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    I have been an avid reader of MDA for over 18 months. I first stumbled across The Definitive Guide to Insulin, Blood Sugar and Type 2 Diabetes. After reading that article I was hooked and I eagerly read the numerous other posts. I was absolutely blown away by the various success stories most specifically Diana Renata and Michelle’s transformations.

    I bought the Primal Blueprint book and the Primal Blueprint Cookbook. I was very lucky in that I was easily able to implement the primal diet at home. My boyfriend very happily welcomed more meat in our diets and he was happy to experiment with eliminating grains and other carbs from our diet.

    Through out my life I have always struggled with my weight. Not enough to be considered obese but enough to be on the heavy side. I always thought I was eating healthily. I was eating a typical low fat diet with plenty of whole grains. That’s what all the health experts said one should eat, right? I just couldn’t understand why I couldn’t budge the excess fat. I have always been active. I used to run 5km three to four times a week. I went to spin class five times a week. I am a keen tennis player and swimmer. Plus I love going on walks. I was so frustrated, there I was exercising my heart out, eating my whole grains and low fat food. Guess what? Instead of dropping the weight, I was gaining weight. Initially I had tried Weight Watchers, then I tried Body For Life and then I tried Herbalife. Nothing seemed to work. I decided that there had to be a better way and so the research began. Once I found MDA everything started to make sense. Out went the grains, up went my fat and meat intake.

    The first thing I noticed was that my bi-weekly migraines disappeared. Then my hips started to reduce. From puberty I seemed to be plagued with ‘saddle-bag’ hips. My moods seem to be more stable and my PCOS symptoms seem to have disappeared. I am no longer permanently hungry. I started to work on my portion sizes and only eating when I am actually hungry.
    Through all the various diet plans I was on, I stopped listening to my real hunger cues and I was eating when I wasn’t actually hungry. I ate because I thought I had to eat. I thought if I didn’t eat my metabolism would grind to a halt or my sugar level would drop to a crazy level. I would often find myself feeling ‘hungry’ an hour after eating a meal. At these times I would find myself reaching for a snack, which looking back at, I couldn’t possibly have needed it. I had just had a full meal for goodness sake! I should not have been feeling hungry.
    Fast forward 18 months, I am now able to do a couple of 24hr intermittent fasts a week. I no longer feel anxious if I go past the normal time I would have had a meal. If I don’t feel like eating, I won’t (even if everyone around me does).
    I still have a little way to go however I have made a lifestyle change and it is a work in progress. I am learning to listen to my body’s cues and I am continually tuning my process.

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    Today I am fasting. I find it much easier when the weather is warm. On cold days all I can think about are cups of coffee with cream! I will be sipping chamomile tea through out the day.

    I woke up early and did the BodyRock workout from yesterday. I love all the workouts on this site, Zuzana always kicks my ass!

    I will also try and get in as much walking as I can. I have a desk job which means I have to make a concerted effort to be more active. I usually try to walk for an hour in the morning, an hour at lunch time and lots of getting up and moving the rest of the day.


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      Fasting went well yesterday. I broke my fast with some milk kefir and then went on to have a salad for supper.

      Today was another workout from Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a walk in before work. I will head out for my usual walk at lunch time and perhaps do something in the evening once I get home.

      For eats I have some beef brisket cooked in my crock pot with mushrooms and steamed zucchini for my lunch. Supper will be a salad. I am trying to just have one cup of coffee with cream a day. I had got into the habit of having three cups a day. It wasn’t the caffeine I was after; it was the deliciously addictive cream. Cream is my weakness. Today I will have chamomile tea and/or water.


      • #4 kicked my ass again today. I only had time for a 30min walk this morning. Hopefully I will be able to get in some more slow movement today.
        Breakfast was coffee and cream. I am not sure if I will have lunch today. So far I am not hungry. I will listen to my hunger cues and see how the day pans out. Best I get on with my day as it looks like it will be a busy one.


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          Yesterday was a bit low on the food side of things. I skipped lunch and then had a salad in the evening. I did get to have a few spoonfuls of coconut oil through out the day.
          I had some milk kefir and coffee with cream for breakfast. For lunch today I have got a few slices of pork shoulder and some steamed zucchini. I will sneak in a few spoons of coconut oil too.

          For my workout this morning I did 150 single arm sandbag (9kg) swings and then an hour of walking. I hope it doesn't rain at lunch time so I can go for my walk.

          Yay it is Friday today!


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            Phew it has been a busy week and I haven't had any time to update my journal. I have kept up with eating well and exercising which is good. I have also managed a few 24hr fasts which really help on those ultra busy days when one doesn't have time to prepare meals.
            I made sauerkraut last week and I have been adding a tablespoon to the side of all my meals. It is an acquired taste however I am getting used to it. I am hoping that along with kefir it will help to get my gut flora back in balance (over the last few years I have had far too many courses of antibiotics which I feel have caused lots of issues). UK doctors seem to be far too happy to hand out prescriptions for antibiotics and they don't seem to think you need to take a probiotic supplement after the course to get everything back in balance.