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Primal Journal ~lapispimpernel (take 2)

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  • Primal Journal ~lapispimpernel (take 2)

    After leaving y'all in March, I've hopped back on the wagon. Tomorrow is the start of week 2. On the good side, I've lost 8 pounds since starting (water weight, I know) and haven't had a hard time with wheat or sugar cravings. On the bad side, I cheated today, which means I didn't make it the whole week. I had a horrible headache that lasted all day- Excedrin failed me for the first time ever, sleeping didn't help, banana peels didn't help, water didn't help, ice packs didn't help, so I had a scoop of ice cream in hopes that it would break the pain. It's worked before, but I didn't eat it fast enough to induce the ice cream headache, so it didn't do anything beside make my stomach hurt. Lesson learned.

    Breakfast: 3 egg omelette with cheeeese, cooked in lard (How did I not know about this before? Butter omelettes have nothing on lard omelettes.)

    Lunch: tuna pouch, egg in beef broth, 2 celery stalks. More veggies were intended but the fridge temp got turned down, so they were all icicle'd.

    Snack: 1/2 doz. cherries, 1/2 banana (I was after the peel), scoop ice cream

    Dinner: no dinner, headache induced nausea

    Workout: Recovering from yesterday's caving trip. I feel like my muscle recovery is going a little faster than usual. Only my obliques are still sore.

    Other thoughts: Brain fog seems to be clearing up from earlier this week, and I'm noticing some extra energy. Hip has not hurt for a few days. Still a little fidgety during everyone else's after-dinner snack time, though, and having a more difficult time regulating body temperature. I've always "run hot", though, so I'm not overly concerned about this. More worrisome is my mood ...swingyness. I'm pretty even keeled normally, so not sure what to make of it. Weeping jag and irritability today may have been from the headache.
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    Welcome back. I hope it goes well this time.
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      Thanks, Hedonist. I hope I stay with it, too.

      Anyway, today:

      Breakfast: other banana half, handful of pecans, leftover steak from dinner
      Lunch: salad with crumbled burger patty
      Dinner: ham & vegetable stirfry

      Going for a walk once it cools off a bit more.

      I think I need more fat. Hm. Also, I chatted with my mom today and she's going to "look into" Primal. I'm going to toss the weird little bonuses thread her way and see if that helps tip the balance. Still no hip pain, so one more tick in the "this is awesome" column.


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        Avocados! And coconut milk
        Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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          While I'm waiting for the driveway to clear out, I thought I'd post my background and stats/goals while I still have the originals.

          I'm 24F, living in the midwest US and currently in a bad IT job while waiting to get back into school. I think I may have finally found a program that suits me, yay! Geology (specifically carbonate processes and karst development) is sooo my thing and I'll yatter anyone's ear off if they're interested/foolish enough to mention caves in passing, so watch yourselves. With the development of White Nose Syndrome in the bat world, though, caving is mostly off the table right now and I have a new outlet in SCUBA. I'm trying to finish my Dive Master certification by the end of the summer. DM work is both familiar (having done similar trip preparation/debriefs for caving) and challenging, since I'm a little shy and hate talking in front of people. Eventually I'd like to get my cave diving certs and then go work for National Geographic or something... (/fantasy)

          Ahem. Back to the real world. So, why am I here? My weight history isn't really checkered or anything, I've just always been the tallest and therefore, biggest. It was a struggle for me to accept my large frame, especially as a teenager, but isn't that the same for everyone? It was especially bad when I was 16. That year I was asked to leave my ballet studio because, at 5'9" and 153 pounds, I was getting too tall and heavy for the male dancers to lift, the pansies. Looking back, I see that isn't at all fat or anything, but it was quite traumatic at the time and set me into a year-long funk.

          Fast forward to college. I joined an outdoors club and discovered that I loved nature. I didn't have anything against it before, you understand, just no exposure. I've been a camping hiking climbing caving diving fool ever since. If you know any outdoors people, you know that a great many of them are vegans and carb lovers, so I've been in the insidious weight gain category for the past 7 years. Add a couple bad bouts of depression and I'd ballooned up to 198 pounds by November last. I still didn't look fat, having enough muscle tone and height to pull it off, but I felt awful and being so near the dreaded 200 mark was a quite a jolt. That, combined with a couple off-hand, general remarks about "people who weight 200lbs" by my best friend (who *might* reach 8st on a fat day) and family, started me on a CW yo-yo diet cycle, dropping down to the mid 170's by massively cutting calories and exercising all the time. Despite all the exercise, my muscles were wasting and I was always tired and my grades dropped. I gained back all the weight, and stabilized at 194, where I've been hovering since March (also known as my first, short-lived and ill-fated fling with Primal, ha).

          Driveway finally clear! Stats later.


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            Stats, as promised. The originals are from March.

            Original stats:
            Height: 5' 10"
            Weight: 190
            Bust: 43.5"'
            Waist: 34.5"
            Hips: 41"
            Thigh: 26.5"
            Bicep: 12.5"
            Pants: 12/14
            BMI: 27

            Weight: 186
            Bust: 43.25
            Waist: 33.25 (down an inch in a week, does that actually happen in real life?)
            Hips: 42 (increased because I was measuring incorrectly before )

            I think I might try to reach WHR, WHiR, and WBR goals instead of weight, because I have no idea what is appropriate otherwise. The ticker in my signature is just a guess.

            On to the report!

            Breakfast: not really hungry, ate a few baby carrots
            Lunch: still not hungry
            Dinner: finally hungry around 6:30, enjoyed tasty dollar-a-bone ribs and some brisket. Extremely sated.

            Sun: around 30 min arms/legs
            Exercise: 30 min walk

            Other stuff:
            1) I found some coconut milk, belinda. It is thicker than I thought it would be, but tasty. Aaand I found a vitamin shop that stocks several varieties of coconut oil. I bought & tried some, but it might have to be mixed in drinks and things first for a while. A bit gross, otherwise.
            2) Was ...abnormally alert today, and may have been alarming to the tech at the blood center. She kept asking if I was feeling nervous. They added a new instruction to the after-donation care: limit carb intake. I asked if they would consider stocking peanut butter or something besides cookies in the snack area.
            3) I know I keep on saying it, but my hips and knees have not hurt for about a week now and it's amazing. No progress on my wrist pain, but I hope it gets a little better.
            4) No stuffy sinuses going in/out of air conditioning - is this a thing?
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              I'm suddenly in mourning for noodles. I'm not hungry and I don't even want any but.... Farewell, pasta!


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                I already posted this on another thread, but...I use squash instead of pasta in some recipes. Use a mandoline slicer to cut it into thin slices, then bake those until they're crisp, to use in place of lasagna noodles. Or cut the slices into strips and saute to use as spaghetti/fettucine.


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                  Your post was the one that got me thinking about it in the first place, AliceH! So it's both your fault and your awesome solution that-I-can't-wait-to-try.


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                    Yesterday recap::

                    Breakfast: tea and coconut oil, 1/2 tsp almond butter
                    Lunch: more almond butter
                    Snack: covered below...
                    Dinner: BAS, with chicken

                    Snack, Test 1 - The Last Doughnut. Result? Fail.
                    Snack, Test 2 - The Free Fruit Platter. Result? Fail.

                    Sooo... carb overload and a cheat, which left my stomach completely torn up. It also saw the return of shoulder and hip pain. I'm not sure how I feel about this- stripping out all my favorite foods and then, if I eat them, making me realize they actually make me feel terrible.

                    Anyway, exercise: 2hrs of pool time (cramps NOT FUN in the pool) and lugging scuba gear.
                    Only a few minutes of sunshine.


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                      Actually, I'm really glad I had that doughnut, because somebody went shopping last night and got cosmic brownies. I don't even like them (Little Debbie and Hostess products have never been favorites) but I usually have one anyway. Thank you, gut pain, for making me strong.

                      Edit: Apparently there are also granola bars, way more of a temptation, but ...again. Have already decided not to. Another thing, though- I'm a little blue this morning. I wonder if this is another side effect.
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                        Blues morphed into full blown moping.

                        Had some grilled squash and egg salad for dinner. Back to sleep now.