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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Flash)

    Day 1

    Very excited to begin this journey - 1/2 way through the book and here are my goals:

    *Clear skin- have had bad skin since teen years and have tried everything short of changing diet

    *Energy- quite often feel sluggish with a general lack of enegy/motivation

    *Tone up/Lean out - always been active, but have never been able to shake the extra tummy pudge

    *Self Discipline(sp) - would like to be able to say no to tha bag of cheezies which so frequently screams my name (just ate my last handful) Also, would like to know what 'hungry' actually feels like. I eat 6-7x/day regardless of hunger level

    Age: 29

    Weight: between 125-128lbs

    Height: 5'6

    So Far today:

    B - hunk of cheese, 2 small apples w/ natural peanut butter & coffee with splash coconut milk

    S - 4 mini mandarin oranges, 2 turkey pepperoni stix, 3 figs & handful of cheezies

    ** starting off a little rocky, but feeling positive...

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    Ok, 1 month later... I'm ready to give this another go!

    Current Goals:

    -eliminate frankenfoods, legumes & grains

    -focus on fresh, organic and grassfed whenever possible. I'm hoping to start my first garden when the snow melts

    -Stop listeneing to CW and start listening to myself and what makes sense to me

    -take excersize outside (when it warms up) and start enjoying it (whenever possible)

    -Focus on compound excersizes and worry less specific areas

    -relax and get more sleep

    -lose body fat and increas muscle mass

    -Live long & prosper

    I've been doing fairly well sticking to a mainly primal diet, though I have had some relapses. I've slacked on the physical apsects of this new lifestyle but am planning to kick into gear hopefully with a heavy weight, high intensity training session before work tomorrow....

    Day 1 (#2) 1/27/10

    Kicked day #1 off with an IF. I had gone out the night before and between the beers, nachos and wings I was in major need of a system re-boot. No food from 12am to 3:15pm when headache set in

    M1 - Big ass salad

    M2 - Coffee - 1 cream (gotta have my Timmie's)

    M3 - HB egg and spoonful natural Peanut Butter (trying to empty the jar, can't throw it away)

    M4 - 3/4 Cashew Larabar

    M5 - Pork stirfy, lots of veggies

    M6 - 3 slices of ham wrapped around mozza

    Day 2 1/28/10

    Not hungry, so I thought I'd test out the IF again. Very strange to not be crazy hungry 1st thing in the morning, used to eating 6-7 times a day and starving every 2 or so hours. Well I just had to see what would happen

    M1 - Coffee - 1 cream (does this count as a fast break??)

    M2 - 4pm - 1/2 can Amy's organic butternut squash soup (trying to empty my cupboards of all not quite primal - thought this would be an almost acceptable option - guess I'll let you all judge that one)

    M3 - Turkey breast with steamed fresh green beans (were in my fridge had to use them up)

    M3 - 1/4 Larabar from yesterday

    M4 - Apple with Almond/Cashew butter

    I'm hoping to have all not quite primal foods out of the house in the next few days, just working through remainder. I've rid myself of all the really bad stuff: Pasta, Rice , boxed stuff, most canned stuff, all microwave foods... The hubby panicked a little when I did this and after a week of looking into the stange new world that is my fridge, went to Walmart and bought one of everything in the frozen

    isle. Guess I can't blame him, fresh real food is almost a thing of legend these days

    Is it normal to not be hungry till the afternoon, so strange to me...


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      It's fine to not be hungry until the afternoon. I did an IF today, and now I am just starting to get hungry. You're doing really well. Sometimes it takes a little to adjust and that is fine. Everyone is going to approach this differently, so you find what works for you.


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        Guess its just hard to shake old mentality..