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Primal Journal: chima_p or Money Where My Mouth Is!

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  • Primal Journal: chima_p or Money Where My Mouth Is!

    Hey all, my name is Mike

    I came here in mid-August after bouncing around the Interwebs looking at different resources trying to filter out fact from fiction, myth, bullshorts.

    My journey went something like this:

    Dec 25, 2008:

    After finishing turkey dinner and a couple of pieces of pie my brother and I decided to compare our stuffed bellies. Feeling proud of my victory I thought I would weigh my prize winner. 211 lbs. Sure, 211? "I am stuffed I am probably much less" I thought at the time.

    Jan 2009:

    215 lbs! Oops! Chocolate, cookies, turkey, caramel corn, etc it all adds up pretty quick!

    I decided that I would do something about it. My pants were tight, I was sleepy all the time, my memory was shot, and I felt like I was in a mental fog even after "a good night's rest". That was it I had it. I will start.... Monday.

    Monday came and I decided no more fast food for lunch.

    I will start back at the gym as well...... next Monday.

    Next Monday came, and the next, and the next, and the next... no gym. I was too tired, too busy, too cold, too hot, too whatever. Between Jan 2009 and June I had made it to the gym maybe a dozen times.

    I was a little better at controlling my diet and actually lost 10 lbs. Still foggy, still tired. Nothing had really changed.

    So I decided to reach back into the past to an old inspiration of mine to help motivate me to get my butt in the gym.

    Mike Mentzer (HIT):

    He has been a hero of mine since 1997 when I picked up an old copy of Ironman magazine at college. His writing style always gets me in the mood to workout and workout HARD. Now, Mike has been dead since 2000 so I was looking for some new HIT info on the internets.

    Drew Baye (HIT):

    His site has been a great resource for me. From calculators to articles to links for other great info. It is here I first stumbled on Paleo eating.

    From here it branches to Arthur DeVany, Lyle MacDonald, Loren Cordain, John Little.

    I read Cordain's book for athletes first. Something was not right for me though.

    I also read though Body by Science at this time.

    Then I read MacDonalds stuff. He is a bit of a jerk but his stuff on ketosis is amazing. Recently through Lyle's stuff, I have been exposed too Lean Gains and Myo Reps.

    Then I read Arthur DeVany. His stuff is great too but really expensive haha. I did a search on AD and came up with an article that compares EF with PB.

    So that is how I came here. It took a few months but what a find!

    More later.

    Don't be a paleotard...

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    My success so far has been fairly decent I think.

    From August - December I went from 210 lbs and 23-24% BF to a low of 187 and 14-15% BF. My memory has improved, I have energy when I wake up, I am no longer foggy brained, even my eyesight has improved.

    So now for the future I plan on gaining lean mass.

    I hope to gain about 20lbs of lean mass before July.

    Why? The challenge. I am not getting any younger that is for sure and I am not even sure this will be possible. But this is another of my goals I have st for myself this year to be the best me I can be.

    The plan:


    Everyday I will be IFing. I will break my fast between 2-3PM everyday and then eat the balance when I get home all before 10PM. Simply a 16h fast and 8h feeding window.

    I will keep carbs about 100-150, protein around 180g (1g/lb LBM), and fat will make up the balance which will range from 95-225g depending on progress.

    Food will be as primal as I can manage. I will probably have a little more dairy than most would consider primal as well as some rice now and again. This is more for convenience than anything else. I tolerate both carbs and dairy well. There will be many tweaks I am sure.


    Lift Heavy Things:

    I plan on weight training with the Big 5 movements using the Myo-Rep method. I have trained to failure many times throughout the years and I feel that the Myo-Rep style, having done it for a few weeks now, causes the same muscle fatigue but not the same CNS fatigue.


    I plan on joining an indoor ultimate team to get some sprint like workouts. (indoor since there is already more than a foot of snow on the ground. I suppose I could sprint outside but I don't want to break my neck)

    I am going to update every week at the very least and perhaps get more detailed with workouts and diet. Maybe even some pics.

    Don't be a paleotard...


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      So I have an electronic scale that measures BF.

      I can't get it to budge below 21%. I have been 187lbs to 195lbs over the past 2 weeks (holidays=chocolate)

      So I remebered about some calipers I have. The chart shows 14%

      I then checked the web and found a 3 point caliper test that for my age and height puts me at 14%

      I went to the gym on Wednesday and got on the electronic scale they have that measures BF%. I got 11.4% at 195lbs.

      The PT also told me I should be eating 6 times a day and drink 8 half litre bottles of water a day. I just nodded "yep".

      My guess is my visceral fat is minimal and the subcutaneous fat accumulates around "ma belly".

      Keep on keepin on for now.

      Don't be a paleotard...


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        Back down to 190lbs as of Yesterday morning.

        Jan 12/10 WOD

        Leg Press 70% 1rm 12 +3 +3 +3 +3

        Pull Down 70% 1rm 12 +3 +3 +3 +3

        Chest Press 70% 1rm 12 +3 +3 +3 +3

        Seated Row 70% 1rm 12 +3 +3 +3 +3

        Shoulder Press 70% 1rm 12 +3 +3 +3 +3

        Finally some weight that feels like I am doing something.

        This takes less than 30 min and I was sweating and panting like I had gone for run.

        I ate 1.2 lbs of ground beef with Tex Mex spices and jalepeno cheddar cheese when I got home. For dessert I had 1/6 of a whole pineapple. I also ate 2 yogourts that expired on Jan 4... I lived.

        I broke my 16 hour fast early today with 2 chicken legs. The boys are coming over so there will be pizza. I ate a bit early so I would not gorge on pizza. I guess I will tonights food a "refeed".

        I will finish eating at 9PM and not break fast until 6PM Thusday.

        On Friday and Sunday I will repeat Yesterday's workout.

        Don't be a paleotard...


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          How tall are you?

          You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!