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    Coming into my second month on the Primal Diet. I've lost 10 pounds in this time period. I've been hovering at 195 for almost 2 years and could not lower my weight! So it's quite exciting to see the changes. Things I didn't believe were possible are now possible. How can I not eat potatoes, a staple in my diet. No sugar? Get out, now way could I do that! My transition was fairly easy too, I suffered from a headache for about 2 days and that was about it. Actually, now that I think about it, I did feel something like dizzy but not quite only because it lasted for only 3 seconds. But there was some kind of shift going on. I attributed it to me shifting into some other type of metabolism. Does that even make sense? It's hard to explain but I had to deal with that for about a week. Haven't felt it at all since.

    I just want to say for my own record that I haven't been so happy and content since this past summer. Oh how I love golf, meeting new friends through that was the start. I live in the Seattle area and it get so dark here with all the cloud cover - it can be quite depressing (especially since I have SAD). Just getting outside and getting into the light has been so helpful. Usually by this time of the year I just want to stay in bed all day long. Now I just want to go play golf! I think Mark's principle of PLAY is so important. So I've got that going for me, but things just seem to be fitting into a comfortable spot now too. My kids are adjusting to high school. One son, who was getting F's in about every subject last year has now got 4 A's, 2 B's and one C-. The stress of that alone is such a relief! My other son, who suffers from Asperger's syndrome is doing fantastic too. My husband and I have been married for 20 years (coming up on 21 yrs) have been getting along splendidly! We've found a lot of things (recently) that keep us going. I'm sure I'll mention them here eventually.

    The reason why I even mention this is because of where I came from. When the kids were 3 I was hospitalized - extremely sick. It's been such an uphill battle emotionally to even function properly. I would sleep 3 hours a day and have no problem sleeping that night through. So to finally say I am happy and I can celebrate that I'm healthy is a HUGE thing for me.

    For 2 years I was a vegetarian, but was continuing to get sick. I was trying to train for a 1/2 marathon during the same time, but would always get injured. Being in a place where you can't make any progress towards improved health was debilitating for me. I did loose quite a bit of weight (30 pounds) on this type of diet but it still didn't get me to my goal.

    Another huge change for me was switching from all cardio workout to primarily all weight lifting work out. I can't believe how strong I've gotten, without any injury to boot! I can now lift 110 pound over my head. I started at 50. I can leg press 280lbs. I kid you not. I'm just shocked. Funny story: At the gym an old man came up to me and asked if I had ever thought about being a fire fighter. No way I responded. He said he noticed how much upper body strength I have. I asked him if he was a fire fighter himself and he relied yes and he was recruiting. My husband and I laugh at that, no way could I do that job or even want to. My sweet husband said I could pose for the calendar. I told him flattery will get you everywhere with me! Anyway - I'm looking forward to tracking how much stronger I'm getting. I read an article here on the website mentioning that as a woman we shouldn't have to worry about getting big muscles because we don't have the testosterone to create large muscles. So I decided heck, lift heavy, get strong and I've responded appropriately.

    I am so glad to have found this website, with all the information from Mark and the support of the people here, I'm finally loosing the weight. It's the final piece to the puzzle thats been scattered around. I'm finally getting the pieces in place. I just wanted to take the time to catalog what I've been up to and where I'm heading. I'm looking forward to continuing to make progress.

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    Gigi, your post made me smile - so happy to hear about your progress. There was a time when I said I could never give up grains and much less, sugar! How far we've all come. And what a compliment that must have been - being asked if you wanted to be a firefighter.

    Now that the forum is troll-free hopefully, I want to update my journal too and share my experiences, have been ignoring for too long.

    Keep up the great work girl. You all inspire me to be better.


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      Thanks Maba! I'm glad I took the time to write it out so I can remember where I've come from (at my age this is going to have to be a must!)

      Weights yesterday

      Today: Pilates + 1 large bucket of balls (yipee)

      reached my goal of 1 bucket/week. Planing on playing 9 holes on Thursday if not too cold.


      Hubby made me a spinach omelette, and I cut up some strawberries and whipped up some cream. 2 lattes (oops) should only have one/day. No lunch just snacking on left-over turkey and beef jerky I made. Got pretty hungry by 5pm so I thought I should grill up some turkey in some butter, hey why not! Then I thought I should add and egg. Hit the spot. Dinner was more soup from cooking up all those turkey bones. Very good stuff. I ran out of almond meal so I couldn't make my fav cheddar cheese biscuits so I found another recipe using coconut flour. We gave it 4 thumbs down. Almond flour all for the win!

      Still in ketosis but just slightly. JB is going out of town for next 5 days, I'll try and fit in another fast while he is gone. I'm going to miss him. He is doing the diet with me, and of course he's lost twice as much as me in the same amount of time (and he's not doing any weights/sprints or anything - grrr) We weigh about the same now. When he travels he always looses weight so now I'll really have to fast 8) It's just a fun competition, I have a lot more work than he has to do!



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        I have been so hungry today. I haven't had any carbs today, but lots of protein quickly heated up with butter. FlyNavyWife mentioned eating some tomato soup. So I had a craving for that. I made a big bowl and used tomato puree with water and 1/2 and 1/2. Still hungry. I have a huge piece of steak in the frig for dinner tonight hopefully that will fill me up. Still in ketosis, but on the light side. I'm bound and determined to get that dark purple. I don't know if that is okay for me to do or not. JB left this morning - so sad.


        Rest Day


        4 eggs

        6 oz pork loin with butter

        1/4 cup pistachios

        1 oz beef jerky

        tomato soup


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          I'm fascinated with these ketostix that a lot of you use. I wonder if you can get something similar in the UK?

          Congrats on your journey so far!


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            Thanks PrimalIK, I just asked the pharmacist for some Ketostix. You might just ask your pharmacist.


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              mmmmm pistachios... i want some!

              And hey, I think you had posted your cheddar biscuit recipe somewhere but ... do you have a link to it? I'd love to try it out. It would be great to have a couple biscuits to throw into a baggie and take with me to my nanny job.

              Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.


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                Hi FNW - this is from Ingrid's donation link to MDA, its bookmarked as a favorite of mine because I keep coming back to it; this is for the biscuits (btw - so easy to make):

       ort=name&layout=list&pid=0By25e9NqbJMwNjFjZmI1ODMt ZjY1ZC00YWEzLThmZjQtZWZkMGE0ZGMzNjEy&cindex=1

                Here is the link for the index of recipes:

       jQtZWZkMGE0ZGMzNjEy&sort=name&layout=list&pid=0By2 5e9NqbJMwYTIzZjNhYjEtYTcxNC00Y2Y0LTliOTYtOWVjZTU5N zU2ZTE4&cindex=1

                Let me know if you try anything that you like.


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                  I'm SO hungry!


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                    [quote]I&#39;m SO hungry!</blockquote>


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                      HUNGRY - Oh - just practicing the html here. 8D<hr />cool!


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                        Are you still hungry!?! ;-)


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                          Ha, Ha, not as bad as it was earlier.

                          Food: Time to get out of Ketosis
                          <ul>[*]4am; 1 banana, 1 apple[*]B: 4 eggs (2 youlks removed) and 1 banana[*]L: BIG ASS BOWL of SOUP[*]D:[/list]

                          <hr />

                          Directions for BABS (BIG ASS BOWL of SOUP - 5 minutes):
                          <ul>[*]Tomato paste -3 oz[*]1 c water[*]1/2 c half and half[*]grilled onions[*]left over veggies - chopped[*]left over meat - diced[*]olive oil[*]spices (i used herbs de provonce), salt and peper to taste[/list]

                          Put all your ingredients into a sauce pan and heat and eat!


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                            For my record: I copied this from a post by Nina_70:

                            Foods that can (potentially) cause stalls depending on your individual sensitivity:

                            Aspartame (diet soft drinks, most artificially-sweetened items)

                            Dairy/Cheese (esp. if casein-intolerant)




                            Sugar Alcohols

                            Cottage Cheese

                            Alcoholic Beverages

                            Dr. Eades talks more specifically about caffeine:


                            Tests to get:

                            1/ Fasting insulin - tests for hyperinsulinemia

                            2/ High-sensitivity TSH - measures a brain-hormone linked to thyroid gland. Could help to indicate thyroid problems

                            3/ Iodine saturation - to test for iodine levels

                            4/ Estrogen levels - to test for any imbalance


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                              Just completed a 24 hour fast. Not too hungry at all. Last time I was so hungry the next few days. This time I&#39;m going to eat lots of green veggies to fill me up. Dinner broke the fast at 6pm. I had a late snack of veggies around 8:30. So I did another mini-fast 14 hr when I ate lunch. I wasn&#39;t hungry yet so I didn&#39;t eat. Had 4 eggs and a BAS (Big Ass Salad) with turkey.

                              Ran/walked today with some sprints mixed in for about 20 minutes. No golf today - so sad, its too cold. I don&#39;t want it to feel like I&#39;m hitting rocks. I was very proud of myself today for my pullups on the Gravitron. I started at lifting my weight minus 140lbs. Today I lifted minus 70 pounds. I can&#39;t wait to do a full pull up without help.

                              Yesterday was my 2 month birthday on the program. I still am shocked that I was able to give up wheat and sugar so easily. The weight is coming off, but very slowly. I&#39;m stuck between 185 and 190. I fluctuate daily. Grrr. Hope the fasting takes it to a new level. I want to break 185 in a few days!