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    Yesterday was hard... I had strayed from primal the previous week and my body was crazing sugar like crazy. I ended up eating 3 larabars yesterday ... needless to say, I left them all at home today!

    Yesterdays Journal over bad things:
    B - Bacon wrapped salmon and asparagus cakes
    S - larabar, 1/2 dark chocolate bar
    L - Beef and Shrimp stir fried with broccoli and pea pods, lots of strawberries
    S - other 1/2 dark chocolate bar
    S (at home now ... ) - wine, larabar, hummus with raw pepper chips
    D - Spaghetti squash spaghetti with ground beef and parmesean
    S - 1 cup of applesauce and yet another larabar ....

    Fitday breakdown: 2804 calories, 39% fat, 18% protein, 40% carbs, 3% alcohol

    WOAH scary!

    Yesterday was just weird... So today I will just have to focus on not eating that other dark chocolate bar ... and I brought a BAS for lunch, so that should help too
    SW - 206 (08/20/11)
    CW - 199 (08/29/11)


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      Yesterday was much better! I was still craving sweet things, but didn't give in ... much

      S - Post workout I had two sausage patties
      B - Bacon wrapped salmon and asparagus cakes
      L - BAS with steak and strawberries
      D - 2 chicken sausages and spaghetti squash with pesto sauce
      S - 1 cup applesauce and some freeze dried fruit

      Fitday breakdown: 2099 calories, 67% fat, 17% protein, 16% carbs

      I kept the carbs under 100g, but my protein was only 86g ... so I need to work on that

      I did run/walk a mile and lift heavy things
      SW - 206 (08/20/11)
      CW - 199 (08/29/11)


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        I am finally cleaned of all the unhealthy stuff that was consumed last week. The sugar cravings are disappearing, thank goodness!

        B - Sausage and Kielbasa
        S - double serving of primal fuel with almond milk
        L - some fresh melon, spaghetti squash spaghetti with meat sauce
        D - Turkey burger stuffed with feta
        S - Coconut flour cake (yumm)

        Fitday breakdown: 2265 calories, 61% fat, 24% protein, 16% carbs

        The calories seem a little high, but thats ok since I kept the carbs in check and got more protein.

        Yesterday during lunch I decided to get out and walk, it was such a pretty day! I may go do the same today if I get a chance, for now I'm off to gym!
        SW - 206 (08/20/11)
        CW - 199 (08/29/11)


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          Jess - I made the bacon-wrapped salmon cakes today (I changed salmon to fresh water trout). They were amazing! Thanks for sharing the link.
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            Glad you enjoyed, I may have to try switching up the fish too... good idea!
            SW - 206 (08/20/11)
            CW - 199 (08/29/11)