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    Measurements as of today to provide a baseline:

    Waist: 28 1/4
    Hips: 39 1/4
    Chest: 36
    left thigh: 22 3/4
    Right thigh: 22 3/4
    Left calf: 14 1/2
    Right calf: 14 1/2
    Left bicep (not flexed): 10 3/4
    Right bicep: 11


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      Snack today: 1 hard boiled egg, 1 tomato, 1/2 avocado and a little ricotta cheese. 1 cup coffee with a splash whole milk
      Dinner: 1 steak BBQ, green beans, asperagus, 1/2 tomato, 1/2 onion. 1 glass of red wine.
      Dessert. 2 squares lindt 70% cocoa.

      Fit day for today: 1652 calories. 99g fat, 51g carbs, 109 g protein.


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        Monday. Took an egg and left over steak for breakfast at work. Was yummy, but am now starving, only 2 hours later! What is up with that? I still don't have primally approved snack foods at work, since I don't want to be eating nuts (too caloric). It is now 11:15 and am counting down the minutes until I go to my lunch date, which is not a good sign.

        I am starting to recognize when I'm setting myself up for failure. Now, if I go to a swanky bistro with crusty bread and delicious olive oil, and a glass of heavy red wine, I am not in a position to resist. I see the issue now! My brain and body is screaming for food, and then I start craving carbs to get that fast drug effect. Hmmmm. Ok. Going to get up and go downstairs to the supermarket (one block away) and buy some healthy foods. Have to stop this cycle. Now.


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          B: 1 egg, 230 g steak
          L: 6 oysters, some bok choy, huge steamed lobster, chinese tea, two glasses white wine
          S: detour protein bar (nothing else to eat and was starving)
          D: yogurt with 2/3 apple, 1 mandarin and chopped walnuts

          Fit day: 1559 cals, 45g fat 84g carbs and 143g protein


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            B: IF. Not intentially. Just busy. Two cups of coffee.
            L: balmain bug salad with avocado, pork belly (-fat on top), one glass of white an one glass of pino, a little salad. Coffee with a splash of cream.
            D: 2 glasses of pino, one wedge of cheese, no bread! Sashimi x 4 pieces, 3 pieces of prosciutto.


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              Breakfast: yogurt, apple and walnuts, two cups of coffee with splash of cream
              L: salmon, broccoli, spinach, 1/2 avocado, kalamata olives
              S: 10 macadamia nuts, 1 cup of coffee with splash of cream
              D: prosciutto and salami x 4 pieces each, grilled eggplant x 2 pieces, 3 glasses of pino (no bread!! or cheese!)
              Snack: 2 drumsticks BBQ at home

              Fit day: 1996 cal, 107 g fat, 66 g carbs, 95 g protein


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                Oh and I walked for over an hour today in my VFFs.


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                  And note! My 10 macadamia nuts cost me 200 cals!! Crap that is why they say no nuts!


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                    Why is it so much harder at the end of the week? I find that I do great on Sun, Mon, Tues. Then Weds gets a little dicey. Then Thursday is terrible. Friday is usually better b/c I'm tired by now (it is Friday as I write this) and then the weekend is good again. I think someone needs to address Primal living from a very intense corporate/sales/relationship building point of view! LOL. Just got out of a 2 hour meeting on how we are going to pitch our annual results to the market. A lot of arguing and stress. I want to eat an entire pizza! That coupled with stilletto heels, drinks at lunch, long hours and drinks at night makes it interesting to live primally. I am going to just have to try harder.

                    So for Thursday:

                    Breakfast: nothing as was in back-to-back meetings from early. 2 cups of coffee with milk. Realized that cream has 99 calories for a little splash! Ha! Going to go with whole milk instead.

                    Lunch: sushi (with rice) - a smattering of salmon sushi, a few rolls, seaweed salad and some green tea

                    Snack: prosciutto and a piece of cheese, 1.5 glasses of red wine

                    Dinner: art gallery opening. 3x salmon and cavier on toast, 3x little fresh spring rolls, one onion thingie and one roast beef on toast. Too many different things - my tummy felt funny. 1.5 glasses of red wine. about 6 squid rings. soda water.

                    I'll do fitday this weekend when I have a moment.

                    Today (Friday) so far: 4 cups of coffee with whole milk (tired!), one hamburger with no bun and salad for lunch with two glasses of red.


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                      Wrap up for today. Snack: one glass of wine and some olives with a colleague. Then home early for once - gasp! - in the door at seven pm! I haven't been home that early in weeks. Hubby cooked me a lovely organic steak on the BBQ with green beans to go alongside. No more wine for me today. To much this week and I feel a little fuzzy in general. Now getting some much needed couch time.

                      Fit day today: 1433 cals, 60 g fat, 40g carbs, 94g fat

                      And I may need to have an apple and some almond butter this evenin as a snack, but we will see...


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                        I have realized something about drinking wine. And don't get me wrong, I love my red! but... Alcohol removes my frustration with aspects of my life. So, I get wound up about something, such as needing to make more passive income so I can retire, or eating clean, or working out, or finding a new place to live, and then two glasses of moonshine, and I relax. The motivation just goes away. Then, the next morning, I just go along my merry life, until the frustration builds up again...

                        I didn't drink for years in my 20's and I got way more done! Laughing. So regardless of the calories, wine is killing my productivity. Hmmmmmmm.


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                          Just got back from looking at houses. Too far, too expensive, too crappy! I need to make WAY more money. A lot of walking/running though. Still raining here.

                          Food so far: made eggs with a huge pile of mushrooms, onions and spinach. They were pretty tasty! And 1/2 an avocado, 2 cups of coffee. Lunch is yogurt, a green apple and some walnuts.

                          Now off to get a mani-pedi! Yay!


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                            Happy Sunday. Well, fell pretty much off the band wagon last night. It was my 7 year anniversary, so the hubby and I went out to dinner. Wonderful high-end fresh Chinese in Sydney. Tanks of seafood. The largest king crabs you have ever seen! And they bring the live seafood to your table when you order it to make sure it is what you want. mmmmmmm.

                            I started out really well. No fried rice, no steamed rice. But. Salt-n-pepper squid (it is seriously famous at this place - big juicy pieces of squid with light batter, OMG). Hot n sour soup. Steamed Barramundi with ginger and shallots. Mushrooms & greens for side dish. Except for the batter on the squid, it was paleo. But, you know how those places use tons of salt and probably a ton of MSG - I was seriously bloated by the end! Not comfortable. Had a couple glasses of wine.

                            And then was the downfall! Candy! You know those grab-em pick-your-own-candy bins at the convenience stores? Well, we walked home from dinner (how primal!) and walked past one of these shops. And, it was all over. I ate my way through a good 400 calories of solid sugar. Sour worms. Pineapple lumps. A few licorice thingies. Then crashed asleep about 45 minutes later. Today, I have a splitting sugar headache. Won't do that again quickly.


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                              I just finished 10 and down push-ups! I love this workout, especially while cooking. I am making the Kitchen Sink Chicken Soup from MDA (+ added shrimp), which is perfect for push-ups. So, you do 10, and then take a break to cut up carrots, and then do 9 push-ups, and then cut up spinach, then do 8... and so on. I am doing full push-ups until my chest touches the floor, and I am pretty happy that I can just do the workout. I am out of breath at the end of each set, but can easily do it. And I haven't done push-ups in a long while, so that is good.

                              And they are having a sale of grass-fed sirloin beef at Harris Farms (gourmet supermarket near us) for only $10/KG (it is usually around $30). So I bought 10 KGS and lugged it home on my back. I felt so urban primal. Then the hubby cut it into beautiful steaks - plates and plates of them - and we are freezing them for later.

                              Today so far:

                              S - 2/3 apple
                              L - scrambled eggs with a sprinkle of cheese. Bok choy. Spinach. 1/2 avocado

                              Going to have soup now as a snack and then steaks for dinner with veggies (BBQ)


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                                Daily wrap-up: had a bowl of chicken soup once it was done Yum! And then had 1/2 steak with some bbqed asperagus for dinner around 6:00. Some lovely dried Greek black olives and one glass of red. Dessert was strawberries with a dab of organic yogurt and two squares if dark chocolate 70%.

                                Fit day: 1505 cals, 80g fat, 91g carbs 75g protein