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  • Primal Journal: Luckykoi

    I introduced myself a few days ago, and was hesitant to post a journal because well, i am coming into a group of people that know each other and i kinda feel awkward, but what the hell... here it goes... i will start yesterday as my day one, but cause that is all i can remember right now...

    Day 1:

    Breakfast: omelette with bacon, avocado and salsa on top; one cup black coffee

    lunch and dinner: nothing...

    i wasn't going for a fast, but, i was out and about all day with my son and wasn't hungry. then got a call at the last minute and was invited to go go-kart racing with some friends. they don't have any food there (thank goodness, as i am positive it would have been pizza, nachos or something that i won't eat anyway.)

    so i got home around 10pm and just had a glass of water and went to bed.

    it's now 10am as i write this, and i have had one cup of black coffee... and i don't feel starving. i will make breakfast soon, once my son goes down for a nap. but i feel great.

    i guess if i post daily for my journal, it will keep me straight.

    i started my journey on June 4th. I have lost 35lbs to date. i have hit a platue (okay, lets be honest. my diet has not been the greatest)... and i am back on track.

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    Although I am not the world's expert on nutrition, the hardest thing about a plateau is pushing through. If I were you, on the other hand, that 35 pounds would be a big incentive to keep doing what worked. Remember (as if any of us needs this reminder) that the easiest way to eat healthy consistently is to be as consistent as you can in eating healthy. It seems to me, that is, that even when our goal is 80/20, doing the "20" in little bits each day is more injurious to our mind-set and cravings than falling completely off the wagon once every 2 weeks and then behaving pretty much the rest of the time.

    Stay focused on the long haul and you'll do great. Thanks for sharing.


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      Thank you so much jc2bg! I have to remind myself that this is a slow and steady process and not a quick fix

      The last two days have been great.

      Day 2 (yesterday)

      B: 4 egg omelette, bacon and avocado inside... cup of coffee

      D: hamburger patty with a pinch of gorgonzola inside, topped with carmelized onions and avocado, steamed broccoli, cup of green tea

      i wasn't hungry during the day, so just waited till i was.

      Day 3 (today)

      B: breakfast sammy that was on SoG blog... omg... that was sooo yummy!

      L: sirloin tips, steamed broccoli and a couple spoon fulls of mashed sweet potatoes.

      D: turkey with mayo mixed in...

      i found a "fast food" place at the mall today while i was getting the kidlet his santa pictures... it's called UFood. They have gluten free meals... (see lunch for today). I was so happy to find this. I hate eating out because I don't always know what they are really putting in their food. but their nutrition guides promote gluten free. I was really, really happy.

      i am so glad to be back on track. i am seeing changes already in my body again... jeans are fitting loose in the legs. and i feel "lighter"... maybe it's my mood too!


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        Day 4

        yesterday was just a great day for me. my husband was home (he has every other friday off of work) and we spent the day together, along with my son. and i am realizing somethings...

        this might be a little TMI, but this is just apart of my journey... a couple months ago, i decided to switch birth control. i was taking the pill, which i had taken for almost 16 years... so my body was used to it. i new what to expect of it. but the problem with it, i was forgetting to take it. well, just having an 8 month old, i am not ready for another kid, let alone, we might just stick to the one we have and call it a day... so, skipping the pill (on accident) is not an option. i looked into getting an IUD. and this is what i decided to get. i don't have to worry about anything for 5 years... yes, this is perfect... so i had the IUD inserted a couple months ago. within 2 weeks i was feeling blue. i have never dealt with depression before, but this was the closest i have ever become to being "depressed"... and i ate. and ate everything in site... this was the big contribution to my stall in weight loss. i was also letting the fact that my crossfit training was being moved inside (we were outside) and the indoors couldn't handle that kind of training... so back to more of a yoga bootcamp.

        i knew, just knew i needed to get back on track with eating... so jumped both feet in... and today i was just reflecting back over the last two months. and realizing that once i started eating back on track, my head got out of the funk. i am smiling just out of the blue, instead of feeling blue. i will not even begin to say i know what depression is like. but i realize that getting rid of the grains can really help with my moods.

        what i ate yesterday:

        b: egg and turkey sausage scramble, cup of coffee

        d: SoG's parmesan chicken, with spaghetti squash and sauce, roast brussel sprouts

        i had gone to a christmas party a week or two ago and someone made peanut butter cookies. he kept telling everyone the ingredients... one cup peanut butter, one cup sugar and one egg... so it got me thinking, how about almond butter, banana and egg? it sounds like marks pancakes that he just posted... but i did less banana (just one) and it made more of a thicker base. i baked them and they turned out okay. more of a muffin consistency then a cookie. i think next time i will add some vanilla and cinnamon. i ate 2 of those cookies... i am thinking a little butter on them next time might be tasty too....


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          Yesterday I thought was going to be a really hard day for me. It was a cooking baking day with friends. I wasn't going to skip this, as I love to see my friends... But I went into the day thinking way differently then how I have ever thought of these types of days...

          In the past, I would have beaten myself up if I even looked at a cookie wrong. I would get the guilts (hey, growing up Catholic had some mind games for me!) haha... But yesterday, all I thought was "if I eat any cookies, you are going to feel the sugar surging thru your body and you are going to get all jittery and feel sick"... that's all for me. That did it... it wasn't "you are so bad if you eat that!"...

          what a small break thru. I decided to make the Gorilla bake from SoGs site. I had two pieces the whole day. It was delicious and didn't give me that sugar surge. I drove home really proud of myself, realizing it was a lot easier then i thought going in to it.

          I got home, had a wonderful mustard chicken dinner with roasted broccoli... waking up this morning not regretting a darn thing.


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            okay, okay, two weeks have past.. but that is because i just haven't posted.

            the last two weeks have been great. all the magic of the holidays, me having my 8 month old experiencing his first christmas... i have been an emotional ball of joy.

            i have done great with the eating. i didn't even want anything christmas eve "cheating" wise... (had a dinner of at the IL's). I really didn't have any desire to get sick. christmas day was a little different. i decided, with no guilt, if i wanted it, i would eat it. i really didn't splurge that much. and my stomach thanked me for it. i did experience a little tummy ache, but not as bad as i have experienced it in the past.

            also, in the last two weeks, i joined my local CrossFit. i. am. in. love. i get butterflies every time i drive there... nervous that i am going to get my butt kicked. well, duh, that's what it's all about. anywho, i am feeling strong, making new friends (can i just say the people at a crossfit are SO much nicer then any gym i have been too?)... i actually mentioned that to some of the guys there last night. one of them said "i think it's becase we all have been there and we all wanted something different, and that's what we have here"... well said.

            so my journey hasn't waivered too much... just my posting about it


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              IS THIS THING ON?

              *cough cough*

              um, hi there... it's been 6 months since i posted on this thing? wow... um, i suck at writing, and well, my fear of the one that people roll their eyes at... heh...

              so, over the last 6 months, i have lost about 15 - 20#... so a total of 50#... slow and steady, slow and steady... plus, i have been doing crossfit and i know i have been putting a ton of muscle weight on...

              i haven't gone back to grains... at. all... my life is without them with no problem... my down fall? i don't eat enough... not in fear of me gaining weight, just because with my son, i make sure he is fed first, and i snack when i make him his meals and then i don't make myself full meals... i just need to get better at that.

              even tho over the last few months i have not seen the scale move, my progress with my lifting is going thru the roof. i went from a 85# dead lift to 205# in a matter of a few months... i can now do a (kipping) pull-up without any assistance from bands. my running times have gotten faster. so even tho the weight isn't showing, my workout times and weights are improving. so i will just be patient and keep eating the way i have been eating (making sure i eat more)...

              i am friends with a lot of you on FB and have been still following here. i think once the format changed i stopped posting for what ever reason, and plus, i get intimidated with all of the uber smartz peoplez with the knowledge of stuff that i really don't know too much about

              but, i know i need to get back into things... i will start posting more about what i am eating and how often... and please, i would love to hear from others that have ideas, suggestions and encouragement... or, hell, just beating me up would work too..

              stats now:
              starting weight: 246lbs now: 195lbs
              starting size: 20 now: 14 (some 12s with jeans, and finally bought my first pair of designer jeans last weekend!)
              not really set on a number for weight, but getting around 155 - 165 would be nice... or a size 8... oh man, what i would give for a size 8...


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                yesterday was a good day... i am just telling myself to eat coconut oil or milk with every meal, or avocado... feeling good, was on track for yesterday:

                breakfast: 2 chicken sausage, 4 bacon strips, chard sauteed in coconut oil, whipped coconut oil with cherries and coffee grounds, cup of coffee with coconut milk (my eggs i normally have, the farmer didn't show up to the farmers market on tuesday .... so had to wait till yesterday evening to get them)

                lunch: pulled pork with bbq sauce (from SoG's site), sauteed chard in coconut oil, chocolate mousse (avocado, cocoa powder, unsweetened apple sauce, coconut oil, coconut milk, cinnamon)


                dinner: london broil with bbq sauce (SoGs), chocolate mousse

                i think the hardest thing right now for me is seeing pictures of me... while i am feeling really great, getting compliments from people at crossfit, family, friends, i feel like i am set back when i see pictures of myself. when i look at my arms, i see definition for the first time. i see muscles. my legs no longer have a ton of fat on them... they are getting leaner and stronger... then, last week i had lunch with my girlfriends and we took pictures. one of the girls posted a picture of me and i about fell off my chair. my arms are huge, and i look just chunky... so i go from being on a high because i feel great, feel like i look great and then BAM... i get kicked to the ground and i am in the fetal position crying... so then i start to wonder, have i really made a ton of progress? or are people blowing smoke up my ass? or does the camera really add 10(+) pounds? i mean, the people at my crossfit don't eff around... i have some of the guys calling me a sand bagger if i don't do some of my weights RX'd, because they know my potential... i have a relationship with these people that we tell it like it is... and i have gotten tons of compliments on how much "skinnier" i look then when i started.

                so i am battling the mental issues right now. i am not letting myself get discouraged because i have come a long way... and i still have a long way to go... i just wish the mental aspects of it weren't so difficult.


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                  welcome back

                  Congrats on all the progress you've made. I think a large part of the user base here deals with the same mental/emotional challenges you are facing. I certainly do. I try to remind myself that my primary goal with the PB is to be as healthy as possible and thrive. I believe that if I stick to those goals I will end up as lean as I desire. It may not be the fastest route, but I think in the end it will pay off.
                  You've been gaining muscle while lossing weight, so you're definatly getting leaner. I also feel I look 'chunkier' from this. I know I'm not, I know I have less body fat, but it's now sitting on those bigger muscles so I look bigger. I try not to confuse this with 'fatter'. But the fat is on the outside so thats what I see. Enjoy eating prmally and working out and you'll reach your goals. Remember stress can slow/halt fat burning, so use that to motivate you to stay positve about your progress. Am i still fat cause im stressed or am I stressed because Im still fat??? yes.

                  Dont worry, not everyone here is smart. I bask in my ignorance,


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                    Keep posting!
                    I am just a few pounds heavier than you and I 'need' to hear from others in my boat. I've not given it the commitment you have, I am getting closer to 100%. And you and others like me, help me.
                    Congrats on the work!
                    Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!