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    today was supposed to be more clean-and-jerks but for some reason I was failing at a weight that was light before; I think I forgot the form that makes it fluent. So an upper body day instead.

    bench: 10@45, 5@65, 5@85, 3@95, 2@105, fail@115
    strict overhead press: 10@45, 5@55, 3@65, 1@75
    lat pulldowns: 3x5@100
    high pulls: 3x5@55
    front raises: 3x10@20 lbs
    tried an L-sit and got it! (not for very long though)
    I'm bouncing off the walls. I really feel like going for a long run but I have other things to do today; maybe tomorrow.


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      grocery day! I am now the proud possessor of non-hot-dog meat!

      breakfast: protein bar, apple
      lunch: cashew chicken with zucchini, yogurt
      dinner: eggs with cheese, green peppers, green onions, nectarine
      totals: 1739 kcal, p/f/c 119.7/93.4/86.9 (whoa, the fruit makes a big difference.)


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        run (4-5 miles)


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          Another bad diet day. Went to a potluck lunch, which turned out to be milchig and aggressively weighted towards desserts. I may make up for it by not eating dinner. Today is pretty much a day of nihilism; a major test is looming, I'm not sure I know what I'm doing well enough to pass, and I have another case of I'm-a-shitty-programmer blues. Also, goddamn credit rating downgrade. Barbarianchick looks forward to a future of unemployment and bringing shame upon her family.


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            Rest day.
            breakfast: almonds,
            lunch: chicken, brussels sprouts, protein bar
            dinner: "moron custard" (eggs + yogurt, scrambled together)
            totals: 1449 kcal, p/f/c 93.9/93.0/24.9


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              8 mile run -- the last mile or so I broke up into 30-second sprints.
              Beautiful out on the trail. Spikes of toadflax taller than I am. Queen Anne's Lace all over the place.


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                breakfast: apple and sausage
                lunch: salad with avocado, green onions, lettuce, and chicken
                dinner: zucchini, onions, chicken; blackberries.

                totals: 1469 kcal, p/f/c 107.8/84.3/45.5


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                  Yesterday was clean eating but I don't remember what it was.

                  I got my blood tests back! Well, it turns out I'm perfectly healthy -- normal thyroid, normal liver function, no anemia, and EXCELLENT cholesterol. (Take that, anti-saturated-fat Nazis.) The only odd thing was that my blood sugar was very low. The doctor asked me if I had been fasting that day. Well, I hadn't -- I had a big omelet for breakfast a few hours earlier. SHe didn't indicate anything about what that might mean. It might just be a fluke; or could it have something to do with me being chronically sleepy?


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                    Not exercising today again, for the strange reason that I got my hair straightened and I want to preserve it long enough for my boyfriend to see it when he comes to visit tomorrow. (I don't know what happens to people who try to keep their hair straight regularly -- straighten every day? never exercise?)

                    I am in a horrible hate hate hate mood. My friends and associates are successful people; I resent them. I've tried to be happy for smart, rich, really impressive people, but it's really fucking depressing to keep seeing what I'm never going to have. I would kill myself, but, you know, conscience. Stupid conscience. The thing is -- in theory I *am* on track to do cool things with my life if I "work really hard." People with precisely my background have started machine learning hedge funds and designed self-driving cars. I'm the same age as my friend S. was when he started his company, and I just started mine. But somehow I *know* that nothing I touch is really going to work. I'm sick of the cycle of hope and ambition and competition and failure and then hope again. I just want a goddamn bottle of aspirin.

                    There is no real point to losing weight, I realized. My hair is pretty now; it looks like a sham, a wig, it doesn't match the way I think of myself. If my body were pretty it would be the same thing.


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                      spent the weekend with the bf... hiking and "cardio."

                      today was my first day of crossfit football (I've been looking for more of a challenge on the strength side -- don't worry, I do not play football or necessarily want to look like a football player).

                      WOD: 5 rounds of bear crawl, 3 deadlifts at 205, 10 burpees.

                      I don't know what the value of crawling is, other than active rest/light cardio, and it hurts my knees. But whatever, that's what I'm supposed to do.


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                        breakfast: protein bar, tea with cream
                        lunch: thai food (chicken, eggplant)
                        snack: yogurt
                        dinner: chicken breast, sauteed onions and peppers
                        1320 kcal, p/f/c 124.5/59.5/30


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                          My tested blood sugar was 62, which, as I learn from the internet:
                          1. Is borderline-hypoglycemic, but not dangerously so;
                          2. Is associated with problems I have, like sleepiness and "dysphoria"
                          3. Is best treated by eating protein- and fat-rich snacks and cutting down on sugar

                          I'll try having some nuts when I feel dead.


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                            yesterday's food involved:
                            hazelnuts, energy bar;
                            salad with chicken;
                            5 slices of cheese;
                            turkey breast slices, avocado, cherry tomatoes;
                            Didn't bother calculating calorie totals though.

                            Today's workout:
                            sprint 4 flights of stairs
                            20 hang cleans @55
                            4 flights
                            15 hang cleans
                            4 flights
                            10 hang cleans
                            4 flights
                            5 hang cleans
                            4 flights

                            and bench: 10@45, 5@65, 5@85, 3@95 (was TIRED.)


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                              6 rounds of max pushups, max pullups, and 10 big skips.
                              (I can still only do 4 pullups in one go; feh.)

                              squats: 5@45, 5@65, 5@85, 5@95, 5@115, 5@135
                              Sad as this is, I haven't done 5@135 in FOREVER. Linear progression, here I come. Dare I hope to get back to decent numbers?

                              powercleans: 3@45, 3@65, 3@85, 3@95, fail@105

                              diet has been clean, but I've got a lot on my plate work-wise and I don't want to count calories. I've got too much else on my mind to think about trying to lose weight. Yesterday involved hazelnuts, a protein bar, chicken souvlaki, and thai "sizzling" (fried) chicken and vegetables.


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                                I really hate counting calories too, plus I always wonder how accurate they really are, I mean every site you go to seems different. It is probably best to listen to your body anyway.
                                Notebook of a Nutrition Nerd