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  • Primal Journal: Shine

    Yeats was right; things fall apart.

    It was a tumultuous fall, to say the least. I committed myself to far too many projects this semester, and wound up resorting to several bad habits in the resultant time constraint. With constant deadlines looming and unfinished projects galore, I was suddenly relying upon caffeine and Dairy Queen to make it through my days. After ignoring the snugness of my clothing for a few weeks now, I finally resorted to buying a scale this morning. I was shocked by the resulting number and seeing hard evidence of my dietary fallout.

    Anyways, I think that I need this journal for awhile to get back on track at least. Forcing myself to admit these transgressions in a public forum will hopefully stave off my increasingly frequent sugar binges. Also, I really need to force myself to get back into working out now that I have the time.

    Rules that I have been breaking lately:

    -No sugar

    -No dairy, except for minimal cream and butter

    -No nuts

    -No fruit

    -No beer



    5 pieces of bacon

    ~1.5 cups romaine tossed in bacon grease

    homemade chicken soup (with garlic, spinach, carrots)

    3 cups of coffee with cream



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    good to see a journal for ya, shine.


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      Shine, I've resumed posting on my journal for the exact same reason. Except for beer, I've broken the same rules as yours. I've been ignoring fitness for almost 5 months. But not anymore. Good luck!

      Btw, I think you are extremely articulate and I wish I could write like you.


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        Thanks for the encouragement. Everything spun a bit out of control this fall, and I am afraid that I lashed out a few times on this forum. Sometimes the pit bull mentality that I adopt while arguing literary theories and interpretations carries over into my recreational writing.

        And thanks Maba, that means a lot.


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          We've not met - hello! I found that doing my journal really helped me get a handle on what I was eating and helped me realise what was good for me personally and what wasn't.

          Taking on loads of projects is something that we all do from time to time and yes, the overload can cause us to let something 'go'. The great thing is, it won't take you too long to feel better, physically and mentally.

          Good luck!


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            Hey there, PrimalK. I definitely need to get a handle on what I am eating, so hopefully I will have some good results as well. Thanks for the encouragement.


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              Shine, I second Maba's praise of your writing. It's a delight to return to this forum (after weeks of absence) to find your journal.

              I can certainly relate to having fallen off the primal wagon, as it were. With the seemingly unceasing demands of school, I often feel guilty about even *considering* going to the gym to lift weights when I have books to read and papers to write--"better" things to do. Every couple of days, in the interest of time and sheer convenience, I find myself driving to the taqueria for a burrito instead of making a decent dinner at home. I'd say I'm quite close to your situation.. as my semester winds down, I'll live vicariously through your journal and triumphs!

              Good luck with everything, Shine, and take care.


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                Hey, hfox, thanks for the compliment. I totally did the same thing as you, all semester. Every time I would think about going for a nice long walk, I would see the pile of textbooks staring at me and plop down to read instead.

                For a few days I have been feeling slightly under the weather, and today ended up feverish and dozing in and out while wrapped up in a blanket. I know that this is just another consequence of my unhealthy habits. I haven't been sick in so long, that I forgot what it was like to feel this terrible. Anyways, I broke my fruit rule (already) because I was sick and craving fruit; I figured I had better give my body what it wanted. And apparently I eat a lot more dairy now that I realized.


                3 pieces of bacon

                2 eggs

                ~1 cup steamed broccoli (with butter)

                ~1 cup romaine (with olive oil and mustard)

                ~14 oz. ribeye steak

                berry goulash: frozen berries cooked down in butter with cocoa powder and cinammon

                2 cups of chai with cream

                I really did not mean to eat the entire steak, but I was hungry and delirious and it just tasted really good. Oo


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                  Ugh. I still feel so sick. Although I somehow managed to drag myself to class for my final presentation, I had to call in sick to work. I stopped at the grocery store on the way home and completely caved to an intense craving for fruit and almond butter. I have not even bought much fresh fruit in months since the farmers' markets dried up. But I made up for it today; apparently, I also decided that I needed juice. So much for the no fruit edict. But I figure that it is finals week, I am sick, and fruit (even juice) is infinitely better than the Dairy Queen Blizzards that got me into this mess. Lesson learned: do not peruse a grocery store with a feverish brain spent by finals.


                  1 Banana

                  1 Apple

                  1/2 Pear

                  5 strawberries

                  obscene amount of almond butter

                  1 chicken leg

                  homemade chicken soup with leg meat, spinach, mushrooms, garlic, and jalapeņo

                  2 cups of chai with cream

                  orange juice

                  Still no real exercise owing to my lingering cold. I did play around on the pull-up bar for a few minutes, but nothing serious.


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                    Ew. I'm just going to pretend like last week didn't happen. Between the stress of three final exams on Wednesday and the sugared temptations of the office Christmas party two days later, I lacked sufficient willpower to resist the mountains of baked goods. But there is no use agonizing over a few more unhealthy days of Diet Dr. Pepper, ice cream, and copious amounts of chocolate.



                    2 eggs in butter

                    1/4 yellow bell pepper

                    4 cherry tomatoes

                    1 cup baby spinach

                    2 T olive oil

                    3 stalks of celery

                    2 T almond butter

                    2 chicken leg quarters

                    1 cup broccoli

                    1 cup chai with cream


                    10 mins on pull-up bar