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    Well, my motto (which I tell to anyone who will listen!) is:

    "If you are going to do something, do it right" or "In for a penny, in for a pound."

    So here I am! Laughing.

    Let me introduce myself. I am a "corporate rockstar" living in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. I work in a pretty high voltage job with lots of sticky wine, long lunches, cocktails and dinners. As I type this, it sounds a lot more glamorous than it really is... the truth? I am tired and fat. Mind running a million miles an hour. Stressed. Can't come down from the "high" of work.

    5'8, 30 years old. Currently 146 lbs.

    Background: Was 172 pounds in early 20's, but lost 40+ pounds on a calorie-controlled CW diet of 1500-1700 calories a day. And it worked. I was 129 lbs or so for 3-4 years. I can still taste foamy bread with sugary peanut butter - my daily snack! Skinny fat.

    Then went Vegetarian, and Vegan for part of it. Still thin, but very little energy. Added back meat and felt much better. Always worked out a lot during this phase. Chronic cardio. Weights (chest & tris, back & know the drill) Tried 6 months of crossfit, which I loved, but kept getting injured.

    And now. Started a new job, moved to Australia, and now have been eating pretty much whatever I please. Workouts are challenging because of the hours that I work (60 on a good week) so I have let most of that go.

    The result? Just turned 30 and am podgy. No longer skinny-fat, more just fat! I carry it well. Suits, pearls. Stilettos. But... I need to nip this in the bud and actually get healthy! So I made this one of my High Return Targets for the year. And have been reading MDA for a couple of years. So here goes!

    Nothing like a little public accountability! I'll be back to report on Day 1.

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    Good luck!
    Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

    Jan. 1, 2011: 186.6 lbs PBSW Mar. 1, 2011: 175.8 lbs
    CW: 146.8 lbs
    GW 140 lbs
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      So. Let's see. What do I have to report? Monday, so a big day. Lots of meetings. And I find that I'm tired, even though I got plenty of sleep last night. Food wise: two cups of coffee with a splash of milk. A really bad tasting low carb "detour" protein bar at 10:00 bc was starving - eaten as fast as possible between meetings. Lunch out at a swanky bistro was: olives, two glasses of white wine, 3 prawns with a lovely salad and salmon carpatio with horseradish. One small piece of bread with olive oil and no dessert. Too hungry so the bread was staring at me while we waited for our food. Bad! But on a good note, I didn't eat 3 big pieces like I normally would... Now dinner. At home for once. The hubby's is cooking me BBQ. Chicken, broccoli, tomato and bell pepper. Salad with olive oil and avocado. Yum! Time to eat.


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        Ok. Fit day breakdown of food today:
        1469 calories
        57 g fat
        57 g carbs
        127 g protein (ate a huge chicken breast!)

        Notes: low on the carbs, even with the one piece of bread. Will not do that tomorrow, and will have some fruit instead. Like a green apple. High on the protein. Was starving when I got home so ate a chicken breast the size of the world. Literally. Tomorrow need to snack maybe on a handful of nuts around 5:00. Good no wine tonight... that is an aberration! Laughing. Going out to a work dinner tomorrow night so there will be wine there. My strategy? Drink red.

        No formal gym time today but I do walk 20 mins each way to work in my vibrams. Definitely get a lot of stares! I guess some people don't think suits, jewelry and fancy purses go with five-fingers! And to that, I say, tough!


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          Hmmmmm. Ok. So:

          Breakfast: yogurt organic with walnuts and chopped green apple. 2 cups coffee
          Lunch: ocean trout with salad
          Snack: brazil nuts
          Dinner: 3 glasses red wine, crab and artichoke appetizer steamed, steamed salmon main with green bean and salad side. Some sorbet to clear the palate and cheese to finish. Ate two pieces of bread with butter while waiting for food to come! I get too hungry while waiting and then it out the window!


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            So failed today.bad from the very start. I need to figure out now to do this. Work up late and slightly hung over so rushing around getting makeup on and suit and watch and rings. Just got a haircut which was crap so now takes ages to make me not look like a scruffy dog. Don't you just hate a bad haircut?!

            Anywhooo, 1/2 cup of coffee only because no time. Walked to work while on the phone. Directly into meetings until lunch back-to-back. Lunch at French bistro. Did well by having bouilliabase but ate two pieces of bread and butter while waiting. Two glasses of pino. A side salad. No dessert.

            Meetings all afternoon. Coffee meeting at 4:00 and my date ordered a chai late so I got one. Never had one before but MAN was it sweet. Couldn't drink more than half. Will never get one again. Back to americanos.

            Then to a function at a cupcake shop. Starving. Two glasses of champagne with the girls. Had 2 mini cupcakes because hungry. Sickly sweet so absolutely horrible. Teeth hurt. Regretted that instantly.

            Then out to late 8:30 japanese dinner. Couldn't drink the white wine at all. Still a bit nauseous from the cupcakes. Ate some beef slivers, raw tuna, seared salmon, edema me, a couple of pieces of sushi and some soft-shelled crab. Didn't eat very much, a fee bites of each. But yuck. Too many flavors. Walked home 20 minutes from dinner which was lovely.

            So notes: am eating break while waiting for food to arrive. Need to stop. Substitutes?? Olives? Eat a few brazil nuts before??

            No time to eat so starving and inhale the first thing (ie cupcakes) that come along. Need to get on the front foot and pre-plan. How do other people do it?

            Also, meant to get to the gym today and yesterday but too busy during the day, too tired in the morning, and not home until late at night. Excuses. Excuses. I'm not happy with myself today. Not on target. Tomorrow: eat breakfast big to tide me over u til lunch at 1:00. Lunch with CEO, prob crappy sandwiches, which I will have to eat. Hmmmm. Maybe some nuts before. Dinner out tomorrow night so will go somewhere clean. Meat and veggies. This is hard!!


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              You'll pull it together! Get up 15 minutes earlier to give yourself time to scramble up a few eggs with butter & a little cream. This should give you a good foundation to get you through to lunchtime.

              Regarding lunch meetings, can you let the person ordering the lunches know that you have to eat gluten-free? Give some suggestions of what you might like to eat if they're ordering in - a salad with a chicken breast for example.

              Can you pick & choose which meetings/functions you go to? To give yourself a break from things you don't want to do and/or shouldn't be eating - and to give yourself a break once in a while. The stress of constantly being on the go can't be healthy for you.

              Instead of giving yourself excuses, give them to other people! You'll feel better for it
              Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

              Jan. 1, 2011: 186.6 lbs PBSW Mar. 1, 2011: 175.8 lbs
              CW: 146.8 lbs
              GW 140 lbs
              A proud member of PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals


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                Thanks so much Belinda! Good idea on the Gluten-free. They always ask about dietry requirements, so that would be easy. Mostly we go out to lunch, so it is easy to order clean, as long as I'm not too hungry, and which point I eat bread... otherwise am drunk on the first glass of wine and can't do that with work meetings =)

                So yesterday was much better. Still no breakfast b/c had an early meeting and was rushed, but ate brazil nuts around 10 which held me to my 1:00pm lunch. Lunch in the office with the bigwig, and he got me a salmon salad, which was cute. Didn't eat the roll, and drank water. So far so good! A little light on calories, but primal at least. Then brazil nuts again at 5:00. Sushi dinner at 7:00. So glad to be out of work early! Hungry. Shared with the hubby, so had some rice on a couple of the rolls, but also ate sizzling shrimp & salad. Green tea. 1/2 glass of pino when I got home, then crashed on the couch. It has been a really long week!

                Good points: only had 1/2 glass of alcohol. Avoided bread at lunch.
                Bad points: a little rice (but not too much) and stress levels are v. high! Also, walked for 40 mins to-and-from work, but no gym workout. Maybe today? No lunch date for once, but I'm sure something will come up.

                Thanks again for the help B! Coffee time for me...time to rev back up! Laughing.
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                  Problem: Eating bread/crap while waiting for food to arrive
                  Solution: Need to be fueled. Breakfast. Primal snacks.

                  Problem: Not hitting the gym
                  Solution: Book it into calendar and go during the day at least twice a week. Stop beating myself up about missing morning workouts, and just book them in the day. I always think that I'm going to go early, but I need a little downtime, and that hour in the morning with my coffee and MDA is really important to me: grounds me a little. SO, I will use the perks of my corporate job and go to the gym near my work.

                  Problem:Alcohol. I see from this blog, that I am drinking at lunch and dinner (or some combination) most days. I didn't realize this. Hmmm.
                  Solution:Plan drinking in schedule. So, if I'm going to have a big long boozy lunch with the team, don't plan drinks that night. Or if I am at drinks that night, just have one. Maybe club soda with lime so it looks like a G&T?


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                    Its lunch. And the first week that I haven't had a big long boozy friday meal, so that makes it easier! Today is gong very well so far:

                    B - eggs with 1/2 an avocado and a little goats cheese
                    L - Big salad with steak, tomatoes, cucumber & guac

                    Lift at the gym, still getting back into it: Neutral Grip pullups 3x12, overhead push-presses with 20 kg bar 3x6 and pushups 3x to failure (which was 11 the first time, 8 the second time and about 5 the last time, but they were all full "boys" pushups).

                    So, for the rest of the day, the plan is to keep it clean. Dinner with a friend tonight so 2 glasses red wine and fish and greens only. In order to do this, need to have some nuts at about 5:00 so I'm not starving!


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                      Great news! My dinner date canceled last minute so I got to go home. I SO need a night in. I have to build relationships as part of my job, but I am not going to lie, sometimes you just want to come home, eat a healthy dinner and have some time to yourself. The stress of go go go is sometimes wearing.

                      So, the other half cooked me dinner tonight on the spur of the moment. BBQ organic hamburger patties. Bok Choy & broccoli steamed. Avocado. Very basic primal meal, but I loved it! A glass of red. Nailed today. Clean, primal eating. Lift in the gym and 40 minutes of walking. Wahoo.


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                        I've found a fridge in the office containing cold left overs, tinned corned beef and tinned salmon etc are the key to stress free primal.

                        That way if I don't get time to organise breakfast there is no problem as I just grab some salad and cold meat out the fridge on the way out the door and eat at my desk.

                        This works really well for me as I'm never actually hungry as there is always meat and salad in both my office and home fridge so the urge to eat things like bread rarely happen.

                        If weight loss is your aim the wine and nuts will slow that down, so again actually planning when and how many you're going to eat/drink will probably help.

                        I have made a deliberate decision not to beat myself up if I don't quite manage my good exercise intentions 1 week - this has helped me to not say sod it and fall off the wagon, so try looking at this week as a chance to experiment with what will work into your schedule and look to trying to implement it next week - if it doesn't work then next week was fine tuning and the following week can be the implementation week. If you're walking 40 mins per day you are managing the minimum recommended exercise anyway so the extra is all good and will come in time.

                        Anyway good luck with it and hope this helps
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                          I completely agree, Solldara. Salad and cold meat in the work fridge is a great idea. I have tried that before, and had mixed results - only because I am literally in meetings all day long. I may have 15 minutes here and there, but it is hard to sit down and eat. Hence the handful of nuts that I can down in between meetings. What I may have to do, now that you mention it, is come up with some less caloric snacks (to replace the nuts) or block out my calendar for 15 minutes around 4:30 to eat a salad from the fridge. I could definitely do a combination of both of those. Cold salad with meat is good for me because it doesn't smell, and we are open-plan at work... Good tips! Thank you.

                          Saturday here today. Beautiful sunny day, but cold. Eggs and bacon for breakfast with a small wedge of goats cheese and some sautéed spinach. 2.5 cups of coffee. Fueled up! Going to go for a run in a little bit, if I can get up the energy, just to take advantage of the gorgeous sunny weather. I hear there are some killer stairs right near where I live, and was planning on doing 5 repeats at high intensity. Now that I write it here, I have to go! =)

                          I need to plan my weekends better. I find that my brain is very tired from my long weeks, and all I want to do is sit on the couch. But then I'm mad that I "wasted" the weekend sitting inside. I have a very yang apartment which reminds me of a modern office building. White. Stark. I am going to move to a older terrace house with a nice backyard so I can get some more yin & relaxation while I am at home. I don't feel rejuvenated when I get back to work. Not enough differential between work and home environments. In fact, work is nicer! We recently moved into the inner city suburbs to cut down on my commute (we used to live at the beach in Manly, 50 min commute each way) and I am mourning the loss of the beach and the nature component.

                          I am also not getting any play besides going out to dinner. I never did like to play "not productive" but maybe I should find something play-like to do... I don't like team sports (I am too competitive, so it isn't fun)... hmmmm.

                          Ok. Time to get off the computer. And off the couch. And into my VFFs. I can do it. Here goes...!


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                            I did it! Found the really long long set of stairs winding up to the domain. 5 x repeats at max power. Ran there and back. Yay.


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                              Dinner with mommy and the spouse. It was lovely. I had a few pieces of prosciutto for entrée, and the steak with broccolini and spinach. A wedge of cheese and a few slices of pear for dessert. A few glasses of red. Yum!