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    The weekend did not go as planned, but then again it rarely does.

    No farmer's market. No wild kitten. I did promise my boyfriend that if the gentleman bringing the kitten in the morning flaked (which he did), we would head out to the SPCA and pick out our new little lovechild.

    Because we take public transportation everywhere, we have to do things along the way. Stopped at a small breakfast joint we had never heard of and I had a fantastic hot link scramble. I also nibbled on some biscuits and gravy (oops). Afterwards we continued on our ghettoscenic bus ride to pick up what has turned out the be the most perfect, precious little kitten. The other cats don't think so just yet, but I know they'll come around.

    For dinner I picked at some yucky Vietnamese food we ordered, but didn't eat much.

    Sunday's breakfast was potatoes, zucchini, and green bell pepper sauteed in bacon fat and mixed with scrambled eggs.

    I had to stay in nearly all weekend to make sure no one killed anyone. I probably could have done the five essential movements at some point, but this also happened to be my first weekend without drinking so naturally I sat around pouting, playing video games and snuggling with Miss Charlie.

    When the boy got home from work early on Sunday, he arrived with mediocre sandwiches from his favorite deli. I played along because I could tell that my not wanting to eat what he wanted to eat was bumming him out.

    Afterwards, I hopped my stir-crazy ass on my bike to go pick up groceries for dinner (should we be hungry later) and this morning's breakfast. Rather than making and eating dinner (chicken alfredo with broccoli and cauliflower) we headed to Fenton's for ice cream sundaes so I could get myself a nice sugar high to replace the wine.

    Hmm. Typing that out has made me realize it was an awful weekend, primal-wise.


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      Case of the Mondays.

      I can't believe I failed to plan shit out again this weekend. I love planning! And spreadsheets and graphs and oh god let me go change my chonies. I like things so structured that they are destined for failure.

      How weird?

      Anyways. I'm doing a little better, though. Thinking through my lunches for the week rather than paying $10 a day to be so unprepared. Except for today and we can blame that on yesterday's sandwiches and ice cream.

      • Weird chorizo scramble with eggs, potatoes, bell pepper, and cheese

      • Romaine/spinach salad with chicken, mushrooms, bell pepper, olives, jalapenos and ranch dressing (shh!)

      • Chicken alfredo with broccoli
      • Steamed cauliflower

      I should probably go for a bike ride today, but I always prefer riding my bike when I actually need somewhere to go, rather than in a circle or something. Maybe I can talk the boy into a walk around the lake instead. Is it sad that the only way I can usually accomplish this is by casually saying, "I hope no one rapes me," while walking out the door?

      [Geez! Me and rape! This has got to stop.]

      Also: one week sober!


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        Hi! I'm just returned to Mark's forum after drifting away for a while, and just wanted to say that your journal is hysterically funny (even when your topics are not, you have a great writing style). I also recognize a lot of myself in your journal, so my sympathies for having a perfectionist personality LOL

        anyway, congrats on getting started on this journey! It's a giant change in your life, and (believe it or not) you have made a great start!!!


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          Awe, thanks! I try to maintain a sense of humor about most things in my life to keep from going batshit insane.