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    Oh and a few pieces of dark chocolate licorice...


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      Sunday. Love Sunday! Out to brunch with mommy and the hubby. Italian place in pots point with huge blackboards. Menu written in Italian. Such amazing food. Had scrambled eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes. Avoided the toast. Coffee with a splash of cream. One bite of hubby's pain au chocolat, but stopped at one! Success.


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        Roast tonight. Grass fed Organic beef. I'm actually going to cook! Shock horror. Laughing. I never cook. But my mom is here and she told me what to do. So I bought a lovely beef roast, some pumpkin, onion and brussel sprouts. Rosemary. Hopefully it will be good, and we can have leftovers tomorrow. The other half is sick, so I want to give him lots of healthy, hearty food.


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          Roast was a little underdone, but no worries! Microwave. So to recap:

          B - eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes, coffee and one bite of croissant
          S - green apple with some goats cheese
          S - yogurt with one spoon raw honey
          D - beef roast with pumpkin, brussel sprouts, a few carrots. A little butter. Spinach. 1/2 avocado. Olive oil. 1/2 glass of red.

          Hungry in the middle of the day. Not sure how I feel about raw honey. Made my teeth hurt. Also, think I have been eating too much cheese. Read a success story on mda and it made me think... I'm not eating tons, and it's all top quality, but probably should cut it down for weight loss. Haven't lost weight on the scale yet and am one week in... Prob should do measurements bc I feel thinner, but who can really tell?


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            Monday debrief. I think I'm going to have to calculate today's calories. I'm getting nervous that I'm over-eating and drinking and that I'm never going to lose weight. Ahhhhh. So:

            B: 2 cups of coffee with a splash of cream. 3 eggs scrambled with spinach. Steamed broccoli. 1/2 avocado. A smudge of goats cheese.

            L: duck breast with salad and crumbled fetter. Olive oil dressing. 2 glasses of pino. A small wedge of cheese.

            D: Thai food: no rice. Stir fried veggies in chili sauce. Fish green curry. Veggie red curry. 1/2 glass of wine.

            Ok over to fit day for the calc: 1741 calories, 91 g fat, 76g protein, 86 g carbs. is this even good? Hmmmmm.

            Walked for over 1.5 hours today to hell and gone! was too cold for my VFFs so I wore my newtons but my heels were sore by the end of the day...And now full from dinner. But no snacking today which is good for me. Decided to go off nuts completely bc too many calories. Drinking tea on the couch as I type this. No sugar.

            So I got invited to a ball at my work. And I need to look absolutely f-ing fabulous! Laughing. Isn't that always the case? cliche, I know, but there it is. Time to get serious here!


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              Tuesday morning. Was going to IF until lunch, but I'm already hungry and its only 9:20! Laughing.

              Weighed myself this morning and I'm only down 1 pound. Hmmm. A little discouraging!


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                Today. IF until lunch. Lunch was sashimi and sushi at the sushi train with a collegue. green tea. No wine! Then nothing until drinks with another collegue. 2 glasse of pino. Then home to the hubby. BBQ organic drumsticks and BBQ green beans for dinner. 1 avocado. One square of 70% dark chocolate for dessert.

                Fit day: 1525 calories. 55 g fat, 98 g carbs, 74 g protein

                Better? No cheese, no nuts.


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                  Sounds like you're doing ok!
                  Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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                    Thanks belinda! Love the support. So yesterday:

                    B - IF
                    Coffees with a splash of cream x3
                    L - steak with salad. A handfull of olives. Two glasses of pino. a wedge of cheese.
                    D - 6 oysters. 1 glass of champagne. 2 glasses of pino. Beef Carpaccio with a side salad. a wedge of cheese.

                    hummmm. No wonder I am hung over today!! Laughing!


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                      Now 3:24. Perfect day so far.

                      B - 2 eggs this morning, eaten cold & quickly - were baked in muffin cups
                      L - Steak salad from Gomez y Gomez. Steak, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers etc. Water.

                      Dinner will be out with a girlfriend tonight. Going to stick to meat or fish and a glass or two of red wine...


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                        Hmmmm. Hungry. So had two glasses of cab and some salami and prosciutto with 2 small pieces if bread. Then dinner, two glasses of cab sav. Quail app. Steak for dinner with mushrooms. Shared a sugary bread pudding dessert bc my date wanted one badly! One roll of b&b. So all-in-all, not great!


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                          Well. I think it was the sugar, or the wine, or maybe both, but I woke up this morning absolutely wrecked. Hung over! Laughing.

                          So, IF this morning until lunch. At lunch, still with a blinding headache, had tapas. No wine! Hurrah. And to eat, salami, two pieces of bread, a lamb chop, 3 shrimps and some salmon ceviche. Bad on the bread, but good on everything else.

                          Dinner plans canceled tonight, so first night at home since Monday. I am going to take a hot bath, relax and spend some time with the hubby!


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                            Ended up grabbing a drink last night impromptu. Only one glass of red. And then a bubbly water. I'm so good. Then bad bc shared a cheese plate with olives. What is it with me and cheese plates?!! Then back home, early, and no dinner bc was plenty full, just an apple almond butter for a snack. I'm going to need to commit to reining in my diet. A few observations:

                            1. I go out ALL the time. Lunch and dinners and drinks. Need to make a plan for this. Issues are wine, bread and cheese platters. It is really easy to order a clean main with vegetable side dishes, but the bread is an issue if I'm starving, and the wine is an issue because it leads to 1) hangovers and 2) cheese. Lol.

                            2. I am not getting to the gym. Need a plan! My days are scheduled like the president (ha!). Hard to do it in the morning because that is my r&r reading time, since I am out most nights.

                            So I need to link things, I am thinking. Sort of a reward system for a day of clean eating and another one for a workout. Not money, but maybe something else. Hard because I have most of what I want, really... Hummmmmm. Thoughts?


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                              Main thought is that you can see by your journal when you're following primal and when your not - its easy to say stop eating the cheese and bread (bread because it will never be primal and cheese because you're trying to lose weight and cheese platters will sabotage that). Personally I'd also say stop drinking for a couple of weeks because most of the time you eat extra stuff seems to be when you've had some alcohol as well.

                              Best advice.

                              1 - Stop IF'ing - by the looks of your journal you're no where near stabilised with your eating so its too early to do that yet.

                              2 - If you follow 1 than this should be easy - don't actually let yourself get hungry - just snack on some protein every time you get the urge to snack between meals.

                              3 - Drink water - make sure you always have a bottle of water handy so you have no excuse to drink alcohol because you're thirsty.

                              4 - Make a deal with yourself to have a really good try at getting it right and don't sweat the exercise till you've got your eating under control - just focus on that first as you're already walking.

                              Good Luck
                              1st June 11 to 30st Aug 11 - 36lb removed in 13 weeks
                              Messed about on and off for the rest of the year

                              June 2012 - Had the practice - now time to do it for real


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                                Thanks solldara! Excellent point on the IF. It isn't working for me. I'm all over the place. I love the feedback. So many people in my real life won't tell me the truth. My tam at work just tells me what they think I want to hear. Family enables. Clients and contacts just order more cheese and expense exy bottles of wine. A person tends to lose perspective in my world. I really appreciate the honest feedback. Really!!

                                Ok. I am a type A person. Perseverance is my specialty. I can do this!

                                Today off to a good start: egg omelette with mushrooms, broccoli and onion. 1/2 an avocado. 2 coffee with a little cream.
                                Interval sprints up huge outdoor stairs *5 at max power. Yes!

                                Now just have to hold it for the rest of the day. Easier bc it is Sunday and I'm not going out!