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    Still doing awesome! Just thought I'd check in. I'm beginning 2 24 hour fasts per week so we'll see how that goes. Exercising everyday and can't wait to get back into dancing starting on Monday.


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      I think I will actually begin posting everything I eat on here every day and when because looking back on this journal today made me realize that I seriously don't remember days very well! If I set myself a plan and stay on track I know in a month it will be like second nature, that's how I have managed to stick like glue to my current eating plan of no sugar, sweeteners, dairy products, colorings, nitrates, packaged foods, grains etc. It's been awesome, very proud!

      So Today I will have to guesstimate somewhat my food intake, but not by much:

      2 scoops egg white protein powder after Upper Body workout, 7:30 am

      1 Can of sardines in pure olive oil, oil drained a bit, 10:00 am

      1 lean pork tenderloin cooked in coconut oil and handful of salad veggies, no dressing, 12:30 pm

      approximately 15 roasted unsalted almonds, 12:45 pm

      1 lean pork tenderloin cooked in coconut oil, 3:30 pm

      15 roasted unsalted almonds, 5:45 pm

      4 hard boiled eggs, salad veggies, 1/2 cup cooked carrots, 1 T. rice bran oil, salt and pepper, 6:30 pm

      I'm finding my tummy is extremely gassy and I don't feel very full during the day. I think the gassiness may be egg white protein powder or almonds, or a combo of both. I cooked my carrots today and really enjoyed them; I also didn't receive any cramping from the fibrous nature of them when cooking them. I think I may post this in the forum somewhere and ask people for tips, I feel a little lost as to how to remedy the not feeling full thing. Peace!


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        Todays Food intake!

        2 cups of organic coffee, black, between 12:00-3:30

        1 boiled organic carrot with salt and pepper, 6:00pm

        1 can of tuna in olive oil,6:45pm

        100g of peanut butter (organic), 7:30pm

        1 can of tuna in olive oil, 7:45pm

        12 roasted almonds, 8:00pm

        1 apple, 9:00pm

        Did the Bridle Path today, walked up at a good pace and ran down, intense! I was planning on fasting all day but I really felt like eating. Still finding it hard to get in a good ratio of fat, but I'll keep trying. First week of lectures is almost over, it's been great!