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    I can't believe I am actually going to do this - but here it goes. I have been lurking on this forum for about two months now and have been so inspired by reading everyone's posts that I decided I need to step up and start a journal for myself (and hopefully inspire someone [anyone] else).

    Where to start....... I have always been a pretty "healthy" girl. I'm 34, 5'10", and at my highest I weighed 216 pounds. I clocked in at that poundage on January 1st of this year. Sugar, butter, flour and I have had a long term love affair. I love to bake (or should I say "not bake"). My favorite meal is oatmeal cookie batter with coconut and pecans. It has been years since I have even made a pretense at turning on the oven to bake actual cookies. I would wash this healthy delightfulness down with copious amounts of diet Coke. Must stop talking about cookie batter now or bad things could happen.

    Anyhoo, January 1st I developed a burning desire to wear knee high boots with skinny jeans (random, I know). However, at 216 pounds I resembled nothing so much as an inverted triangle about to tip over at any time. This desire, along with a trip to Scotland that was to occur in May/June, convinced me to change my ways. I didn't want to horrify any hot Scots. What to do, what to do? I know....... CW diet here I come. Essentially, from January 1st to about mid-April I lived on granola and 0% fat yogurt, dry toast w/ egg whites, Skinny Cow ice cream of all kinds, the occasional Butterfinger, and of course diet Coke. As I write this now I feel much shame. As long as I stayed at 1200 calories a day I figured I was golden. I did lose quite a bit of weight this way, but along with it I lost any ability to be a nice person. A big, raving, beeyotch was I. By mid-April I was down to 180 pounds (not any nicer though). Of course to supplement my uber-healthy diet I worked out for about an hour a day - treadmill, kettlebells, Jillian Michaels DVDs, you name it. Despite all this exercise I developed no discernible muscle tone. I decided I had gotten too old to develop muscle.

    As to how I changed the error of my ways..... the skies parted about mid-April. Browsing NYTimes articles in the health section I came across an article by Gary Taubes. I don't remember the exact title, but it was something like - Is Sugar Toxic. I read it and was simultaneously intrigued and disturbed. Actually, disturbed is putting it mildly. I knew sugar could (and had) made me fat. But make me sick? This was serious. I decided I must read more. As a long-time student I set out to read all I could about the dangers of carbs. I devoured Good Calories, Bad Calories, and numerous other tomes on the subject. This reading let me to the mecca that is MDA.

    Immediately I began implementing all of the PB dietary recommendations. Sugar.... goodbye forever. Or so I thought. By the time I left on my trip to Scotland on May 26th I was a lithe 161.4 pounds. That is a weight I haven't seen since high school. Even more importantly, it was effortless. I had abs appearing and definite tone on my arms. Best yet, I fit into a size 8 skinny jean and looked fab wearing my knee high boots.

    The first week of my trip I did an amazing job at sticking to the PB guidelines. Scottish beef is divine. When everyone was having a sugary dessert I had the cheese plate. I even had a little black pudding every morning. Then tragedy struck. After a very long day of sightseeing and hiking all over the Highlands I decided room service was in order. Perusing the menu I came to the conclusion that it would be a tragedy of epic proportions if I didn't have at least one piece of shortbread while I was in Scotland. It would actually be criminal. That little decision decided the current fate of my ass. I cannot consume any sugar. Zip, zero, zilch. I literally ate my weight in shortbread the last ten days of my trip. Ohhhhhhhh, and let me tell you about an even greater horror - its name is tablet. That's right - tablet. It is Scottish candy that is a cross between fudge and maple sugar candy. I believe it would more aptly be named Scottish crack. I consumed about three times my weight in tablet. Every time my group stopped I would load up on this stuff. At the airport waiting for my flight home I purchased as much shortbread and tablet as my carry-on would hold.

    I pulled myself out of my sugar coma on July 15. That is how long it took me to regain control of myself and started eating the PB way again. Now for the real shame....... on July 15 I clocked in at 189.4 pounds. I don't really know how it was possible to do that much damage in such a limited period of time. Needless to say, no skinny jeans for me. I should have my own after school special. Anyway, it is now July 20 and I am down 8.2 pounds. All I can say is that I must retain a hell of a lot of water.

    Okay, I have written way too much and even if no one else reads this it will be good for me to do so during moments of weakness.

    Quick Stats:

    Starting Weight: 189.4 pounds

    Current Weight: 181.2 pounds

    Breakfast: 2 slices bacon, 2 eggs (pastured), 2 cups coffee with heavy cream (organic, raw)

    Lunch: 8 oz New York steak (pastured), 2 cups yellow squash fried in butter

    Dinner: Fage Greek Yogurt (full fat!) w/ macadamia nuts and coconut flakes

    Exercise: kettlebell swings 'til exhaustion

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    You didn't write to much! It's a great starting story. Now you just need to build on it and turn this journal into a SUCCESS STORY! I'm rooting for you!
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      Thanks gunnk! Your encouragement is much appreciated. I think this journal/accountability thing might work. It has definitely helped dissuade me from indulging in any macadamia nuts this evening. After all, how could I face my one peep in the morning?

      Kettlebell swings 'til exhaustion = 6 sets of 25 w/ 26 pounder.

      Now I must rest.


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        I like that you chose a positive nickname. Your post was charming. Hope you do write more. Grok on! You can do it this time!
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          As someone who just started their own journal after lurking for a little bit, I know how you feel! Can't wait to read up on your success, I know you can do it! <3


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            Loved your intro-post, sounds like your holiday was a blast! I look forward to hearing more as you progress.


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              Woohoo - I've got some readers. The more people I feel accountable to the better. This almost feels like when I first signed up for Facebook eons ago..... someone, anyone, please be my friend. LOL. Unfortunately I think MDA is going to be a much bigger time suck for me than Facebook ever was. I am VERY easily distracted when studying so I will have to set some real limits on my time here. It has become a compulsion for me to keep up with everyone's stories.

              @Hedonist - your compliment is much appreciated. I'm not sure charming is a word that has ever been used to describe me. Snarky comes up much more frequently. Maybe it is a side effect of the PB way of eating. I will now endeavor to be charming in my posts. I see you are from Sac. I got my undergrad degree (the first time) at Sac State.

              @MisguidedGhost - love your name. I will be lurking your way very shortly.

              @Glamorama - thanks for the kudos. My trip was spectacular. I have traveled many places, but nothing tops Scotland for me. Australia is a very close second. I lived in Canberra for three years during high school (military brat).

              So, I guess I should post a goal. I think right now I am going to aim to get my BMI into the healthy range before school starts up again August 22. For me that would be 173 or under. Right now that means minus 7.8 pounds off of my ass as of this mornings weigh-in. I won't post my weight every day because seriously, who cares if I lost 0.2 pounds since yesterday??? I will post my meals/exercise every evening. I'm not counting calories, just keeping my macros of Fat/Protein/Carb at 60/30/10.

              Alrighty, now I am off to check out my new peeps musings and then a drive to the nearest Whole Foods (Memphis - 45 minutes away) is in order.


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                You sound like you're off to a great start. You've done it before, you can do it again! 7.8lbs sounds totally doable to me. I'll be reading. Best of luck!
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                  @namelesswonder - Thanks for the vote of confidence. There are so many journals to read on here, but I'll be heading your way next.

                  Since I've decided to turn off the food tap for today here is my breakdown: 69%Fat/24%Protein/7%Carbs - 1680 calories

                  I don't really care about the calories at this point, but I think it is interesting to keep track of and I have a cool app that does all of the work for me. I usually aim for more protein, but I was sampling some of my new goodies from Whole Foods and let's just say that I've discovered ambrosia in the form of Artisana Coconut Butter. How could I have lived for 34 years without discovering this stuff sooner? If any of you haven't tried this stuff yet you must. Any of you who already indulge - do you eat it plain or is their a fav delivery system?

                  Exercise for today: I was going for long and slow which entailed annihilating the copious number of weeds that resided in my veggie garden. I don't know why I bother since all thirty of my tomato bushes have decided to commit suicide thanks to a visit by anthracnose (some f*&^ing southern fungus). I think I also got in my sprint activity for the week - does frantic scratching until collapsing in a panting heap count? Satan thy name is chigger!