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  • ODAT GTBH (Michael K's Journal)

    Hello MDA forum,

    I have been by before trying out the PB, but I folded after a while. Now my struggles with self-destruction have guided me to a 12 step program and I am inspired to give up sugar and flour one day at a time. Today is Day 7 of my abstaining and I feel pretty darned good. I am losing water weight and it is a great psychological boon.

    Today I will eat:
    B-3 eggs, 3 oz steak, raw baby carrots
    L-Chipotle salad with double chicken (but with some beans and corn, I know it's not primal, but first things first)
    D-TBD , whatever my wife makes that doesn't have sugar, flour or massive carbs, she is Chinese and a carb-eater, She is also very supportive of my 12 step work, ever since I started it I have started doing my chores like a big boy and she likes that

    I do control portions to 3 cups at the moment. That's just me.

    High carb things that I have eaten recently include: 1/4 cup corn, 1 cup beans with eggs, 2 cups watermelon, any thoughts on these? I might need nudging away from some foods. I may be stubborn but I will remember and it may click one day.


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    One day at a time, Glad to be here.

    I will give up the corn in my salad today.

    B-Chicken and veg
    S-Peach if wanted
    L-Salad with one serving chicken
    S-Peach if wanted
    D-3 cups meat and veg
    S-TBD if needed

    Feeling pretty great on my 8th day no sugar no flour. Having a spiritual program of 12 steps really helps.

    My bottom line is no sugar no flour and avoid grains.


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      Keep it up! I'm just starting myself and it's definitely hard to avoid things that are easy. My big problem is wanting to have a sandwich, but I've just taken meat and rolled it up to eat it, and eaten more of the meat. Overall, I think I win

      Don't feel too bad if you have a bite of beans or corn or rice. Mark advocates 80/20, and it's why I like primal over true "paleo". You do your best, stay as strict as you can, but you don't freak out if you eat something you're not supposed to.

      I think a daily accountability here is a great way to stay true.


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        Thanks for posting Lereas. Yeah I consider beans or corn to be part of the 80/20 concept as no flour no sugar is my bottom line.