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  • Primal Blueprint Journal (Alice H)

    Today is the first day of my 30-day tryout of the Primal Blueprint.

    I've been doing a 1000-1400 calorie a day diet on and off (mostly on, with the occasional cheat day or couple of days) for months, without seeing any change in my weight or body fat percentage. Obviously this isn't just a matter of calories in, calories out, or my weight should be dropping dramatically.

    Today's stats:

    weight: 217.4

    body fat percentage: 48.4

    I walked 2.06 miles on the treadmill this morning in 45 minutes. Wore my Merrell Barefoots.

    Breakfast was 2 eggs and 1.5 teaspoons of butter. I'm still hungry, but I don't have time to fix anything else since I'm running late to go get my knee injections. I'm used to being hungry anyway - I rarely felt not hungry on 1000 calories a day.

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    2 cups mixed greens
    1 cup grape tomatoes
    1 broiled red bell pepper
    4 crimini mushrooms, cooked with
    3 slices bacon

    Doing a B.A.S. is going to be a challenge for me - I've never been a fan of salads. Lettuce is a garnish, not a food, and I don't care for raw broccoli, cauliflower, or mushrooms. Raw spinach is OK as long as it has a hot bacon dressing. So going into the kitchen and just throwing together a salad is unlikely to happen. The mixed greens today were OK because they were heated up from the pepper, mushrooms, and bacon. This was really filling, though.


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      I'm with you on that Alice. I'm not a huge fan on the B.A.S., though heaven knows I wish I could be I tend to cook a lot of greens or other veggies at night and then use them for a few days at lunch time, some days cold and some days heated up. Keeps up the variety and saves me from the despair of eating raw broccoli (which might rank as my least favorite food of all time).

      I'm on my first 30 days too. Hope yours goes well!


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        I think if I *had* to eat raw broccoli, I'd rather starve.

        I had a quarter cup of macadamia nuts for a snack, and was still hungry, so I had an orange. I hadn't gotten to the part in the book yet where oranges are lower on the list (but hey, they're still a fruit, and I've got a bunch that need to be eaten). After hitting Costco and Target today, I couldn't find coconut oil or unsweetened shredded coconut. I may have to go to a grocery store to try to find it.

        Dinner was chicken breast marinated in olive oil with garlic and fresh rosemary, thyme, and basil, then skillet-fried. I cooked up some more of the crimini mushrooms in bacon, cooked some broccoli and cauliflower, sliced up a roma tomato, and sliced up a yellow squash from the garden and sauteed it in some butter. It was delicious. I feel overly full.

        The interesting thing is, I'm still coming in at about 1400 calories for the day. I was hungry in the morning, but that was more from not having time to cook a real breakfast. I'm not sure I'm counting the bacon fat correctly when I'm cooking the mushrooms in it, though - I'm going to have to do some research into that.

        Nutritional totals for the day, according to FitDay:

        Calories: 1407
        Fat (g): 92.3
        Carbs (g): 50.0
        Protein (g): 100.9

        I had to take a nap today (and I did yesterday too) but I think that's more related to having been super-sleep-deprived over the past few weeks and it finally catching up to me, and partly due to not having had any coffee today or Provigil for the last two days. The Provigil was on purpose; I've only been sleeping about six hours a night which isn't as much as I need but things have been busy. I'm going to have to carefully consider my Provigil use, I'm thinking. In addition to keeping me from falling asleep on the road (which is what it was prescribed for) it acts as an appetite suppressant, which makes it harder for me to listen to what my body's telling me about what, when, and how much I should be eating. I really don't think I can drive for more than 45 minutes without taking it, though, and the whole reason I want to take care of my knees is because of activities I do in the mountains, which are an hour's drive away.

        The coffee was an accident; I just didn't get around to brewing it today. Normally if I didn't get around to making a pot, I'd hit Starbucks for a non-fat sugar-free caramel latte while I'm doing my running around, but since I'm avoiding dairy and artificial sweeteners that wasn't an option. I'm thinking at some point I'm going to have to try making a latte with coconut milk and a bit of dark chocolate.


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          Check for a natural foods store in your area.

          Also, greens sauteed in bacon fat are to die for!
          Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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            Originally posted by honeybuns View Post
            Check for a natural foods store in your area.

            Also, greens sauteed in bacon fat are to die for!
            Yeah, any method of eating that doesn't include bacon is just wrong. I've cooked collard greens and swiss chard in bacon in the past, I love both of those.


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              I was only mildly hungry at 10 am, so I ate a handful of almonds which tided me over until lunch. Lunch was 3 eggs cooked with bacon, peppers, and onions. Had another handful of almonds later in the day, and a few to snack on while cooking dinner. Dinner was beef tenderloin, brussels sprouts cooked with bacon, turnips cooked with bacon and butter, and grape tomatoes. It'll be interesting to see what the scale says tomorrow - this was about 650 calories more than I normally eat in a day, and more fat and protein than I needed.

              Nutritional totals for the day, according to FitDay:

              Calories: 2023
              Fat (g): 143.8
              Carbs (g): 75.6
              Protein (g): 120.5

              I got up for a bit this morning at my usual time and then went back to bed because I still felt tired. Made coffee, and by a little into my second cup (these are 16-ounce cups, not your little teacups) I was so wired I couldn't work.


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                Forgot to mention, did PT on my knees for half an hour yesterday. Various leg lifts, clams, etc.

                PT again this morning.

                Wasn't hungry for breakfast, had a handful of hazelnuts for a midmorning snack. Lunch is a half pound of shrimp and four cups of baby spinach cooked in butter, with a cup of cherry tomatoes and two tablespoons of pine nuts.

                Despite having worked late and having only gotten 4 hours of sleep as a result, I feel pretty awake, and I've only had probably ten ounces of coffee. On one hand, I think not needing the coffee is a good sign. On the other hand, I miss the constant coffee, both from a taste standpoint and from a "this is what I do" standpoint.


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                  Got busy with homework last night, didn't have time to journal.

                  In the afternoon I was craving comfort food, so I made do with a cup of warmed-up blueberries and a third cup of pecans. I was still hungry an hour after that so I had some almonds.

                  Dinner was braised pork tenderloin, cauliflower shredded up and toasted in butter, mushrooms and bacon, and a mixed greens salad with tomatoes.

                  Nutritional totals for the day, according to FitDay:

                  Calories: 2490
                  Fat (g): 176.9
                  Carbs (g): 62.4
                  Protein (g): 152.5

                  Weight this morning: 216.8
                  Body fat percentage: 48

                  I did three miles on the treadmill this morning in 1:06, plus ten minutes of PT on my knees. I feel good and could have walked longer but the kiddos are stirring. Plus, I'm FAMISHED.


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                    Breakfast is 3 eggs, about 4 oz chicken breast, red pepper and onion cooked in olive oil. Nom!


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                      morning snack of a cup of blueberries and 3/4 cup pecans. a very late lunch of about 8 oz shrimp cooked with 5 slices bacon, on a bed of lettuce. I had an almond and a macadamia nut while I was packing trail mix for tomorrow. I haven't really been hungry since the late lunch.

                      My son and I are going to hike Estes Cone tomorrow. We'll see how the knee and the breathing do.

                      I'm having an indulgence of 1/4 World's Finest Dark Chocolate Almond bar.

                      Nutritional totals for the day, according to FitDay:

                      Calories: 1872
                      Fat (g): 127.4
                      Carbs (g): 55.3
                      Protein (g): 134.2


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                        How am I not sore today? Estes Cone was HARD - the last 3/4 mile is crazy uphill:

                        Distance: 0.70 miles
                        Elevation gain: 783 feet
                        Elevation loss: -34.8 feet
                        Avg Slope: 21.7%, -7.2%
                        Max Slope: 63.8%, -20.1%

                        This includes a part where it's just scrambling hand and foot to get to the summit.

                        Add this to:

                        1. Having to add .8 miles to the total hike because there was no parking at the Longs Peak Trailhead,
                        2. Running out of water on top of Estes Cone - I forgot to fill my Camelbak, I usually only have to fill it every other trip but we did a short hike last weekend and the extra elevation for the last section of the hike had me gulping water faster than I realized - I somehow drank 32 oz of water in that stretch of the hike and while I was relaxing while The Boy scrambled around the top of the Cone.

                        I took a Provigil so I didn't fall asleep on the road, so I couldn't really read my hunger signs. I didn't really keep track of food, but here's a general idea:

                        On the way to the trailhead:
                        Large nonfat latte with sugar-free vanilla syrup
                        Fruit and cheese plate from Starbucks - didn't eat the crackers or the Brie

                        On the trail:
                        A couple of handfuls of Cherry Decadence trail mix (dried cherries, dark chocolate covered raisins, macadamia nuts, almonds)
                        probably an ounce of ham and two ounces of cheddar cheese

                        On the way back:
                        More of the abovementioned trail mix - probably a cup and a quarter

                        At home:
                        Rotisserie chicken thigh and leg
                        about a half pound of grilled veggies - peppers, onions, squash
                        one stuffed mushroom

                        Total distance hiked: 7.4 miles
                        Elevation gain: 2540 feet
                        Elevation loss: 2522 feet (yes, I know that doesn't make sense - but such is GPS)
                        Average slope on the way up: 13.6%, -6.5%
                        Average slope on the way down: 6.6%, -14.4%

                        I took four ibuprofen on the way down, because I was having some calf pain and I wanted to circumvent any inflammation before it got bad.

                        I realized on the hike down that I was using my poles for balance and not nearly as much for weight support when going down stairstep sections of the trail - this is a huge difference from even three weeks ago. I don't know if the PT is doing its work or the knee injections are kicking in, but it was awesome to know that I was supporting my own weight. And I'm not sore today - usually after even a six mile hike without nearly the elevation gain I'm sore enough the next day that I'm popping ibuprofen all day. I still have some of the calf pain, but other than that I feel good. If you'd asked me at the beginning of the season if I'd ever climb a mountain again (not just hiking in general, but actually climbing a mountain) I would have said it wasn't likely unless it was a tiny one. Estes Cone's not huge, and it's one of the shorter mountains I've climbed, but the up and down of the section before we got to the peak was more strenuous than the other mountains I've hiked.

                        I noticed something last night that I think I can only chalk up to PB - my heels aren't cracking. For the past few years I've gone in for pedicures as often as possible, and really tried to be nice to my feet, but within two weeks at most my heels are cracking and peeling and just in awful shape. I think it's been three weeks since my last pedicure and my heels still feel smooth. And my feet only hurt a little at the end of the hike, which certainly can't be due to PT or injections. Normally my puppies are barking so much at the end of a hike that they can barely carry me into the house. (Although the lack of pain could also have something to do with taking off my hiking boots and dipping my feet into an ice-cold Inn Brook a couple of times on the way back.)

                        Weight this morning: 215.8
                        Body fat: 48.3

                        I usually gain weight the day after I hike (I think due to water retention) so I'm pretty impressed that I stayed stable.

                        Breakfast today was the other chicken thigh and leg from last night, scrambled in two eggs, with about two tablespoons of butter. Plus a side of two roma tomatoes.


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                          I finally found coconut oil and unsweetened coconut in the grocery store - the unsweetened coconut was in the gluten-free section, not in the baking section. The coconut oil was with the other froufrou oils.

                          Lunch was a 3.75 oz piece of tenderloin from the pack for dinner, on a bed of mixed greens and grape tomatoes.

                          An ounce of hazelnuts and a half ounce of pecans snacking through the afternoon.

                          Dinner was Mexican themed - I marinated tenderloin in almond oil with:
                          6 cloves garlic,
                          1 jalapeno, shredded
                          1 t cumin,
                          1 bunch cilantro,
                          juice from 4 limes
                          2 T vinegar

                          I should have used more lime, and a bit of salt. I ended up squeezing another lime over the steaks while they were cooking on the panini grill. Used coconut oil to lube the grill, and I couldn't taste a difference.

                          Sides were poblano peppers, split in half, cleaned out, and broiled until the skin was brown and crispy, then turned over and smeared with about 2 T queso blanco; red, yellow, and orange bell peppers prepared just like the poblanos; and pico de gallo I made this afternoon.

                          Nutritional totals for the day, according to FitDay:

                          Calories: 1784
                          Fat (g): 126.8
                          Carbs (g): 40.9
                          Protein (g): 125.3

                          Not sure if I'm done eating for the day.


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                            Weight: 215.8
                            Body Fat: 47.3%

                            Breakfast yesterday:
                            2 eggs scrambled in coconut oil with chicken breast and peppers

                            Lunch yesterday:
                            Coconut macadamia shrimp, with mixed greens and grape tomatoes

                            Snack yesterday:
                            half an ounce pecans

                            Dinner yesterday:
                            Chile rellenos
                            Peppers and tomatoes

                            Late-night upset eating:
                            5 Batty's blueberry butter balls

                            Yesterday was a hard day, not so much as from a food standpoint as a general wellbeing standpoint. My calf felt OK in the morning, and my physical therapist did some work on it (I swear that woman got into PT to be able to legally torture people - but she's awesome and makes miracles happen), but then when I did sprints yesterday my calf flared up again and was painful enough that it was hard to walk that evening - I tried to run five steps to fetch a soccer ball at The Boy's practice and just couldn't. Combine that with anger at Teh Hubby over household issues, and I was in a not-good place last night.

                            I spent quite a bit of time massaging and using the Hi-Dow on my calf last night, took some ibuprofen, and it feels good today. It was still stiff on the treadmill today (just couldn't get over 2.6 MPH without gimping), but my ortho took a look at it today after my injection (yay! the last one!) and said that there's nothing torn so I just need to be mindful of the pain and not push it, and that my physical therapist was free to beat the crap out of it later this week. Hopefully needles will be involved.


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                              Weight: 216.6
                              Body fat: 48.8

                              I've been really busy the past two days, just now finding time to catch up.

                              I had a really odd food day on Wednesday:
                              Large skinny latte
                              ounce of hazelnuts
                              13 ounce New York Strip
                              12 of those damned blueberry balls

                              Weight Thursday morning was 218.0, don't recall what my body fat was but it wasn't encouraging either.

                              I was stressed Wednesday - went to the dermatologist to see if a few moles I'd been keeping an eye on were concerning, and she decided one needed to be biopsied. So I'm probably a tenth of an ounce lighter due to the mole that's now floating in a sample jar.

                              I took the kids out to Maroon Lake to see the Maroon Bells yesterday, and got a mile and a half of walking in while we were there. Saw some in-laws in Aspen, then drove all the way back. So I spent something around 8 hours in the car yesterday.

                              Breakfast was 2 McDonald's sausage patties
                              Lunch was a mixed greens salad with mozzarella, tomatoes, and french dressing. There was raw broccoli in the salad and it didn't make me gag - maybe my tastebuds are growing up.
                              Dinner was at a BBQ joint, had:
                              8 shrimp in a spicy chipotle sauce
                              1/2 rack BBQ ribs
                              rotisserie chicken breast, thigh, leg
                              about a cup and a half mixed veggies

                              Nutritional totals for the day, according to FitDay:

                              Calories: 2027
                              Fat (g): 130.7
                              Carbs (g): 52.5
                              Protein (g): 160.5

                              I'm discouraged that my weight and BF% aren't really moving, but in reading over some of the guides I think I've got some direction to move in. I'm wondering if I'm just plain eating too much - my average calories for the week was 2,032, which is awfully close to the 2,094 that is calculated for maintaining my weight if my lifestyle is sedentary. I do spend some time moving every day, but the amount of time I'm chained to my desk is pretty notable too, so that probably balances out. One of the guides said that I need .7 - 1 gram of protein for each pound of lean mass, so at 111.8 grams average over the week, I'm a bit high on that - I'm going to try to move that closer to 100g average. I'm seeing that my carbs averaged to 61.9 - I'm going to try to move that to 40 or less. Fat was 63%, I'm going to try to move that to 50%, and move from using so much butter to using coconut oil. So....goals for this week:

                              Calories: 1675
                              Fat %: 50
                              Carbs: 40g or less
                              Protein: 100g average

                              I'm not going to consider this past ten days as a loss, but rather as a transition to eating the right kind of foods, and now I'm going to try to get the foods to the right amounts and proportions.

                              We have a church dinner tonight celebrating our pastor's 25th year as a priest. I have no idea what I'm going to eat there - the usual fare for this sort of thing is spaghetti with a side of bread.