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    Hey everybody! I'm relatively new here and to the Primal Blueprint. I've been creeping around the forums for a week or so, and I just found this section. I don't have anyone in my life to talk to about being primal, so I figured this would be a useful spot to get my thoughts out there. Maybe get a little reassurance when I'm slacking.

    Background info: I'm 21 years old, home for the summer between my second and third years at The Ohio State University in Columbus. I'm studying political science and economics. I've been living a health conscious life since June 12, 2010. That is when I started caring about what I ate for the first time in my life and started the Insanity workout. Prior to that I had lived a very sedentary lifestyle, tipped the scales at 310 lbs, and ate whatever I wanted. Entire bags of Doritos, 12 packs of Gatorade, pizza, whatever.

    My goal for the first year of fitness was 100 lbs. On June 12, 2011, I weighed 211.8 lbs. I got there by doing P90X and Insanity, plus eating healthy according to CW. I was on a plateau from December to April, and I decided that my summer home was the perfect opportunity to try the Primal Blueprint.

    Living in the dorms all last year, I was actually able to eat pretty healthy (again, by CW standards). I usually started my day with a whey protein shake with skim milk and peanut butter. Then a bowl of old fashioned oatmeal with cinnamon, peanut butter, and a few almonds/walnuts/flax seed/chia seeds. I got a BAS at the dining hall for lunch (chicken, black beans, corn, feta cheese, radish sprouts, mushrooms, walnuts, vinegar) with an apple, and dinner was some combination of frozen chicken breast, a can of black beans, brown rice, salmon patty, canned tuna, or another salad.

    Unfortunately, I fell into a nasty rut of depression in the winter. I wasn't losing weight, I didn't have many friends, and I was spending too much time in my bare-wall room eating boring food. I was able to calculate a meal from that time, I was eating maybe 100g protein, 200-250 g carbs, and 40g fat. No wonder I wasn't losing fat!

    I don't remember the exact date, but I think I started primal on June 20th. I was able to jump right into it because I was already so close to begin with. I never ate bread before, and I didn't have a stove to cook with nasty oils, so it was pretty easy to incorporate good habits. I didn't drink much during the school year, and I've only had a glass of wine and a few beers (on my 21st birthday two weeks ago). To go primal, I gave up oatmeal, beans, tubers, and rice. I switched out skim milk with almond milk. Since starting, I've cut out cheese and only use butter when I run out of my own homemade bone marrow/bacon grease concoction. I've learned to love olive oil, coconut milk, and shredded coconut. My only vice is peanut butter, which I first replaced with almond butter, and then cut out all together. Stealing spoonfuls of that stuff is sure to wreck the fat loss! I do want to try cashew and walnut butter though...

    I never was a caffeine or candy person. I gave up pop in spring 2010, and I NEVER drank coffee. I started my new job the same day that I started primal, and I thought drinking a cup (or 3) of coffee a day would give me the boost I needed for the drive home and my workout. I was wrong; the caffeine made me rage, made me snap at my family members, and hurt my sleep. I'm now caffeine free, except for a small cup of green or white tea around lunch.

    In the 5-6 weeks I've been eating primal, I've also tried ketosis and IF. The latter is nice because it breaks up my routine and lowers my weekly calorie average in case I over eat on another day. I've quit the former, because it deprives me of vegetables and the energy I need to workout. Speaking of working out, I'm doing a loose hybrid program of a P90X, Rushfit, and the Primal fitness. I lift upper body (P90X) two days a week, abs 2-3 times, plyometrics one day, sprinting and boxing one day, stretching/yoga/walking one day, and legs/back one day. I may replace the lifting days with P90X+ or Rushfit, which is more synergistic and and full body. In general, I like using DVDs because they are easy to follow. I'm trying to use Mark's WOWs to become more independent, but that is going to take some time.

    I'm weighing in around 200 lbs nowadays. Depending on how much gassy vegetables, Greek Yogurt, and salt I have, I may bounce up a few pounds. My midsection, my only real problem area, is definitely getting leaner and stronger. My goal for the summer was to be 190 lbs when I return to school in September, but I'm not going to be mad e if I don't hit it. My clothes keep getting looser, and I'm starting to resemble something that could be considered "handsome" for the first time in my life, plus I feel healthier, happier, and stronger since going Primal, and that's ultimately what matters. The "relax, play, and have fun" aspect of PB is going to come to fruition with my vacation to Daytona Beach in two weeks. I'm going to eat primal, with lots of fish, the whole week....but the night time calls for antioxidant-rich daiquiris, antioxidant-rich beers, and carb-free unflavored liquors! Gotta live it up!

    TL;DR - Hi everyone. My name is Cameron. I was 310 lbs, and used P90X and CW to get to 211 in one year. I've been primal for 5 weeks and I've lost 10 more pounds. My goal, ultimately, is 180. I'm going to post my menu and workouts here. Thanks for reading.
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    I'll be "watching" your progress!
    Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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      Here is what I ate yesterday:

      B - No-oatmeal - almond meal, shredded coconut, macadamia nuts, whey protein, PB2, almond milk
      Protein shake with Amazing Grass Green Superfood (chocolate)

      L - BAS - organic chicken thigh, spinach, locally grown red bell pepper, LG tomato, avocado, drizzled with olive oil.

      Snack - Full fat greek yogurt with whey protein.
      Two eggs.

      Dinner - Grilled salmon with oregano, basil, and garlic, bed of both crispy and steamed kale, and steamed broccoli. Drizzled with coconut milk.

      Workout - I did half of Ab Ripper X to warm up. Then I did Chest & Back from P90X, with some negatives, bag work, and shoulder stretching at the end. My immediate post-workout nutrition was a glass of glutamine powder with lemon juice, Vitamin C and fish oil. After my shower, I had a whey protein shake.


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        Tuesday's menu:

        B: 3 free range, omega 3 egg omelet with mushrooms and spinach. Locally-raised, free range turkey sausage with oregano and basil. Both cooked with my homemade bone marrow/bacon fat butter. Also a whey protein shake with unsweetened shredded coconut.

        L: BAS - swai fillet, spinach, locally grown red bell pepper, LG tomato, avocado, drizzled with olive oil and coconut milk.

        Snack: Full fat greek yogurt with whey protein, PB2, and mixed berries. Couple almonds.

        Dinner: Locally raised, all natural buffalo burger on a bed of steamed kale and broccoli. Small ass salad with spinach, LG bell pepper, and homegrown hot peppers. Drizzled with a dressing of coconut milk, garlic, olive oil, and habanero mustard.

        I went a little over on my calories today, but I kept my carbs under 80-85, had plenty of protein, and filled the rest with fat. I'm going to keep it under control tomorrow and IF on Thursday.

        Workout - I'm usually able to break up the monotony of desk work by standing up throughout the work day. I didn't do that today. When I sit too long, my legs get sore and I feel really tired. I was sore from yesterday's workout and didn't get to stretch, so my workout didn't start out as planned. I was going to do the GSP Rushfit Explosive Training workout. I did the warmup but quit after 6 minutes. I did a few knee tuck jumps, drank a protein shake, and sat down. I was upset, but ready to call it a night. Then I thought, "You've already over eaten today, you just took a day off on Sunday. You're not even that tired."

        So I laced up my shoes and walked the 1/3 mile to the local park with the half-length soccer field. I did some squat jumps and burpees, pull-ups on the soccer goal post, and then jogged the field. I did 8 sprints (about 10 seconds each) with the walk back as my rest. I finished it up by squat thrusting/jumping the whole way down the field, jogging back, more pull-ups, and then walking home. I feel EXHAUSTED, but good.


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          B: 3 free range, omega 3 egg omelet with mushrooms and spinach. Locally-raised, free range turkey sausage with oregano and basil. Both cooked with my homemade bone marrow/bacon fat butter. Also a whey protein shake with almond milk.

          L: BAS - leftover buffalo, spinach, locally grown red bell pepper, LG tomato, broccoli, drizzled with olive oil and coconut milk.

          Snack: Full fat greek yogurt with PB2 and cinnamon. Handful of blueberries. Protein shake PWO.

          Dinner: Mackerel soup with coconut milk, kale, onion, garlic, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes. Handful of green grapes.

          Workout: I've been in a schizophrenic workout mood lately, and today was no different. I knew I wanted to do upper body: I did the first half of P90X Full Body Plus and the first half of Insanity Upper Body Weight Training. Then I did some bicep curls/corkscrews, shoulder presses, squats, farmer's carries and shrugs with 40 lbs each arm, and then finished it off with some seated torso twists and A frame ab crunches. Afterwards, I did some "shoulder dislocations" and other upper body stretches. My ROM is lacking, especially considering my Scheuermann's kyphosis and anterior pelvic tilt. I'm working on those every day, so it should get better with time.


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            Yesterday was interesting. I fasted from 11pm to noon; my stomach started growling around 10:30 but a cup of herbal tea took care of that. I had planned on eating a little less the rest of the day, but I got a little out of control. Lunch was mackerel with kale, tomato, and bell peppers. I had made a snack of Greek Yogurt, walnuts, and whey protein, to have on the way home...but I was so hungry that as soon as I finished my fish, I ate my yogurt. In the moment, I felt very out of control. I was very hungry and felt like I was depriving myself by NOT eating it. I had a few almonds as a snack later in the work day, and I thought I'd do well for the rest of the day.

            When I went to the store to get stuff for dinner, I got the wild idea to make some mixed nut butter. Nut butter is poison for me: I love the taste, but the combination of fat, salt, sweetness, and crunchiness makes it addictive. It defies the logic of "eating for fuel". I could eat an entire jar of almond/peanut butter and not feel full. It is so dense, yet unsatisfying, that I really should just stay away from it. But yesterday I decided to try to make my own. I ran the ingredients (walnuts, flax, almonds, macadamia, cinnamon, coconut oil) in myfitnesspal, and it put it at over 1000 calories. THE PLAN was to make the butter, have one spoonful, and then pack it away for another time. Well....a few nuts here while I measured them out, a spoonful there to taste-test every few minutes....and by the end, I had eaten half the goddamn batch. I threw the other half away in disgust.

            I had extreme food guilt the rest of the day, and still do. Why does something that tastes so good have to be so dense? Its seriously THE ONLY food that I feel this way about. Anyway, yesterday was my rest day and I couldn't find the time to do any yoga or swimming. For dinner, I made beef heart taco salad with spinach, salsa, homegrown peppers, and locally grown tomatos and bell peppers. I also had 3 apples throughout the day, which was disappointing: I had planned on eating under 50g carbs (considering the IF), but those 3 apples, handful of berries and grapes here and there, and the nuts probably pushed me higher than a normal day.

            I have bad food guilt today. I hope someone, if anyone even reads this page, can give me some reassurance. I'm eating healthy foods but I just can't help but feel like I'm overeating at times.


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              Friday: omelet for breakfast, swai for lunch, and beef heart-stuffed squash for dinner. It was freaking delicious. I treated myself with a Bud Light (oh no!) and went to bed in a pretty good mood.

              I needed a good weekend "off". I've been working out and counting calories for more than a year, non-stop, so I decided to take it a little easy today. I slept for around 12 hours, on accident, and had really bad brain fog all day. I had my protein shake, an omega 3 egg omelet with bell peppers and spinach, and some bacon. Went to a movie, snacked on an apple and orange. For lunch, I had steak that had been soaking in Bud Light all day. That was freaking delicious. I had a BAS with the steak. I snacked on another apple and broccoli throughout the afternoon. I was feeling fatigued all day, couldn't decide what to do for a workout, and I was pretty bummed.

              And then again, for the second time in the week, I kicked myself in the butt, drove the park, and did a bunch of sprints. I felt amazing afterwards! I went home and had a protein shake, then ate a coffee-soaked turkey breast tenderloin with broccoli, spinach, and a nice avocado/coconut cream dressing. I didn't count calories today, I ate when I was hungry, and I feel pretty good.


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                Friday, I forgot to mention, I had bought a small pumpkin-esque thing. I stuffed it with beef heart and then ate the squash meat with a little butter, cinnamon, and salt. I had never had that family of vegetable before and I LOVED it.

                On Sunday, I had eggs and bacon for breakfast with a small yellow squash. My first time with that veggie, and I loved it again. For lunch, I was craving shrimp, so I made up a little sauce of anchovies, garlic, coconut milk, and avocado and cooked up some shellfish goodness. I poured that over some spinach and broccoli. I had a coffee-soaked turkey breast for dinner, along with some left over chicken and peppers I had in the fridge.

                Sundays are my rest days, so I did bits and pieces of Insanity Cardio Recovery and Asylum Relief. I was in desperate need of a good stretch. I used my new foam roller to workout some knots in my back. The rest of the day, however, was not spent resting: I was pushing old trucks and cars up and down the drive way all day, and moving junk around my garage. It wasn't a "workout" per se, but in hindsight I view it as my training being applied. I workout so that I can be strong and healthy, and very rarely do I have to use that strength in my daily life. But doing chores and moving things around allowed me to use my body in a functional way. Again, it didn't feel like a workout, but it served that purpose.


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                  Monday - I had eggs for breakfast with a ton of veggies. I was a feeling a little down about eating so much on Sunday night (had a ton of chicken/peppers), but I was still starving Monday morning. I ate a huge breakfast, but still found myself eating my BAS and beef shank lunch at 1030 am! I told myself I was going to fast til my pre-workout (5pm). I got a little tired around 2pm, probably from sitting at my desk all day. I have never been a coffee drinker, and I gave up pop in spring 2010, so I know that caffeine messes with my mood. So I decided to have a cup of decaf. It was the perfect balance for me, I think. I had more energy, I wasn't hungry, and I was in a good mood the rest of the day.

                  I hurt my ankle on Sunday, and I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to workout. I ended up doing Back & Biceps from P90X. I had an orange, some berries, and chicken before hand, and it went surprisingly well. I had plenty of energy and focus throughout. I'm not sure what the x factor was, but it was probably one of my better workouts in months. Could have been the decaf, the fruit, the fast between mid-morning lunch and workout....I don't know.

                  I had a sweet potato and whey protein after the workout; I had never had a sweet potato before, nevermind pwo. I really liked it because even though I worked out hard, I wasn't completely exhausted later that night. My ankle feels 10xs better. I'm not going to be able to do my sprint workout tonight, but some squats, medicine ball throws, and boxing should suffice.