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    My name is Fox.
    I started whole 30 in March.
    I used to be an athlete. A hard core marathon runner.
    Then I was lazy.
    Now I'm pretty primal in exercise, with an emphasis on running. I run every day, most days I do some sprints, (some days I run easy or short or long, usually 2 days a week-- one short, one long), I do bodyweight exercise, and yoga, and I do all my commutes on foot (probably around 3-4 miles per day).

    Last year I had a rough time with money and subsequently attempted to be a vegan. In about 6 months I put on around 50 lbs. It took me until I started thinking about why trees put down large roots (too much C:N) to realize I needed to "up my nitrogen." From this increase in protein I gradually whittled away at all the foods that seemed to be making me fat, leaving me with a diet in January that was controlled in carbs, and I started to slowly drop weight.

    However, I also felt like crap, so I went to a doctor, who diagnosed me with rampant blood sugar issues (BG of > 300 after a 24 hour fast!) and trouble assimilating protein. I was told I had to quit artificial sweeteners, fruits, starches, grains, and STRESS (how??) because these spike blood sugar. Quitting artificial sweeteners was very hard and I googled "how to detox from artificial sweeteners" and found whole 30. It said it could change my life and I needed it, because I felt like I was going to die-- and I probably was.

    whole 30 saved me, however, I still need to clean out dietary problems-- nuts, mostly. They seemed to really be "addicting" to me... and they mess up my digestion. I also can't handle the insulin spikes I get from dairy, even butter and cream (SADNESS!), or even if I buy chicken that has been seasoned for some reason (okay, I'm human, it happens), or if "natural flavors" turns out to be MSG...

    So my diet is pretty simple. I eat 2 meals per day-- a very large breakfast usually of chicken, fish, eggs or some combo of the three, sometimes with coconut or cocoa or veggies. I don't really measure the portions of the meat, but I'd guess between 8-10 oz. I eat a second meal around 5 pm of a smaller portion of protein, about 4-5 oz plus a heartier serving of veggies and coconut or cocoa. I usually drink several coffees (decaf and regular) per day, as well as many waters. My supplements consist of greens + (kicks the carb cravings in the ass) when I wake, nutritional yeast (I eat about 2 tbsp per day for b-vitamins), b-vitamin supplement, cinnamon (for diabetes), chromium picolinate (For diabetes) and when I'm losing focus at work, choline and GABA (probably 1-2x per week). Also when my throat hurts sometimes I take a bunch of vitamin C to kick that back. I don't really take treat days but sometimes I will have an extra spoonful of coconut or cocoa during the day, or a piece of bacon. <3.

    So this is the Fox out of the den.

    Here's today:
    Greens +-- I'm out of B-vites, sad!
    SHORT SLOW 2 MI run today, I had a morning meeting very early. Walked 1.5 miles to office, another 1 mile around 2 pm to get some organic tomatoes, then that mile back to the office, then 1.5 miles home.
    MM- BIG HONKIN chicken breast, skin removed (it was rotisserie and I have no idea what that skin was cooked in) and washed pretty good. 3 brussels sprouts.
    EM- 8 egg whites, cabbage, paprika, nooch, cocoa powder, and 1 TBSP coconut. Oh yes, and I tried a tsp of Maca powder. Heard it's good to balance the sex hormones. Stress decreases my libido and that's sad. Maca to the rescue.
    Coffees: Morning I had a coffee with cinnamon. Then a shot of expresso. Then later an iced decaf. Will probably have another decaf tonight. Yes, I am addicted I've been drinking coffee since I was 6.

    On yolks, okay, I am weird, I only like them when they are boiled. When I'm eating omlete, I'd rather get the fat from coconut or something, I just don't dig omlets with yolks. I know.... it's so weird. I promise it's not an aversion to fat. Long live bacon! long live coconut!

    Note for future: next week and the one after I've got to go to the field for a few days with work. There's a cafeteria there but they only serve "vegetarian fare" because this is Oregon and people are veggies. It's good for getting salads but I'm clearly not going to be eating "wheat loaf" for dinner and cereal for breakfast. I'm not looking forward to explaining to my colleagues why I'm cool with eating an entire 12 pack of egg whites and an avocado or bringing along a chicken or eating tuna/sardines in a can when they are trying to lose the lbs with soy-sage. They think I'm weird enough for microwaving catfish filets for breakfast as is sometimes... going to be hard to explain to the more distant collegues this lifestyle.

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    Welcome Fox!

    OK, in my opinion, you seem to be doing too much running. Lots of slow movement is great. Running, if it gets you above 70% of your max, is harmful, except for sprints, of course.

    If you can do sprints most days, you are not doing them hard enough. You should not be able to do them more than twice a week, maybe three if you are in peak condition. They should leave you gasping for air, maybe even lying on the ground or puking.

    Good luck with Primal!
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