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  • Primal Journal of JDough MO

    Oh, hello there. Thanks for stopping by. This is my Primal Journal. I'm using this forum for straight up accountability. This has worked for me in the past (P90X and such...yeah I know). It has also helped me crush an addiction to nicotine in the form of chewing tobacco. There's just something about making a promise to yourself and complete strangers that leads accountability and completion of goals.

    Quick Background:

    Former college athlete. Got a "real" job. Got fat and lazy. Did P90X 4 times. Got results. Got tired. Got sick. Got fat and lazy again. Sick and tired of being sick and tired. Found this site. Got slapped in the face with mind-numbingly simple common sense. So here I am. Ready to get my Grok on!


    Weight loss, overall health, energy and improved mood. Oh yeah, I also want to LGN.
    Start: 198
    Goal: 175

    Shortcomings (soon to be a non-factor!)

    I love to cook primally and hate bread (yes, I read the book a year ago) so I have a bit of a head start in that department. My downfall is beer. I really really really love craft beer. Beer is what is holding me back. I also don't get enough sleep and don't put enough time into my fitness (as in absolutely no time into my fitness at the moment). I have a funny feeling it is related to the beer.

    How Will My Journal Help:

    Plain and simple = accountability. I will post daily, in the morning if possible. Each daily post will serve as a promise to live primal for the day. Each day is a new day and a new commitment to PB. I may or may not post daily summaries at the end of the day. The summary will be an activity log/food log. I will post weekly progress reports consisting of weight, avg sleep, energy levels and mood reports. I will post random thoughts and questions to help me overcome hurdles in this adventure.

    So, with that being said:

    Day 01 - I will live primal today.
    and boom goes the dynamite...

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    Day 1 is in the books.

    B = coffee - black, L = 1/2 avocado and a raw broccoli, D = smoked chicken thighs and cauliflower, S = handful of almonds.

    I also did this weeks WOW. I feel like it was a solid day number 1 and I absolutely love love love this website and forum. I'm very excited about this new lifestyle and hope and can keep the momentum rocking....and/or groking...
    and boom goes the dynamite...


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      Primal Journey Day 2: I will be Primal today. All day.

      Woke up early and took my dogs on a 1 hour walk. They were shocked. I think they might benefit from this as much as me.
      and boom goes the dynamite...


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        Wrapped up Day 2 in fine fashion.

        B = coffee, 1/2 avocado, L = big ass salad w/chicken, D = primal sausage/shrimp/squash casserole.

        Fitness = another walk with the dogs after dinner.

        So far so good. The real test for me will be this weekend. I've got a work happy hour event this evening at a legendary beer kitchen. Temptation will be in full force. I really don't want to start allowing any sort of cheat this early in the game. From what I can tell, alcohol slows fat loss. I'd like to hold out until I get a good handle on my nutrition and fitness routine.

        Today is Day 3 = I will be primal today (I'm also on hour 13 of a 24 hour IF)...
        and boom goes the dynamite...


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          Day 3, and my first IF was a bit rough toward the end. Perhaps I should wait until I'm more adjusted to the PB lifestyle before fasting to that extent again.

          B = nothing, L = nothing, D = grilled chicken with a pile of grilled onions and peppers. I also slipped in 2 beers and small scoop of ice cream. Mentally I feel like that is not in the true spirit of the 80/20 rule. Moving forward I would like to be more 90/10.

          Day 4 is on - I will be primal today (more so than yesterday!)
          and boom goes the dynamite...


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            Good luck

            I'd suggest forgetting all about IF'ing for at least the first 3 weeks - that will give you chance to get into a routine and give you're body time to get used to the changes - if you want to introduce it after that then go for it - but I'm not a fan personally of planned IF'ing preferring to just eat when I'm hungry.
            1st June 11 to 30st Aug 11 - 36lb removed in 13 weeks
            Messed about on and off for the rest of the year

            June 2012 - Had the practice - now time to do it for real


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              Day 6 = I will be primal today.

              I will post a weekly recap this evening.
              and boom goes the dynamite...


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                JDough, I just started my journal a few days ago so I'll keep an eye on your progress. Beer is my major weakness too, every morning used to be the day I'd have a day off and every evening I'd manage to slip a couple in (I'm not an alcoholic by any means, just a weakness for a couple of beers after work). A stint in hospital for acute inflammation/infection of my guts broke the habit and I've only had one can of beer in nearly a month. I certainly feel better for it.

                I found the Primal Blueprint about a year ago too and played with things for a while but never seriously enough, also been playing with weights for a few years too. I've seen some good results but always seem to slip back to carb-rich ready meals and beer. Not this time, so I'm hoping to make a few buddies here so we can help each other get lean and mean.

                Keep up the good work.

                Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. - Ferris Bueller

                JpGrok Journal


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                  Last Week's Summary: Start with a bang and end with a fizzle...Quite literally. I fizzled. Nutrition was great until the weekend. I had a charity golf event Saturday morning. PrePrimal JDoughMO would have taken the opportunity to guzzle suds, eat junk and go hammer down some wings afterwards. Primal JD did nothing of the sort. Sunday was a different story. I volunteered to a do a craft beer/bbq judging competition. Holy good food! I'm not going to beat myself up over it, but if I want to live PB, and state that "I will live primal today", I need to make better choices and learn how to say NO!

                  And now the particulars from last week:

                  Weight - Start 198, End 195
                  Energy - Awesome on days that I behave, running on "E" on days I eat crap...coincidence? Grok says no, no it's not.
                  Sleep - Getting better, but I'm still having some side effects from dropping nicotine. Difficulty sleeping is common the first month. Sleep is hard to judge at the moment.
                  Overall - Feeling good, excited to continue down the path, determined to stay committed.

                  Today is Day number 7. I will be primal today...
                  and boom goes the dynamite...


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                    JD - good work with purging the beer. I think the sugar hit plus alcohol is a very addictive formula. Personally, I've cut all booze out and feel so much better. It's a good idea to have a rewards to celebrate milestones - every man needs a reward for hard work.

                    I like the detail in my journal - it keeps me more accountable for little cheats/slip ups. It's good to have a record of everything too so I can see why if I start slipping from the goals..

                    I'll keep checking in - looking forward to rocking PB together!

                    Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. - Ferris Bueller

                    JpGrok Journal


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                      Day 7 was a solid day of primal.

                      B = coffee, L = homemade tomato basil soup with a big ass salad (it was rainy and cool so soup sounded awesome), S = handful of almonds, D = roasted skin-on chicken with a pile of veggies.

                      Fitness = I have a golf league on Monday nights. Instead of riding in a cart I got back to the roots of the game and walked the course lugging my overloaded bag. I learned a couple things. 1. I play better when I walk. I stay in rhythm and i get to enjoy nature. 2. I have too much crap in my bag.

                      I'm off for a business trip today. This should be interesting. I'll be in an industrial part of Denver = fast food and greasy diners. Some recon will be needed to find suitable primal goods.

                      Today is Day 8 - I will be primal today.
                      and boom goes the dynamite...


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                        Good luck with eating out. If you can't find anything good stick with a salad and tell the other boys you're just not too hungry today. Have a grass-fed steak when you get home!

                        Also, good job walking the golf course. Much better than jumping on the cart.
                        Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. - Ferris Bueller

                        JpGrok Journal


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                          I made it through the first day on the road in good shape. Food was easy to find, much to my surprise. A new salad place opened up right by the hotel. Relief.

                          B - coffee, leftover chicken and almonds, L = nothing due to travel, D = grass-fed steak salad

                          Fitness = rest. Travel seems to wipe me out.

                          Today is Day 8 - I will be primal today
                          and boom goes the dynamite...


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                            Traveling has been crazy but the good news is I have managed to be pretty primal. I can't wait to get home to get back to some sort of routine.

                            B = coffee, sausage and eggs with fresh salsa, L = grilled shrimp and asparagus salad, D = bacon and guacamole burger primal style.

                            Today is Day is Day 9 and I will be primal.
                            and boom goes the dynamite...


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                              Day 9 Recap:

                              B = nothing. The hotel continental breakfast bar looked more like an endeavor in chemical engineering gone wrong rather than actual food. L = salad from a deli in the airport. D = chicken, roasted cauliflower (good to be home).....and a couple beers (damn you oak-aged IPA!). I think I'm just going to have to put myself on a 30 day beer free challenge. I'm starting to see and feel real benefits from eating primal. The beers are just slowing down progress. I'm sure of it.

                              Working on a very primal day 10. My energy is starting to really pick up. Hooray fat for fuel!!!!

                              Starting this weekend my fitness schedule will be in full effect. I've made up my mind I'm going to stick to the PB fitness model through September and see where that lands me.
                              and boom goes the dynamite...