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  • No Permission to Fail (this time:)

    Monday, July 4th
    WOD- 5 min warmup followed by 10 min:10 of 3 sets, no rest
    10 hstring curls (85# x 2, 90# x1)
    15 pushups (5 on feet, rest on knees)
    db push press (15# x 10)
    spiderman @ 1 min x 3

    15 min bike
    5 min stretch

    B-weekday shake (protein, berries, spinach, banana, chia seeds, fiber, 1/2 avocado)
    with 1/4 cup raspberries
    cup of sencha tea


    L- spin salad w chicken, bluberries, goat cheese, and 1/2 avocado

    D-2 eggs, water & diet cran juice
    Handful of baked chips & handful of corn chips ☹
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    Thursday, Jan 5, 2012!!

    So I wanted to go hardcore that's why I started the 30 day challenge back in july. Well I did well, I guess but kept forgetting to post.
    I was doing xfit for 3 months, 3x a week(2 a days) plus hitting the gym 3 more days.
    I was the leanest I've been since in 10 years! I felt amazing, I looked amazing, it was great. I don't think I've ever felt soo good or confident in my life.
    In August, I was inspired because i was going home for a week. I was freaked out that i'd run into my ex and other judgemental, gossipy people from a small town.
    I'm 5'10. My measurements on August 13th were: 36-25.75-35. It was great going home and not wanting to hide because I felt fat.
    So after i got back from vacay, I had a really hard time getting back into working out. I was while I was on vacation but when I got back I was exhausted, and felt disgusting from eating and drinking for a week.
    I fell off the health wagon until about november when i worked out for about 3 weeks. I stopped going to the gym because people started talking to me! I didn't think my social anxiety was that bad, I always have a feeling that people watch me, (i know they don't) but I've felt this way since I was a kid and I'm very self-conscious because of it. I go to the gym to zone out and work hard so don't pay attention to me please. I'm shy and apparently a bit of a nutcase.
    So the holidays came and went and I feel gross and am definitely bloated.
    Measurements are - 36.5-28.75-37.5. Mind you it's been awhile and i've gorged on everything for a few months. So I guess its my own fault.

    Food yesterday was...
    breaky- 2 pieces rye toast w pb, coffee & green tea
    snack @ 11 - mandarin orange (around this time a co-worker mentioned how it's obvious that I haven't been to the gym in awhile, made me feel like crap, since i'm crazy body/self-conscious)
    lunch- lasagna!! yogurt...felt disgusting after
    dinner- taco salad-no chips
    snack-approx 1/2 c of plain m&ms...
    So this week I'm gonna start cleaning it up & try to get into the habit of writing about. and next week I get down to business!


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      Friday jan6/12

      Thursday's food---i never log on after work.
      Break-2 p rye w pb and coffee
      11am-small orange, green tea
      lunch-leftover taco salad w salsa as dressing. no chips, yogurt
      dinner-eggs w bacon , 2 slices of tomato, chocolate milk
      night snack - popcorn

      I'm starting to feel better and I'm a few lbs less than the day before.
      i'm still bloated as hell, but i'm feeling better.
      I need some inspiration to get back to the gym especially cause I know ppl will ask where I've been, and as i've stated previously, I don't like talking at the gym...sigh. I'm slowly getting cleaner with my diet.


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        You might find it easier to start adding more protein in your breakfast, even with the toast if you're going to keep that as a last thing to wean from. Put some eggs on that toast! You'll be fuller for longer

        If you don't feel motivated for the gym, don't go. A lot of people opt to focus on diet first and add the exercise factor after/later when food becomes it bit less of a thoughtful engagement of wills. I'm 6 months primal and still not exercising haha.
        Depression Lies


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          Jan 6/12 diet
          2 coffees, 2 p toast w pb
          11:15am small orange
          1:45 eggs, bacon, 1/4 cucumber, yogurt
          4:40 handful of nuts
          6:30-9:15- 3 or 4 pints of coors light
          with 3 chicken drummettes, 4 pieces calamari, 1/4 chicken breast, 1/4 c of veg
          10- 2 eggs

          terrible diet. maybe i should read PB again to get everything drilled into my brain again