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  • JAB's journal. So it begins

    Long time listener, first time caller. I have been lurking for quite some time now and dabbling in the primal ways for a month or so. I have always been athletic but never fit due to poor eating. I tend to be an all or nothing type of guy. I workout great and eat great or the exact opposite in all accounts. I recently stopped drinking, it was getting out of hand and have completed a serious 3 month workout regimen. I lost about 7lbs of fat and gained 11 lbs of muscle, give or take from 3rd party BF readings. I am now focused on fitness and overall body composition. I just got back from a nice vacation and was tempted to wait until next Monday to really start and get focused but I realized there was always a next monday so I decided to start on Wednesday. Shock and awe to my built in OCD nature. I plan on updating once a week as I progress.

    On to the stats
    Age : 35
    Height : 5' 8
    Weight : According to Withings Scale 195.2
    BF Lbs : According to Withings Scale 58.8 lbs
    Waste at naval : 42"
    Right now I am taking fish oil and egcg

    See you Monday

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    Welcome Jab. See ya Monday.
    Ancestral Health Info

    I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

    Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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      Thanks Hedonist

      Day 1 done and it was pretty cake, pun intended. I really had no issues but let's see if I can get through 48 hours so easily :P Down 2.3 lbs. Water counts right? Right?


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        2 Days in and so far all good. Down an unsurprising 3.8 lbs, water to be sure, but no real issues. I think the hardest part is breaking the very limited calorie restrictions I am use when yo yo ing back and forth. I am sure I should be eating more but decade old habits are hard to break.


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          Oooof. Had a ton of kimchi after my workout today. Normally I love me some kimchi but now I am in an undisclosed location on my iPad writing this. Rough times.


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            Back on Monday as promised and I must admit I am a little shocked. We had family in town all hectic weekend and even went out for same late night 30th birthday partying for my brother. I am happy to say I did not have a single drink which I can not convey the weight of. There was a 2 am IN n Out run but I got a protein style burger and no fries. Still is was a beast of a meal at 2 am. I think I was overly liberal with chocolate eating as the whole bar was gone by the end of the weekend. I also had some Caramel Machiatos that were not planned for :P Even with all this I made great choices the rest of the time and still had some great results. I also started back up on Creatine on Friday which is notorious for causing water weight and it did not seem to have a noticeable effect. Also starting with a new CSA tomorrow. Should be a beast of a box of veggies every Tuesday. I can't wait to see what I get!!

            The numbers. 5 days in and

            Weight in Lbs - 191.8
            Lean Mass in Lbs - 133.8
            Body Fat in Lbs - 58
            Body Fat Percent - 30.24%
            BMI - 30.10
            Waist in Inches - 41.00

            So down 3.4 lbs, .5 lbs fat and 1 inch off my waste. I thought for sure the weekend indulgences, though nothing compared to the past, would have added all the water back on. Good times


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              Picked up my new CSA box today. I have never been so excited for a box of fruits and veggies. What is happening to me?!??!?

              Anyway, maybe I should have opted for the small box. I get one of these a week with various local items. I got some creative planning to do. I might have to go Vegan to eat it all. Any non obvious ideas would be great.

              Bunch of basil
              Head of red leaf lettuce
              Carton cherry tomatoes
              Carton string beans
              Carton strawberries
              4 corn cobs
              3 huge cucumbers
              Bunch of carrots
              4 huge radish
              6 oranges
              Melon of some sort
              4 tomatoes


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                Well I decided to switch a little and go towards the whole 30. Sort of a jump in to the sharks with both feet sort of a deal. So far my biggest craving has been soda. Just finished my first week and feel great. I had several friends out visiting last week and a nice pool party but stayed on course. I have had some very nice strength improvements despite lifting pretty regularly for the last couple of years. I also have had some shocking weight loss, I know one rule is to not weigh yourself but I could not help it. Hooray!! Something tells me this is going to last longer than 30 days.


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                  I weigh myself almost everyday. It's only "official" on Monday mornings. Don't weigh myself? Yeah right!