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    So I did the 30 day challenge a while back and was fairly successful. I managed it without cheating and also lost 14 lbs. I decided to do a cheat weekend after that...this was in January...and haven't stopped.... I've managed to gain back all the weight I've lost and am back to feeling like shit again. I've got tons of excuses as to why I've failed but they are neither here nor there since I've decided to try again.
    I try to stay away from specific weight goals but seeing the numbers on the scale do help my morale.

    So I'll try to keep this journal the best I can for the next 30 days and on and I will also post my weight periodically just to give myself an idea of how I'm doing.

    What helped me last time was that I had a Google group going with a bunch of my friends. We kept each other accountable and it worked out really we'll. So, it would help me immensly throughout the next 30 days if any forum members would like to email me throughout the day with some sort of don't mess up email. You can reach me at I had 5 guys and cake tonight and about ate myself sick so I'm ready to start fresh in the morning, wish me luck!

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    Originally posted by Iggs View Post
    I had 5 guys and cake tonight...
    Sorry, but that made me snicker before I realized 5 Guys was a restaurant...

    Wish I could help with the emails, but I don't work anywhere near a computer. I'll try to check in here, though.

    Yeah, the cheat weekends don't work, especially if you cheat with gluten.