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Journal - Chaser becomes hunter =)

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  • Journal - Chaser becomes hunter =)

    So I thought I would start this journal today although I won't actually be starting a challenge until the Monday after Harry Potter (I will be going to Claim Jumper before and that will NOT go well for my temporary waistline).

    I first started reading MDA in February after becoming well and truly unsatisfied with my weight. I am a 27 yo 5'1'' female and in February I was 144 lbs. I did drum corps for a couple years in college (dunno if anyone knows what that is, but you burn at least 5000 calories during a full day's rehearsal in the summer time, no joke) and got to my most fit looking and weighed in at 108 lbs as well. Since then I have steadily gained. My favorite foods were of course spaghetti and Mexican.

    In March I jumped into about 70/30 primal for about three weeks and went from 144 to 136! Awesome. Since then I have probably gone from 70/30 to 60/40 and sometimes 80/20. I started following PBF and have been able to do two full pull ups for the first time since college and have gone from 144 and 33% body fat to 132 and 27%! Whoo hoo! I also tried SUP for the first time this week and loved it. I figured I would start this journal today to keep me commited when I go full throttle on the 18th. Then I will begin a 30 day Primal challenge and go for broke. Can't wait, and I will talk to you all then!
    ~All luck is earned in the end.~

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    Welcome Chaser. Enjoy Potter and Claim Jumper.
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      The good news? Harry Potter was GREAT! (And I ate kinda awful... lol)

      The better news? My 30 day Primal challenge starts tomorrow. I am going to be striving to achieve 100% or as close to as possible for the next 30 days. I am cutting out 99% of my alcohol (MAYBE 1 glass of red wine a week for ladies night) and tomorrow going out to buy a crock pot. My freezer is stacked with enough to feed me for the next week and a half with GREAT farmer's market and co op grass fed meat and I'm ready to go! I'm celebrating by eating offal instead of awful... hence the crockpot. lol Wish my luck guys, maybe I'll have some great before and after pics coming at some point!
      ~All luck is earned in the end.~


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        Alright, got my meals for today prepared and or eaten!

        IFed breakfast, lunch was a big ass salad with chicken thrown in. I've had a glass of milk (I am going to keep a daily glass of milk in my diet as a concession. I tolerate it just fine.). Now I'm kicking this off the extreme way - got a freakin beef heart in the slow cooker. Should be done by 730. Gonna see what happens with that one! lol Today is a lifting heavy things day, and I am going to be going straight PBF, nothing fancy. Just pushups, what I can do with pullups, squats, overhead presses, and planks. See you all tomorrow!!
        ~All luck is earned in the end.~


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          Greetings everyone!

          Well for two days (Monday and Tuesday), I had myself some offal! I threw the beef heart in the slow cooker using the recipe from the book, and it actually turned out pretty good! Something I definitely would have to get used to, but hey, it wasn't nearly what I thought it was going to be! Every day for lunch I've had a rather large salad including a mix of lighter and darker leafy greens and also throwing in a few other veggies and most importantly chicken breast for a good protein kick. Now, I am a beginning cook, so this has definitely been an adventure and a lot of fun, but today, broiling a bone in chicken breast and setting off the fire alarm has been the highlight of my journey... (Although, throwing a bit of coconut oil on a spoon into the microwave and starting a fire was also great... hahahaha!) For dinner tonight, I went simple and straight ahead with broiled salmon. As a side note, I have kept dairy in my diet. I tolerate it well and I chose to limit fruit a little bit more because a small glass of milk in the morning helps me last to lunch. I also have a glass of chai tea every night with some heavy cream.

          Exercise wise, my dog is my blessing for moving frequently at a slow pace. Although he wouldn't mind a little chronic cardio, I do make myself walk him usually every day. Today we went on a two mile walk with quite a few elevations changes, and in the middle, I bought him some dog food and carried it back in a backpack for a little more weight. Tomorrow I will go back to lifting heavy things for the day, which I can't wait for. I can currently do one and a half pullups and for me, that is awesome!

          BTW, for you Seattle-ites out there that are just starting out with whole, good, and unprocessed foods... the farmers markets are a savior but so is FullCircle and PCC. Full Circle farms does an every other week organic fruit/veggie box delivery that is highly customizable and awesome for a decent price. The PCC chain of grocerers has a great selection of local meats and sometimes you can find real deals on a budget in their meat section. Talk to everyone tomorrow or the next day!
          ~All luck is earned in the end.~


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            Today was a great day! After yesterday's chicken fiasco I actually didn't cook much at all today, but rather prepped for tomorrow! I will be doing some grass fed ground beef stuffed peppers in my slow cooker: used two cans of tomato paste, then essentially followed the recipe on this site except used beef instead of pork which was harder to find. Used a big ol onion, half a head of cauliflower, and some garlic straight out of the ground that I bought from my farmer's market. Hopefully it will be great tomorrow!

            Also had a glass of milk and a big ass salad today, plus some beef jerky in between when I was a little hungry. Anyway, I came home and since the sun was shining (...apparently we have had 78 minutes of summer in Seattle this year, no joke...) I ran out and laid in the grass for about half an hour until it disappeared. Then came in and took a nap... lol this pretty much led to prepping taking the rest of the night, so I scarfed a couple cans of tuna because I was starving, and am currently enjoying a glass of chai tea with a serving of heavy cream (VERY relaxing).

            Oh yeah, and I did some LHT today... I officially busted out three full pull ups for the first time since I was in college, and I'm still about ten pounds heavier than I was then... when I lose those ten pounds, watch out! Cheers!
            ~All luck is earned in the end.~


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              BEAUTIFUL day in Seattle today so I took advantage by swimming in an outdoor pool! Probably threw down about 900 or 1000 yards.. a little out of shape but I am to change that and get back in good swim shape. Tons of fun! I am going to be sunbathing here and reading a book shortly.

              As for meals today, scarfed down a tri tip steak marinated in Mark's latest primal BBQ recipe and it was AWESOME. Also had a salad and a glass of chai tea. Tried the crock pot stuffed peppers yesterday and epic failed... :-( Oh well, I'm learning to cook through primal life and I will have ups and downs for sure! Instead I scarfed down an avacado with some hotsauce to sate myself (I grumbled through one pepper). I've been doing big ass salads all week during the work day for lunch.

              I can't being to say how much FUN this has been actually. I'm in a great mood, feel good, and am looking better every day. Oh yeah, heading through the park down to the pool, spotted a little drop off that used to be a trail. Scurried down it barefoot like a little squirrel... haha I love primal.
              ~All luck is earned in the end.~


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                Farmer's market this morning, always so much fun! Got some cabbage that I intend to boil with bacon and eat with butter tonight, as well as some pork loin chops that I will be broiling (hopefully without setting off the damn smoke alarm again!!!!). Also bought a new "spicy" salad mix that should be interesting to try, as well as some more baby spinach. My big ass salad is getting more robust on a daily basis! Also found some unsweetened, sugar free organic ketchup so I will be trying that as well.

                Today was a sprint day and I was totally not feeling it - ladies night was last night and I was up late!! My mom suggested I take my dog to the dog park at my apartment and see if it was big enough for me to sprint there. It was barely big enough in length but I found that every time I took off sprinting it turned into a game of outrun the dingo!! (My dog looks like a hyena/dingo mix) Hands down the most fun sprinting I have ever had! And I also got to through in some quick changes of direction and stops and starts too... probably the most beneficial thing I've done all week and now the dog is tired too!
                ~All luck is earned in the end.~


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                  Sounds like you're doing great!
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                    Well it's been a few days since I've posted, but mostly I've been eating extremely similar. BASs for lunch, got some GREAT salad mixes from the farmers markets! Been putting usually a carrot, onions, green peppers, and cucumbers in the salad and making my own dressing of course. I'm thinking of trying a different vinegar besides balsamic, just to change things up. I have kept dairy in my life, basically milk and heavy cream, and the only other thing I drink besides water (and wine here and there, less now during my 30 day challenge then usual though) and a small glass of milk a day is chai tea. I'm sure I could accelerate results even faster if I cut out all the dairy but I'm not going for that yet. I also have discovered 3 sisters hotdogs, which of course I don't eat all the time by any means, but like a post on another forum supporting applegate (whose bacon I buy) 3 sisters is grass fed, certified organic beef and I've done a lot of research into the farm. Awesome! Yesterday I did bison burgers with avacado, sugar free organic ketchup (1 carb a serving... hmm imagine that, what removing added sugar can do), spicy brown mustard, a little bit of hot sauce, and some type of spotted lettuce (I forgot the name haha) as my "bun". They were delish!!!

                    As for exercise, this week it's been tough to get out and do my walking, but I'm going to make up for that this weekend. Aside from that, I did do body weight stuff twice this week and today I also lifted some other heavy stuff for the sport of it and because I felt pretty good. I can feel myself getting stronger and stronger, especially in my pull ups and push ups.

                    On a side note, I was perusing my facebook recently and saw a friend's series of status updates. He'd gone on a juice "diet" and had lost fifteen pounds in five days and felt "way more energetic than ever!!!!" At least for the most part he seemed to be juicing his own veggies and fruits but the entire time he was complaining about being hungry... headdesk for sure. Meanwhile, most of my dinners look like what CW would say is a heart attack on a plate, and my friends can't believe my lunch time salad fills me up even though it's in a bowl twice as big as any of the stuff their food comes in. I also love getting the "but look at all that fat rising to the top in your dressing???!!!" Uh yeah... it's called olive oil and it's good for you.

                    I weighted myself for shits and giggles because I like seeing what 30 days does to weight and feeling how much stronger I'm getting at the same time. Today's weight was 128 with clothes and shoes on, first time I've weighed under 130 fully clothed in about two years. Woot! Peace out primal breathern, I will be updating soon.
                    ~All luck is earned in the end.~