideas I am open to them. Thanks!


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                  Today my daughter told me that my legs look thin. I suppose that's a good thing although I really need to lose the inches in my waistline more. I've always struggled with my waistline.

                  Today my measurements are:
                  Bust:40 inches
                  Waist:32 inches
                  Hips:39.5 inches

                  I read the bra measurement thread last week and had to laugh. I recently went to Nordstrom's for a professional fitting and discovered that I too was wearing the wrong bra size. I had been wearing a 36DD but was measured as a 36DDD. So I haven't been losing any inches in my bust line!!!
                  I agree with the other posters who recommended staying away from Victoria's Secret for a bra fitting. It might be okay for smaller busted women but my daughter who is 32DD was told she was a 34c. I think that they did this because they don't carry 32DD and can't sell her anything.

                  I also spoke with my friend L who has been doing Weight Watchers since July 5th. She told me that she has lost 15 lbs. I'm happy for her. I'm even happier for myself because I'm not counting points or going to meetings! I have also lost about that same amount so I'm not jealous.


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                    Hi, Great Job so far.
                    The Vitamin D is going to make a huge difference for you in so many ways. I take 10,000iu/ day.
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                      Thanks! I hope it does. I told my daughter to go in and get tested for vitamin D deficiency too. She is even fairer than I am and when we were in Mexico last year she had a photosensitive reaction to the sun. She broke out in a rash and ran a slight fever. She typically stays out of the sun now.


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                        Today I walked for 2.5 miles. I haven't done this for a few days so it felt good to get it done. Yesterday I went shopping to get a couple of tops that fit me better. The extra larges are hanging on me and so I went shopping for some large tops. The selection was pretty picked over but I did find a couple of tops that I can wear until the cold weather comes. This weeks goal is to get to the tailor so that some of my pants can be taken in. I start back to work next week and so my time will be limited. I want to get this done before then. I also have a trip to Chicago scheduled at the end of this week. It will be a challenge because I do not get to choose the restaurants and so far both clients have picked Italian. I guess I will find out if it's possible to eat primal Italian!


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                          My brother had has wedding at an Italian restaurant. It was a 7 course primal feast! So it can be done and it can be done well. It's just a matter of whether or not they offer it on the menu. Good luck


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                            Originally posted by AnnieO View Post
                            My brother had has wedding at an Italian restaurant. It was a 7 course primal feast! So it can be done and it can be done well. It's just a matter of whether or not they offer it on the menu. Good luck
                            Thanks for giving me hope. I took all of my pants into the tailor today to have them taken in. It would be a shame to gain back some of that weight before I get them back!


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                              Wow. It's been over a month since I wrote last. I really do suck at this. A quick recap of the last six weeks ups and downs:

                              1. Job stress-I was moved to a new position as an elementary special education teacher. This is COMPLETELY different than working with the 16-21 year olds that I used to work with. Over 33% of my current students are kindergarteners!!!

                              2. Kindergarteners with emotional/behavioral difficulties are really good at throwing chairs.

                              3. I am really bad at dodging chairs.

                              1. I had to go out and buy new clothes. Even the clothes that I had altered are baggy. Not only did I get to buy new clothes but I actually look good in them.

                              2. My weight is down to 172. According to the BMI calculators I am no longer overweight! Woo Hoo!

                              3. My bruises (see chair comments above) are healing much faster than I expected.

                              4. I think that the vitamin D has helped me. I've been taking a multi-vitamin as well. I really can't imagine how I'd be handling all of the stress in my life without eating better and taking these vitamins.

                              My next goal is to try and increase my sleep to over 6 hours per night. There aren't enough hours in the day to get all of my work done and the stress level is taking its toll. It may be one of the reasons why I'm sick and stayed home today. That and the fact that I work in a petri dish (elementary school).