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  • Today was low key. Here's my stuff:
    Breakfast: ground beef and three eggs cooked in CO. I ate half and brought the other half to work for lunch. Coffee.
    Lunch: not enough leftover chicken and cauliflower and the other half of my breakfast.
    Crossfit: Strengthy stuff! Yay! Heavy front squats, followed by a heavy clean/wall ball WOD. I feel great during these types of workouts, in contrast to the vomit-y ones we were doing last week.
    Walking: not enough. Still frigid cold.
    Dinner: almonds while cooking, crispy chicken thigh, coleslaw and sweet potatoes (this a pretty standard combo in my house)

    I plan on going to bed super early tonight. I'm trying to shake the morning fog I've been feeling since getting sleep deprived last week and then getting a cold. I have this belief that if I could just sleep for 10 hours I'd feel amazing.


    • Day 31! Whole 30 is finished. To celebrate, I put cream in my coffee. I also ate a lemon girl scout cookie. But those were the only non-Whole 30 events of today. I'm actually hoping to stick with it generally during this pregnancy. I noticed that I ate a lot of dairy during my last pregnancy. In the intervening years, I've kept adding/subtracting dairy and concluding that yeah, I feel and look so much better when I avoid it. I don't think heavy cream is a real problem but loads of cheese is.

      I've been doing well with drinking more bone broth. I think I've had several mugs a day for about 9 days. I do have to start another batch as I'm out of it, though.

      I took a rest day from CF (well, I had a board meeting today at lunch so couldn't go). But I should make it the rest of the week.

      Pregnancy: feeling sleepy a little early tonight. Uh oh.


      • The week is just flying by. We are stuck in the depths of winter but I'm telling myself that this will make spring all that more enjoyable. I've made it to crossfit all week but I am always bummed by how sedentary the rest of my day is when the weather is like this. Brrr.

        I haven't made anything notable for food. Yesterday I went out for lunch and had pho which was on my list of post-Whole 30 treats. It's still delicious, though the noodles can be a bit overwhelming.

        I think the evening tiredness was short lived. I felt good last night and go some stuff done around the house. I think the cold, dark, never-ending winter nights are what makes me just want to give up and go to bed at 8.

        Pregnancy: I've noticed the smallest bit of sensitivity in my breasts. I also think my stomach muscles look less visible, though that could always be bloat from the bowl of pho I think I'm technically at 6w 4d.


        • So, I went out to eat last night and enjoyed the freedom of just choosing whatever I wanted without worrying about the Whole 30. However, I don't really want to slip into getting too used to that.

          I made it to CF five times this week and felt really good doing any of the heavy lifting and the faster-paced cardio type stuff as long as it didn't require a lot of up/down/change of direction. That stuff (mainly, burpees) makes me lightheaded and a little ill. I'll keep evaluating on a weekly basis to see how this goes. I've not noticed a strength change at all and have still been hitting PR's in my lifts. My guess is that I won't be able to do 5 days/week for the whole pregnancy but what I can't predict is when that will need to change.

          Pregnancy- still not feeling a difference except in the sensitive breasts. My empty stomach isn't feel quite as empty so I predict a thickening waistline over next few weeks. My extreme thirst and hunger from last week seems to have passed. Emotionally I haven't notice anything unusual either. And, I don't want to jinx it, but no fatigue yet either. Onto week 7! Oh, it's so early and I just know in 10 weeks or so I'll look back on this post and laugh at my optimistic self


          • Not much to report today. I was dying for a classic sandwich with bread and mayo today so I just had that for lunch. I'm not very proud of that but it was just as good as I hoped. Otherwise, I've been filling up on eggs and meat and some veggies. I don't have a huge desire to eat a plate of broccoli right now but sauteed peppers and onions make me happy. I wouldn't describe anything as strong as an aversion or craving but just some definite preferences. Crossfit was great today.

            I'm going on a short weekend trip this upcoming Friday with some friends that will be a nice break in the winter monotony. Making my way slowly to week 8, with a midwife appointment in a couple of weeks to confirm everything. That will be nice for the reassurance.


            • Today was a decent day. I felt pretty hungry this afternoon, but I think that was from not eating enough this morning. I need to go back to big breakfasts. That really helps me stay steady in my appetite all day. When I get in a hurry, I tend to just drink coffee with cream and then by the time I get back to work after crossfit at lunch (around 1:30) I could eat my arm off and the lunch I bring doesn't fill me up. I've been bad about having food prepped this week. Maybe I can figure that out tonight.

              Crossfit was a cardio-ish type workout with rowing, double unders and pullups. It was a nice workout and I didn't notice anything pregnancy related while I was doing it. I even completed 50 DU in a row unbroken.

              I have a buffalo in my freezer and am planning on making some short ribs this week. But they take a long time to cook. I have no idea what I can cook at the last minute tonight. Maybe some chicken curry?

              I 'd like to start tracking the other primal guideposts- play, walking, etc. My walking has been pretty poor lately and play has been minimal and more of the HBO Go variety. I'm dying for a bit of a winter thaw.


              • Before I started my whole 30 I had some nagging knee pain that would hurt when I woke up in the morning or went down stairs. But, about a week into the whole 30 it completely disappeared. I was never sore even after the heaviest of squatting. Over the past week I've been lax about my eating (cookies, sandwiches, restaurant food, etc) and the knee pain is back. It's kind of amazing how the body works. If I hadn't done the whole 30 I'd probably be asking my PT friend about it, taking days off from crossfit, maybe icing or taking ibuprofen if it got bad, and generally lamenting that I'm getting "old." Ha! No, I'm just eating like a slob! In the future I'm pretty sure that I'll simply do a whole 30 first for any sort of health problem just to make sure.

                As a follow up to my whole 30, it looks like I lost 10 lbs from when I started, though that was all in the first 2 weeks. Then I found out I was pregnant and felt "full" in my stomach and kind of bloated the rest of the time. My weight remained unchanged until this week and it is now up 3 lbs., probably because of shitty eating the past week. I'm going on a short trip this weekend and will start another whole 30 on Sunday. I want to do this for a couple of reasons: I want kid #3 to have the best start possible and I think it should be easier to follow the protocol when I can't drink alcohol, cut out most caffeine, etc; I want to continue to feel good in my first trimester and I don't want to wonder if it's diet related if I start to feel crappy; and I'd like to continue to do crossfit as long as I feel good and I think diet helps a lot with this. The downsides are that I spend a loooooot of mental energy thinking about food, debating how to handle social situations, etc, and that I pretty much remove food as pleasure from my life. But I think I'm ok with this right now. I have a lot of life ahead of me (hopefully!) and can commit to some minor inconveniences right now because of the long term payoff.


                • Ok, so my life has been very boring lately with little of interest to share here. I've been eating primally, sort of of. With pie. I've felt some increasing breathlessness when I go to crossfit or do other heart-taxing activities. I'm still bitching about the weather. I tend to be pretty exhausted from about 5:30-8 every evening, but hey, that's the busiest/most tiring part of a working mom's day, even when not pregnant. (making dinner, caring for menagerie, doing laundry, cleaning up, nagging kids to do homework/bathe, playing the dreaded Candyland, bedtime routines, and all after dealing with clients' problems for 9 hours).

                  I am excited to see my midwife in a couple of days. I guess I just want to confirm that this isn't all in my head.

                  I'm on week 10 right now. So, 1/4 done!


                  • Now I know why I didn't journal until later in my pregnancy last time! There is so little to talk about. The big changes come during the second half. A quick catch-up: I'm on week 17, but I'm already starting to lose track a little. I went to see my midwife in February and she confirmed that I was actually pregnant and due at the end of September. I'm a little suspicious of due dates as my two previous pregnancies varied in length by so much. But, in my head, it's a deadline to have things at work all wrapped up for a bit of a break.

                    Food-wise, I've been pretty awful, but I do think my 2014 "pretty awful" is a far cry from my 2009 version. I've focused really heavily on making sure I'm getting a lot of certain high-octane nutrients, but I've also been lax about the shit food. I've toyed with starting a Whole 30 but haven't been mentally ready to commit. I do like projects, though, and I think I may start a whole 30 after the Easter holiday this weekend. I'm hoping it will increase my after-work energy levels.

                    I've gained about 10 lbs from my previous Whole 30 low (back to where I was pre-whole 30). It's definitely in different places, though. Just like I remember from my other pregnancies, I am all THIGHS. I would say I'm a lot more chill and comfortable in my body this time around. Rather than lamenting my tight pants I just stop wearing the offending pants.

                    The most pleasant surprise has been how little my crossfit performance has been affected. I've continued to go 4-5 times/week and even had my Open scores help my team qualify for regionals next month, though I don't want to compete there. Running is ok but growing uncomfortable. I have not walked nearly as much as I had hoped, due to feeling a bit run down at the end of my days right now.

                    I have some career changes (possibly) on the horizon. This is taking a toll on me mentally right now. The nature of my work is that these sort of changes are long, drawn out and can be pretty rough. This is not the time I would have chosen to do this but when an opportunity presents itself, I can't really ask them to wait 15 months until I'm not pregnant and my baby is sleeping through the night. So, onward and upward/one day at a time/etc, etc.

                    Finally, since this is technically a primal/paleo forum, I really should be jumping more into a primal life if I want to have the right to journal here. I'm going back to using this as a place to be accountable. In preparation of a spring time Whole 30, I'll use the weekdays to practice a perfectly strict primal diet, get out and enjoy the freakin' sunshine after work instead of moping around and waiting until a socially acceptable hour to go to bed (walk! jog! jump on the trampoline!), and plan some fun things.


                    • Well, another six weeks has passed and I've not written much. I think I journal when I'm bored and I just haven't been bored. Updates- baby is a healthy baby boy! The ultra sound was exciting and I've loved finding out this little gender detail every time. It becomes a lot more real for me when I can stop saying "it" or "the baby" and instead: "he!" I'm sure only a mom would say this, but even his ultrasound profile picture reminded me of my other kids and I thought it was adorable.

                      I've turned a corner with crossfit; it's gotten a lot harder. My breathing is so heavy and I just have to slow down a lot. My strength seems to have maintained, though.

                      My weight is up 15 lbs, which is pretty similar to my last primal pregnancy. No real symptoms besides feeling "big" lately and can see my leg veins more prominently. Shirts are starting to not cover my belly (instead of just being tight). When I eat crappy food, I feel a little acid reflux-y but no heartburn or anything too bad.

                      My eating has been off/on. I did a whole 30 style couple of weeks that helped get me back on track but as usual, stress derailed me (yeah, yeah, excuses). I am switching jobs as I mentioned above and am excited/sick/frustrated by what a PITA it is/sad/happy/everything about it. My coffee consumption is creeping up. I'd like to spend this final upcoming trimester really dialing in my diet and preparing for labor and delivery and infant-caring. I'm convinced that my primal diet was the main reason for my lightning quick healing and physical recovery last time. I need to make sure I set myself up for the best possible situation. I'm convinced that every successive pregnancy takes more out of a person physically (it's such a personal and bodily investment!) and I want to minimize the toll.


                      • So, my last post was two years ago?! A lot has changed since then. I felt compelled to check back in here because I missed interacting with everyone and feeling inspired to constantly work on improving my health. I now have 3 kids- 11, 6 and almost 2. I'm heavier than I've ever been (163) and it's totally because of the standard stuff- going out to eat, too frequent cocktail hours, desserts, etc. But since I started this journal in 2009, I've packed on a ton of muscle so I have a completely different body. I want to get back into my good supplement routine and focus on long and slow movement. I think I could maintain pretty good muscle with just lifting 2x week. I miss my old workout routines but I'm not in a stage of my life where I can spend as much time at the gym.

                        Anyway, I'm going to try to track here like the old days: meals, workouts, other stuff.

                        Today: Umm, I think I'll start tomorrow


                        • Welcome back! I chuckled a bit when I got your notification. I had also been thinking of resurrecting my practice of journaling. I have three kiddos also. 14, 10 & 6. My story is similar to yours also in the weight gain dept. Consequence of letting rice and sugar slip into my diet all too often. Cheers to you for starting once again.
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                          • Ha! I wish my kids were 6 through 14 some days! Being back in the baby stage is... tiring and adorable, just as I remember it.

                            Work is insane at the very moment so no gym time yesterday but I did have a great meal at a falafel restaurant- grilled gyro strips, a baked eggplant dish and a greek salad. I won't ever have a sandwich again if I can eat there.

                            But then I ate a sandwich for dinner. I made it at home and it was just filling a need for comfort food. And then I had and apple. And some popcorn. So, I didn't eat a ton of food yesterday and the end result was that. I think I need to remember: skip breakfast, eat dinner at 9 = weakness. Also, today is cycle day 1 for me which may explain the splitting headache and don't-give-a-shit attitude I had yesterday.

                            Let's talk about today because it's going to be much better

                            Coffee with collagen stirred in and some half and half
                            (anyone else obsessed with collagen/gelatin?)
                            Grilled chicken breast strips

                            I don't have meals planned for the rest of the day. I'm going out of town to my parents' so it will probably be restaurant salads or burgers. Hopefully I'll get a nice long walk at the park or zoo with them.