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Anyone interested in a keeping a group journal?

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  • Anyone interested in a keeping a group journal?

    I'd love the company and the external accountability as I take on the Primal journey...
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    You could consider this whole forum a "group" journal, really!
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      Originally posted by Dragonfly View Post
      You could consider this whole forum a "group" journal, really!
      (Laughing!) That's a fair response! I had better be more specific...

      If anyone is looking for a daily accountability buddy, then I'm your chick!


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        Tell us about yourself Janice...Ok I'll start. My name is Paula. I have been Primal for 10 months and have lost 65 pounds. Lately, my bad eating days have increased in number so I'm tightening the reins and going for 100% Primal eating for the next three weeks-all that is left of summer vacation. My goal is to be healthier (read thinner) than I was when the school year ended in June.
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          A pleasure to meet you, Paula! My name is Janice. I've been primal for three days. My starting point was 141 pounds and I wouldn't mind if my end point was a fit 118. But I'd be happy with a healthy 124 coupled with a major reduction of my sugar satchels. This is my first effort to live the Blueprint and I'm excited to embrace the lifestyle in full.

          Your stats are crazy impressive and inspiring! Spectacularly well done! And speaking of cartoons, my Mama's name is Velma. Perhaps I should emulate your success and call my journal the Doo Chronicles.


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            Hey Janice, my wife and I are on day 3 as well. Prior to this we did HCG and I lost over 50 lbs in 39 days, my wife lost over 35. I know we won't lose weight that fast on this new lifestyle, but we will be far healthier! Best of luck to you!!
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              Good morning, Pensfan!

              Did you manage to keep all of the HCG weight off? How do you feel on Primal as compared to HCG?

              I just completed my first session of Play AND overslept AND I've lost over 5 pounds in less than 4 days AND I feel fabulous! So far, so good. I'm loving the Primal lifestyle!