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  • Lereas's Primal Journey

    I actually started a week ago, but I'm only starting this now.

    A week ago, I was:

    182 lbs
    19.4% bodyfat
    24.7 BMI
    .8 waist/hip ratio

    I was a competitive swimmer for years and years, but never had the body I wanted. I was strong and had endurance, but never once had a sixpack. I was eating 6000 calories a day, mostly from carbs. When I finished my career, I kept eating like that, and put on 50 lbs. I've since lost that 50, and I'm back to where I started, but without the extra fitness.

    I'm giving primal eating and fitness a try for a month to see what happens.

    So far, after one week, my weight has dropped to 177, and I feel overall better.

    My meals so far have been as follows:

    2 eggs rolled in turkey slices
    almonds + dried fruit
    big salad with sardines
    meatloaf and raw veggies

    no breakfast
    can of tuna w dill relish
    lettuce wraps with salami, tomato, and garlic-eggplant spread

    no breakfast
    can of tuna w dill relish
    benihana (steak and shrimp, little bit of rice)

    Grilled chicken and various squashes, salad

    Eggs and beef bacon
    baked coconut chicken w salad

    Almonds and dried fruit
    leftover coconut chicken and squash
    chicken with goat cheese
    zucchini fritters

    two fried eggs and bacon wrapped in turkey slices
    have leftover chicken and zucchini for lunch

    I've started taking fish oil (800mg softgells, 2x a day), zinc 2x a day, and a centrum every morning.

    I walk the dog about two miles every day at a moderate pace, and go to the gym 3-4 days a week. At the gym, I typically do something like

    3 rounds: run .25 miles, 5 pullups, 10 dips, 10 pushups
    3 rounds: 10x bench press, 10x row, both at about 70-80% max
    3 rounds: 10x squat, 10x leg extension, 10x hamstring curl at mid level weight
    Then I'll jog around the 1/8 mile track, sprint one of the straightaways all out, doing that 4 times or so.

    Not sure if anyone is going to read this at all, but I'm curious about any feedback on my food or exercise choices. I'll be hopefully updating each day as I go.

    My goal is to have a six pack 5.5 months from now, and from reading around on this site, it seems like a very doable thing without huge effort by doing what I'm doing. Tell me if I'm wrong!
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    For dinner last night, I had more leftover chicken, a big salad, and some pole beans. I know beans are technically legumes and really not supposed to be eaten, but I had a couple servings worth from the farmers market cause I wasn't thinking when I bought them, and didn't want to waste them. This morning I've got a bit of a stomach ache and I'm not sure if it's from them; I have had random bouts of stomach aches in the mornings for years, so it could just be that.

    For lunch I've got a big salad again which I'll top with a can of tuna.


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      Dinner last night: big pile of roasted okra and a good sized swordfish steak.
      Note: Okra either has a lot of fiber, or my stomach just doesn't like it. This morning it cleaned me out (TMI, I know)

      For lunch I've got the leftovers.


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        Beans that you eat whole (yellow, green, bush, pole) and sweet peas or snow peas are all ok in moderation. What you don't want to be eating are beans or peas that need to be shelled and cooked to be edible.

        Good luck with your okra leftovers
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          I'm glad to hear about the beans. Is that like Potatoes? Just don't overdo it and they're fine? So, though, I wouldn't want to be eating pinto or black beans?

          Also, from wikipedia: The products of the plant are mucilaginous, resulting in the characteristic "goo" or slime when the seed pods are cooked; the mucilage contains a usable form of soluble fiber.

          So yeah...I'll have to keep my okra intake in moderation from now on!


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            Dinner last night: Taco salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, ground beef, with salsa/ranch dressing)

            breakfast: greek yogurt and blueberries
            lunch: more salad leftovers