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  • Mona's Journey

    Thats right, I'm going Primal. I've decided to walk away from the sinful life of wheat and dairy and government approved toxic waste and become a flesh eating, vegetable munching, organic seeking, card carrying, flag waving hippy.

    There are alot of things that have brought me to this point. Most of them are quite personal, so what better place to share them than on a blog that noone will ever read? Here is a list of what the doctors have done for me so far: (its important for me to put these here, because the more I research the Primal way of life, the more I see this same grouping of symptoms).

    1986 - C-Section
    1991 - Breast Reduction
    1991 - Gall Bladder removal - food allergies begin
    1995 - Hypothyroid diagnosed
    1995 - Anemia diagnosed
    1996 - Rosacea diagnosed
    1998 - Endometriosis diagnosed
    2000 - noticeable hair thinning, rosacea worsens.
    2002 - Irritable Bowel Syndrome diagnosed (?)
    2003 - PCOS diagnosed
    2009 - Chronic Bronchitis diagnosed
    2009 - "Hemorrhoids" - turned out to be something less intrusive, but equally sinister
    2010 - noticed that "bronchitis" was actually a reaction to milk / wheat.


    I had alot of other things happen during the next year and a half that would alter my path. One was my cousin who was watching her daughter struggle with her health. If it wasn't for my cousin pushing, reading and researching, her daughter would probably also be well into her 40s before she knew she had food allergies.

    Another big one was coming to the realization that doctors don't know everything. They don't know ME and they don't care enough about ME to really find out what is wrong. They look at an issue with little more than a cocked eyebrow and send you skipping out the door armed with symptom soothing medicines with big names you can't pronounce. In their defense, I suppose they see so many people in one day, it doesn't make sense for them to spend hours and hours on one chubby, balding, red-faced, sobbing lady. Its so much easier to give her Zoloft and skooch her out the door.

    The epiphany for me was being told by 3 different doctors that I had chronic bronchitis. I would get my ONE BIG COLD for the year, and then the cough would stay with me for 3-4 months. Sometimes I would cough so much my blood vessels would burst on my chest, neck and face. They gave me pumps which did nothing but make me shaky and nauseous. Finally one day I realized it was wheat. GLUTEN if you will. It was a a long and convoluted path to a GLUTEN diagnosis, most of which I can't remember, but it doesn't take long to confirm it once you figure it out.

    Why would the "one big cold" set it off? Well, I was raised by a woman who believed in "feed a cold, feed a fever". So when I was sick, she would insist I eat scads of crackers and bread. It would "help with the nausea", and its "easier to digest" when you're sick. SOOOOO... I was giving myself 3 - 4 months of a strict GLUTEN diet which would almost send me to an early grave. Thanks mom.

    Other than the C-Section and the Breast reduction, I truly believe that every other diagnosis above is caused by my diet and the things I put on or near my body. Gluten, dairy, Carageenan, pesticides, chemicals, and oh... tomatoes. Tomatoes are fun because they make me feel like i'm pooping razor blades. RAZOR BLADES without the safety plastic edge on them. Yes. It hurts. Baaaaaad tomatoes.

    So welcome to my beginning. I feel really good about this because I love life and I want to live long and prosper! But I also know its going to be rocky, because i'm an emotional eater and I'm off my Zoloft.

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    Good luck with this

    Best advice is read Primal Blueprint from cover to cover - and be kind to yourself, just concentrate on putting a large variety of the right foods in your mouth ie unprocessed meat, fish, eggs, berries and low starch veg, you can always sort out the amounts, meal timings and spacing ... blah blah after the fist 2-3 weeks when you're bodies had chance to adjust and you can see how you are feeling and the results you've had.
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      Welcome and good luck! Post here if you have any concerns or if you need some moral support
      Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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        A Limp Start

        Okay so I started out the morning at 4:00 a.m. because I was working at the hospital. Dragging my achy ass out of bed at 4:00 a.m. was no easy feat. Nevermind getting a healthy primal breakfast and lunch together. Poor planning on my part.

        NOTE TO SELF: This is all about planning, get your shit together.

        So my eating was 50/50 primal today. I feel bloated, my liver hurts and my face is itchy. Yeah, 50/50 doesn't cut it.

        However, I did managed to go to the gym tonight. 53:27 minutes on the elliptical, heartrate 145 the whole time, which (according to the info on the machine), means I'm doing 80% intense cardio... which makes no sense to me. Oh well, I sweated lots, had great music and I basically felt like a superstar! Walking out of the gym into the cool night air with the pretty clear evening sky was better than any piece of homemade bread I've ever had.

        Life is beautiful! Exercise endorphins are the best!!


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          baby steps!! I agree with the reading of the PB blueprint. There is a lot of helpful info that helps you avoid problems. I also agree with planning to be successful! Good luck and welcome!

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            Day 3, good with food today, not much in the exercise department. Going to bed, maybe i'll get some action there!! hahaha!!


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              Day 4

              Good day for food, had one beer. It was an emergency. Didn't exercise much. SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT chubby.


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                Originally posted by Mona View Post
                Good day for food, had one beer. It was an emergency. Didn't exercise much. SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT chubby.
                Hey, don't beat yourself up. :-) An emergency beer is fine.
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                  Did well with food, really had more fruit than I should have today, but the Kiwi's were just tasting sooooo good. Walked at the track for 55 mins, 3 laps were jogging. I felt very heavy and it was ALOT of work to jog at the beginning, but I caught my groove for the second and third lap. Would have done more but i had to pick up my husband.