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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Clark G.)

    Thursday will mark the end of my first month on PB. Here's what I notice so far:

    Cutting refined carbs and sugar led to a very rapid drop of about 6 pounds, but now the scale has not budged much.

    I'm not discouraged, because I can see changes in the mirror and in the way my clothes fit. I have more energy. I also feel like I'm healing faster from muscle soreness or minor injuries.

    I have had some carb cravings in the last week. I'm not sure why, but I seem to have managed them without "falling off the wagon."

    The key for me seems to be planning meals and shopping ahead of time. When I don't plan or when I don't have the right foods on hand, then I run into difficulty. However, I have been able to find PB friendly foods at most of the restaurants near my office.

    The biggest difference I've noticed in the last week or so is a fairly significant drop in my blood pressure. I've gone from routine readings of mid 130's over mid 90's to mid 120's over mid 80's.

    Since I have metabolic syndrome, so the drop in BP is is hugely important to me.

    I'm also working toward the 100 push up, 200 sit up and 200 squat challenges.

    So, thanks Mark and the MDA community for all your support.

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    So, perhaps I should share some of my goals with you!

    Reduce waist measurement below 40 inches.

    Reduce blood pressure to 120/80 range - and get off my BP meds?!?! No worries, I'll be under close medical supervision

    Increase HDL cholesterol (I'm low as are both my parents).

    Lower LDL cholesterol (I'm borderline high)

    Decrease triglycerides

    Increase core strength and functional fitness to be able to perform at a higher level, particularly in terms of my aikido practice.

    Basically, I want to reverse the markers for metabolic syndrome and make myself more physically fit.

    Finally, both of my parents had heart attacks before the age of 65, which raises my likelihood for a heart attack... I don't want to have a heart attack! I also have a family history of cancer and diabetes, both of which I'd rather avoid...


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      All those goals sound great. Seems like you are doing pretty well!

      I suggest you do some research on the LDL cholesterol as a marker. Actually, the older we are the and the higher our cholesterol is the longer we live. There are some great books out there on the cholesterol myth. The size of your LDL particles is much more important (bigger=better).

      On a Primal diet:

      You trigs will drop dramatically (only if you go lower than 150g of carbs/day, most of us go much lower)

      You HDL will rise dramatically (only if you eat lots of good animal fats!)

      You LDL will rise a little but the particle size is what matters. (the number will go up but that is becasue they are large, buoyant LDL proteins, which are harmless).

      Other things you might want to check with metabolic syndrome: HBA1c, vitamin D, and fasting insulin.


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        @klcarbaugh - thanks for the support and the info. You are totally right about the different types of LDL and I will be asking my doc about testing for particle size when I have my next blood draw.


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          Journal Day 2 (PB Day 28)

          I used to be a sucker for a buffet line. Put food in front of me and I felt compelled to eat it. Now, meh; unless it's top notch and PB friendly, I don't really care. Went to an event tonight with tons of sugar foods and wasn't the least bit interested.

          This is a milestone for me, people


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            Congrats, Clark. You sound like you have clear goals and a real sense of purpose. You also sound like you knocked out your first month. I'm on day 3. Hope to make it as far as you have!


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              Journal Day 3 (PB Day 29)

              Walked 6 x 15-20 minutes in sub zero windchill today. I bet Grok knew to stay in his cave when it was this cold. Silly society, silly jobs!

              Food -

              Protein shake w/coconut milk, almond milk, strawberries for breakfast.

              Summer sausage with aged cheddar for snack

              Late lunch of mongolian beef without the rice or the rice noodles on top.

              Dinner of pan seared steak (butter and olive oil) and roasted asparagus. This has to be my go to meal. I could eat it every day!