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    Primal 30 day Challenge day TWO! Im loving it! I just wish my Fiance would do it with me. But he is a guy that hates change i see that now. He seems afraid. I mean dont gt me wrong he is in shape works and eats "well" you know by CW standards. He amazing anyway sooo HOT! Lol! But wow he could look Godly! or should I say Grokly...LOL. I cant believe he turned down my bribe! O well im gonna have to go it alone. Anyway after I marry him in February I'll have plenty of time to work on his diet with out him noticing to much! muahaha! muahaha!

    B Scrambled eggs wih left over sweet potato nice sub for potato and egg, and since I only had one lonely egg left I also had some hemp seed protein powder. Thats not very tasty but is not terrible either. Just to get more protein. Really need to go grocery shopping im all out of fruit!!!!

    S Larabar

    L Really good salad with spinach tomato purple onion bellpepper tomato, apple and left over cilantro chicken. Again no need for dressing the combination of foods made it tasty.

    S Larabar

    D Chicken salad with spinach tomato and half a banana.

    i broke and had some cookies with my dad. Feel horrible about it.
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    Welcome Bel. I would encourage you to think realistically about how food is going to work after you get married. Take a cold shower first. Heehee.
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      LOL! you are absolutely right... lol i was just kinda hoping the master of the kitchen rules it all!