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Does Whiskey Have Protein? [annieloux]

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    Originally posted by RickyP View Post
    I'm just starting at this like you, so interested to see how it all pans out for you!
    I find as a good way to get in protein is to cook up two chicken breasts for my evening meal, I can demolish them quite easily, but if you struggle you could make them before and try to snack all through the day?
    Thanks for the suggestion! I was thinking I would do chicken and fresh vegetables for lunches since I don't always care about my meals being interesting. Dinners have to be a little more creative if I want to avoid my boyfriend saying, "Why don't we just order Thai."

    I sort of started this in the middle of being broke and had not really done much planning on top of that, so my main concern was just getting us fed for dinner and I'd figure out breakfast/lunch on the fly.

    It's payday and a weekend now (yay! x 2) and I plan on spending this free time getting prepared.

    Good luck to you, guy!


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      My pants are too tight today.

      What an incredibly stressful weekend.

      I woke up on Saturday with a bunch of energy. I really wanted to go for a hike, but I decided to channel my energy into cleaning the shit out of our apartment - it desperately needed it. Only my plans were foiled by our building's roof catching fire! Turns out it was just cosmetic damage, but I wasn't going to stick around to find that out.

      Trying to gather the kitties and having my boyfriend yell at me for not moving fast enough really ruined my day. So I did what I normally do when I'm stressed: held it all inside and got shitty drunk with my good friend. We did end up drunkenly riding our bikes around so that was fun. And I had a good laugh when I fell over while stopped at a red light. The cars next to me had a good laugh too.

      Spent Sunday pretty fucking hungover, so I can't be too sure what I did all day. I think I just sat around watching reruns of Celebrity Fit Club (HuluPlus delivering once again), eating fried potatoes, and trying to motivate to make primal-friendly Swedish meatballs for dinner (kind of a failure, btw).

      Most of my energy today was spent trying to fend off an anxiety attack. The lunch-time walked helped a little bit.

      My first weekend didn't go so smoothly. None of my weekends ever do it seems.

      Still no real planning on my part. Hopefully I can find some quiet time this evening.


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        What a weekend! Thank goodness for girlfriends letting you get drunk and ride around on bikes, and for Hulu and fried potatoes (yup those too). I'm glad you are okay and only just perhaps a bit hungover.
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          We may be getting sturdier roof out of the whole thing, though. Roof parties!

          In case anyone was wondering: Brussels sprouts and cold Aidell's breakfast sausage do not taste well together. And it smells even worse. [pukeface]


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            Originally posted by annieloux View Post
            Roof parties!
            That's fantastic. A fire turns into an asset. I'd be doing a happy dance around the apartment.
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              Get it together.

              I made an incredibly expensive shepherd's pie last night using ground lamb and a mix of cauliflower and parsnips in place of the potatoes. It did not come out good. I think I ruined the cauliflower mash for two reasons:

              1. I over-pureed, so the texture was rather foamy, and
              2. I let my boyfriend convince me it was a good idea to add parsnips. Yuck.

              I tasted too much parsnip; he tasted too much cauliflower (whatever that means - I was unaware the flavor of cauliflower could dominate anything). Also, I don't think I like lamb.

              So.. an extra large $60 failure is sitting in my fridge and I have no intention of eating it. I hope the boy enjoyed it, because that's what he's eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the rest of the week. How do you like your fucking parsnips now, a-hole?

              Woke up as a total Grumpelstiltskin today. So much so that I decided I wasn't going to eat all day.

              Well, maybe just the almonds at my desk (Walgreens brand - hella greasy). Then it turned into a cup of soup, but they did not have any primal-friendly soup, so it turned into a chicken Caesar salad sans croutons.

              Now I just feel gross and I think I'm going to drink water for the rest of the night. Or get a bottle of wine and play Puzzle Quest in my underwear.


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                Oh dear. I'm sorry about the shepard's pie.
                I have a couple thoughts to save some of the leftovers. These are off the top of my head an may not work.
                The cauliflower mash does tend to have a lighter texture than potatoes which isn't really as wonderful as potatoes. If you can scrape off the cauliflower/parsnip mash, you might mix in a bit of goat cheese and then rebake it. 2 tablespoons of a chevre would work for about 4 servings - more if you want the really cheesy flavor. I find goat cheese adds a bit of richness that is nice and would work well with the nutty taste of the parsnips as well as add a bit of weight to the frothiness of your mix. I would imagine that it would be tasty with a good steak.
                I don't know how to help with the ground lamb if you don't like the flavor of lamb. Lamb does definitely have a different taste that some people just don't like. Personally, I love it but I do understand that it is different. Maybe you take the remainder and add an indian flavoring to it with lots of yummy veggies for a lamb curry. Lamb really lends itself to the strong spices of india. Also, I find lamb is really good cold - much better than beef as the flavor is much richer so you could give it a taste on it's own (sans parsnips) from the frig to decide if you really like it. If you t are willing to try lamb again at some point in the distant future, I would suggest buying a couple loin chops next time. They are pretty small and you need at least two to make a meal but they are really moist and delicious. Or - of course, making your boyfriend eat the lamb instead is always a reasonable option.
                And, if my say has any value after trying the shepard's pie, I vote for wine and Puzzle Quest. Really, you deserve it.
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                  I love your Indian spin idea. It would be a great way to salvage the lamb, which was the most expensive part. I often cook Indian food, so luckily I have many of the spices on hand. Yay!

                  Thank you so much! I was about to scrape it into the garbage.


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                    oh good. I hate to see you toss good lamb without giving it another chance.
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                      Holy shnikes.

                      I started getting serious about the whole Primal Blueprint thing and decided I was going to put forth one hell of an effort for the month of August and see where I end up come the 31st. So that means fitness (Five - scratch that - Four Essential Moves) in addition to the eating properly.

                      I am very self-conscious about exercising and since we live in a studio, there is nowhere private I can go. Though I did chuckle at the image of my boyfriend walking into, like, the closet to find me doing push-ups. Luckily he ended up having to work a double tonight so I was able to do Mark's fitness assessment and the sad Level 1 exercises (that I couldn't even finish) right in the main room!

                      I made it to:
                      • 31 Wall Squats
                      • 40 Wall Push-ups
                      • 20 Elevated Jack Knifes
                      • 70 s knee plank + 20 s side plank
                      • 0 Pull-ups, as I am not interested in testing the durability of my clothing or shower rods.

                      More importantly, I discovered my core is made of spaghetti. Evil, white flour spaghetti.

                      This weekend there shall be a second set of Fives (Fours) and a sprint on my bicycle, with some long walks and leisurely bike rides until then.


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                        This past week has been quite a bust. Did not follow up on my exercises for the prior week. No real exercising this week. Fell off the bread wagon.

                        The week was kind of the worst for us, financially speaking. I did okay on dinners (chicken alfredo-type dishes over extra broccoli and cauliflower, Thai basil chicken over steamed chopped cauliflower) but, thanks to the bear I live with, there were never any leftovers for lunch and I had to get the most bang for my three or four bucks the following day, which usually meant a big ass slice of pizza (you delicious bastard, you). I also caved and ate a bunch of cheese and Wheat Thins

                        Today I only had two dollars for lunch, so I got a can of Stagg Chili with beans It was yummy, but I'm already feeling bloated.

                        The good news:
                        • Tomorrow is payday and I have every intention of planning the shit out of everything. Since I undertook this lifestyle change I have been so incredibly unorganized it's been driving me up the wall. I think now I have a better understanding of what things I should have on hand in order to make meals I know my boyfriend and I can enjoy together. It's all so very different from what I am used to, but I'm ready to make it happen. So that means it's list time and I fucking love lists!
                        • I decided to seek treatment for alcohol abuse. It's scary, but I'm hoping maintaining a clear mind will help me focus on not only being more healthy, but also making responsible decisions in every aspect of my life. And not being wasted most evenings of the week and on the weekends leaves less of an opportunity for gorging myself on gigantic burritos and frozen pizzas.

                        I look forward to testing the following equation:

                        Primal meals + Proper Exercises - Alcohol = Happy, Healthy Annie


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                          Congrats on your decisions Annie! I wish you all the success in both ventures!
                          As for meals you can enjoy together, what about burgers? He's a guy, he must love a big ol' greasy burger! Throw on some bacon, cheese, a fried egg, .....ok, getting hungry just writing this! He can have his with a bun, you can go bunless and you'll both be happy and it's inexpensive!
                          Have fun with your list making....and keep us posted....the primal folks are a great source of encouragement!


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                            Thank you for the suggestion! Burgers are a great idea. I haven't even made one since "going primal," which is totally silly now that I think about it.

                            He doesn't seem to have any major issues with eating whatever I make (he's loving the bacon and vegetables cooked in bacon grease), it's just when he's not filling up on pasta and rice and bread he's eating a ton more food. Stuff that wold have lasted me a few days is gone in one night. I want him to eat healthy, but feeding him is getting expensive! Maybe I should just let him eat his pasta until we're in a better position :x

                            I'm also used to going to the store and spending around $10 on meat. I need to sac up and drop like at least $50-$75 for the week I think and spend the rest on vegetables.



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                              My journal entries are just as incohesive as my meals

                              Hooray for payday! I wish I didn't have to spend money on eating out at work today though. Oh well. I could have done worse than what I actually did.


                              - Mixed berries (from Walgreens :\)
                              - Greek yogurt


                              - Chicken (I have my doubts - it tasted like turkey) stewed in tomatoes and Mexicanish spices
                              - Avocado salsa
                              - Steamed vegetables with a tiny pat of butter

                              Dinner will be:

                              - Chicken Madras, over
                              - Steamed cauliflower and zucchini

                              It's interesting trying to move from cohesive, presentable meals to piling my plate with hunks of meat and vegetables. For instance, I would have expected that stewed chicken to go into a bowl of rice and beans or in a tortilla, but I just ate that shit straight up. It did go nicely with the avocado salsa, however. I think I would like to recreate that for some weekday lunches. I imagine it travels well and will certainly save us quite a bit of money.

                              Looking forward to spending Saturday morning at the farmer's market with my boy before he heads off to work. There is a stand that sells really delicious butter that I haven't bought in months. Not sure if it's grass-fed, but I plan on finding out. I've been feeling guilty eating all this regular butter :x

                              I get to leave work early today (yay!) for what I expect to be an incredibly emotionally draining experience (boo!). Normally I would go home and drink wine after something like that, but now I'll have to think of something else. Perhaps a cup of chamomile before prepping the closet for a stray kitten we may be taking in tomorrow (!!) which I totally forgot about until now.

                              Hooray for kittens, too!


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                                Hooray for kittens, indeed!

                                Hope your emotional experience wasn't too bad and that you have a nice time shopping at the farmer's market.
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