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Primal Challenge Journal (PrimalRaw) - *Pic Updates*

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  • Primal Challenge Journal (PrimalRaw) - *Pic Updates*

    G'day fellow savages!

    I'm a 19 year old female from 'Down Under' (Australia, that is... :P) and I'm challenging myself to go 100% Primal in Decemeber.

    Official Starting Date: 1st Decemeber 2009.

    These are my goals:

    1. To be COMPLETELY Primal for the next 31 days.

    2. To consistently workout 3 days a week.

    3. To be the leanest, MOST baddest looking Primal Female Specimen EVER!

    I am also planning to have picture updates on my Primal Journey if that what people want to see. Otherwise I will just take them for personal reference.

    Grok on!


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    "IF" people want to see?!?! What? 19? Female? Most " baddest looking Primal Female Specimen EVER!"?

    Hell no, I don't want to see pictures of that!!!

    Oh, and welcome and good luck!


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      Good luck with the challenge! As a fellow 19 year old girl it's nice to have some company on here (even though I live no where close to Austrailia!). I've been toying with the idea of 100% primal this coming month as well and I think I'll try it out too. Again, good luck!


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        I just started my challenge yesterday (i'm a 24year old female) so it will be great to be starting with some ladies at the same pace. I'll post pix too Good luck. You will do awesome. Maybe we both can be the leanest, MOST baddest looking Primal Female Specimen's EVER! Just in different cities.


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          Ummm...will need pics of those MOST baddest looking Primal Female Specimins EVER! :P

          I grok, therefore I am.


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            Haha, hey guys!

            Hell yes you will get picture updates when I am well on my way to becoming the MOST baddest looking Primal Female Specimen EVER!

            I should have called this thread that...LOL.

            @NeoPaleo: Thanks, and yep will work on getting pictures up when I'm a little more grounded and have a solid workout rolling!

            @ MissAlex: Good luck with you Primal Journey! I bet it's going to be awesome!

            @ Better Each Day: I will definitely be watching out for your posts! It's going to be awesome!

            @ Loves to Climb: I will definitely post pics! It's going to be epic!


            I'm eating completely instinctively and I don't really know whats going to happen! How exciting!

            I do tend to graze on fruits for the day and then have a resonable meal in the afternoon. I know, I know. High Fructose... out of 'Keto' Blaaah. I'm going to have to kick that habit, I suppose.

            Tomorrow I'm aiming for a 'Meat Fast.' Just so I can blunt my appetite and kick start Ketosis.

            Now, now, now. What to do about training?

            I have 2x 6lb Dumbells and a 15lb Kettlebell at my disposal.

            I was actually thinking on adding weights after around 2 weeks, just so I can get my Nutrition down pat.

            Although if anyone has some KICKASS workouts they do which are completely BRUTAL, I am more then curious to know what gets you to your max!!

            If I'm going to be the MOST baddest looking Primal Female Specimen EVER! Then I'm going to need to find out these things! :P

            So my question to you is... What workout or exercise REALLY gets you going?

            Com'n now don't be shy!! :P


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              Nom, Nom, Nom.

              I have REALLY been craving meat lately. I don't even want veggies or anything.

              Just a massive slab of meat dripping with pure fat.


              Oh and I can't figure out how to put a Profile Picture in and I have to figure out how to post photos here too...

              Maybe Photobucket IMG code? Hmm.


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                4x Lambchops.

                4x HB Eggs.


                I forgot about 6 Lamb Chops in the freezer that 'expire' today.

                Guess what I'm having alllll day!



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                  go to to set up your profile pic.

                  Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.


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                    Thanks FlyNavyWife!


                    2 Rashers of Bacon, 200g Ground Beef and 2 Eggs fried in Coconut Oil.

                    I eat ALOT of meat...


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                      Energy sucks so far, but I know thats because I'm getting off high fructose. Bllahhh.

                      Today I woke up at 5:15am and I felt REALLY energetic. I went downstairs and cooked that baby of a breakfast up! Hahaha.

                      I should of made more for lunch today... The problem is when I cook I don't make leftovers I eat it all!!

                      So I only cook when I am eating. Hahaha.

                      Start pics are going to be posted soon!

                      *God, I didn't know how fat I let myself get! Blaahh! Sure some of it is 'fruit bloat' but still I have gain a couple of kg's lately.*

                      Hoorah for the joys of being Vegetarian! *Not*

                      Meat is what mmy body has always wanted, but I kept denying it! Well no more!


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                        Hi PrimalRaw! Your thread has caused me to come out of lurking. I'm also a 19 y/o female & hail from Oz (NSW).

                        I think it's wonderful how we've come across this way of living at such a good age. It's something we can adopt and carry on into our 20's and beyond.

                        All the best! =)


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                          Wooooww, I'm from NSW too!!

                          How exciting! It's great that my thread made you come on the forum! Thats awesome!

                          Yeah, definitely. I feel really lucky that I have come across this lifestyle now so that I can be at optimum health.

                          If you make a journal let me know!


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                            Today I woke up and my energy was okay. I wasn't springing out of bed or anything....yet!

                            Went down and cooked Breakfast...

                            3x Rashers of Bacon.

                            3x Eggs.

                            Random splashes of Coconut Oil.



                            Okay, I feel I have to tell this to people so they might understand what I'm going to say next. lol. (if that makes sense!)

                            Ever since I was a kid, I have always worried about my weight and the number on the scale sort of thing. Needless to say, I developed a full blown Eating Disorder when I was 12 years old.

                            I used to think about food EVERY second of the day.

                            I weighed myself 10+ times a day.

                            I exercised like a manic walking 1 hour in the mornings, Jillian Michaels DVD's around lunch time or whenever I could be alone in the house and 2.5 hours of running at night. EVERY NIGHT.

                            It even got so bad at one point where I just could not put a lettuce leaf near my lips or shower with any products because I honestly believed that it would absorb through my skin and I would be fatter then I already percieved myself to be.

                            I dipped down to a mere 41.1kg at 5'6.

                            Just when I thought the demon had completely destroyed my will to get better I finally grasped onto something that would help me get better. I joined a support group and slowly started to work through my issues.

                            My body is back to a healthy weight although my brain is still very accomodating to my ED voice inside of me. It's very hard to overcome sometimes, but I do overcome it.

                            NOW onto the real point my trying to make now that you have some background info.

                            Yesterday I challenged myself...

                            I bought Grounded Beef and BACON and Eggs. These are completely AGAINST my ED's will. These foods were completely marked as 'Never even go there foods.' and yesterday I had a real craving for all of these things.

                            So you know what I ate them until my body told me to stop.

                            I ate:

                            7x Rashers of Bacon.

                            8x Whole Eggs.

                            750g of Grounded Beef.

                            All fried up with splashes of Coconut Oil.

                            It was DAMN good!! Even though my ED was commanding me to stop and puke out what I just ate which was EXTREMELY FATTY. But NO I did not listen and enjoyed what my body seemed to want.

                            After I was finished I was still craving more of the Beef, so you know what I did?

                            Finished off the 1kg Packet of Grounded Beef that I had.

                            After that my body was satisfied and a couple of hours later I fell asleep and I didn't wake up through the night 17 times like I'm used to doing! I woke up well rested.

                            But I was scared that I ate too much yesterday, even though it was what my body was calling out for I couldn't help but do the calculations and realise it was AT LEAST over 2500 calories that I had consumed.

                            I started to get anxious... So I weighed myself.

                            I lost 1.2kg!!!

                            ARE YOU SERIOUS????

                            This result challenges EVERYTHING I have come to know as CW. This also doesn't give my ED inside of me a leg to stand on.

                            Every passing day I spend following a Primal lifestyle, I am SO grateful that I came across MDA.

                            Just thought I'd share a 'break though/ realisation moment'


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                              Hi everyone!

                              New day here is Australia! It's Sunday 6th of December at 8:23am. Although I woke up at 4:35am, that seems to be happening now that I have swtiched to a primal living.

                              At around 6:05am I went down to cook Breakfast which was:

                              3x Rashers of Middle Bacon

                              2x Whole Eggs

                              600g Ground Beef

                              Okay, I not monitoring my calories at all and I am trying not to weigh myself and just go by the fitting of my clothes so I don't get triggered into any anxiety or negative ED behaviours.

                              I have noticed since I have started this also that i'm experiencing alot more mental clarity and alertness. Which is great!

                              Oh and yesterdays day looked like this:


                              4x Rashers of Bacon

                              4x Eggs


                              2x HB Eggs

                              1/2 BBQ Chicken


                              750g Ground Beef

                              4x Bacon Rashers

                              2 Tbspn Rendered Duck Fat

                              I'm still waiting for the energy to kick in, mentally I'm there and in a great headspace about everything but energy wise it could be better.

                              I have never really eaten this much food before, and it feel good to finally allow myself to eat without feeling guilt or shame with what I'm eating.

                              I do want to start my weight training up again when my energy is up. I can't wait!

                              How is everybody going with thier Primal Journeys?

                              Have a good day everyone!!